Today we’re going to be looking at an eccentric
hamstring exercise. So this type of exercise is great for somebody who’s rehabbing a knee
injury or even part of their pre-hab before surgery. So today with Ashley we’re using
a slide board on Ashley but you can do this at home with laminate flooring, hardwood flooring,
tile floors, and a pair of nice slippery socks or a towel. So we’re going to be doing a glute
bridge we can do it with 2 legs or 1 leg so I’m gonna get Ashley to come up into a glute
bridge into position, great, and she’s gonna nice and slowly, and controlled is the key,
slide her heels out until we have her legs straight. So her hamstrings are controlling
the movement while they’re lengthening so that’s the key to the eccentric exercise!
Perfect. So when she gets to the end she just returns to her start position and she’ll do
it all over again!

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Methew Wade

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