welcome to my new tropical
Tahitian apartment. I just moved in last week, it feels good to be back home. just
kidding, I’m still in Paris but it is so hot.
currently 36 degrees, yep, so yeah it’s pretty, pretty, hot. so this explains why I’m
wearing, it’s not even a crop top it’s actually I don’t even know what that is.
I actually just put a thing for you because I thought, you know, some of you
might be offended if I had nothing on. it’s been a while I haven’t posted any
proper recipes. I’ve done what I eat in a day and let’s get fit videos where you can see
what I eat, but not really like proper recipes to follow
and I kind of missed doing these videos. I don’t know where you live right now, but
I think pretty much everywhere in Europe it’s so hot.I just had this idea of
making three recipes for those very hot summer nights or like the heat waves
kind of night. I can’t eat pasta or curries or things like that on
these days. when it’s really hot, during the day I usually drink smoothies or eat
smoothie bowls for breakfast and lunch but for dinner I really want my proper dinner. I
want something too chew. if you’re fine with smoothies and you feel like you
want a fruit. not just one single fruit obviously, but like fruits and
smoothies for dinner, that’s totally healthy and go ahead and have this. Also
when it’s hot, I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I don’t like to
turn on the oven because that just brings a lot more heat in the room and I
don’t want that. I also don’t like to feel really full and bloated and things,
so I really like to keep it light although I still eat a proper, a
good amount of food.. but yeah these three recipes are tailored for these kind of
needs if you’re like me. okay, so let’s get started ! first meal is this oil free pesto
noodles or zoodles dish. so for that, you will need zuchinis, what is surprise ! I’m
showing you four here but I eventually just used three. to make noodles you can
use a spiralizer, but if you don’t have that, you can either use that kind of
peeler with those little dents like this one. that’s fairly easy although it’s
probably not my favorite because it’s quite dangerous if you don’t hold
everything super well. and the problem with this thing is that you have a lot
of zucchini that you can’t noodle and so you end up with these awkward
bits like I’m showing you right now. and so yeah, that’s not really the best. the
other option is to use a normal peeler and you’re just going to peel the
zucchini in a very lengthy and thin way. and so you’re ending up with long
stripes of zucchini and you’re stacking them up together until you finish the
zucchini. this way usually I don’t have a lot of waste. and then I take
a thin knife and I cut lengthwise and as you can see, it doesn’t really make spaghetti kind of thing. it’s more like, I don’t know, flatter kind of noodles.. but
they’re okay in my opinion! so that’s what I was left with from three
zucchinis, and that’s quite a lot. and here are the leftovers that I’m going to
use in a blender later on. so I’m just putting everything in a bowl and then
I’m going to make the pesto. so for that I need half a cucumber, half an avocado
and let me tell you, I was expecting a perfect avocado for that video and
obviously it didn’t happen. then you need a lot of basil, that’s probably a cup
of basil. you need quarter cup of soy yogurt or any other plant-based yoghurt.
some lemon juice, some turmeric and some pepper to activate the turmeric benefits.
and also some apple cider vinegar, and some cashews and i’ll post the exact recipe in the description box if you want to check it out. and lastly a
little bit of salt. so, popping everything into the blender except the avocado, I
just used quarter avocado, and yeah, blend it away ! once it’s super smooth, you’re just going
to pour it on top of your zoodles and then we’re just going to mix that very
well together. then I’m just putting everything onto a
plate and I’m topping with the extra quarter avocado and some additional hemp seeds, because I love hemp seeds, they’re
awesome for you ! next idea is this sourdough bruschetta! so you will need sourdough bread, I used five pieces and I like them
toasted. so that’s how I like them ! and then I’m using some cherry tomatoes, you
could use normal tomatoes but I just like the taste of cherry tomatoes it’s
just extra tasty! and so I just cut them and again the full recipe is
going to be in the description box. next you’ll need a shallot, and actually, I
think half a shallot would have been enough, especially if you don’t digest
well onions and things like that, I wouldn’t suggest to have that, or too
much of that. so I’m just chopping it and then I’m using some kalamata olives.
these are in olive oil so that’s why I’m not adding extra oil afterwards, but you
know, up to you ! and here is me trying to remove the pits of the olives during
five minutes put into ten seconds ! I’m also using the juice of half a lime
and then I’m ready to put everything into a bowl. and of course
I’m using basil again, and I just wanted to show you that’s how I keep my basil
fresh in a box, with like paper and it tastes super fresh for super long.
I’m adding everything, I’m also using apple cider vinegar, dried oregano and
salt and then I’m mixing everything together and I let it sit together for
about 15 minutes. once I’m ready to eat I just put everything, or try to
put everything on the toast but that was kind of a fail! but I eventually
managed to put everything on my five toasts, and of course I’m adding again
hemp seeds what a surprise ! the last recipe is my favorite salad.
it’s a Tahitian salad and it comes from my eBook except in my ebook I’m also
showing you how to make vegan raw fish, so if you’re interested in making that,
the link is below. but today I just wanted to show you the veggie version. so
for that you will need two tomatoes, normal tomatoes and you cube them. you
will need 1 carrot that you peel and that you grate. you will need half a
cucumber, that you slice in half, you remove the seeds, you peel the center
and then you slice. and yes it is very important to do it like that ! then I’m
using 1/4 onion, and again, if you can’t digest onion well I would suggest you
skip it but I just wanted to show you the original recipe. and then you need
2 juicy limes. so put everything into a bowl and then you’re just going to
squeeze all the lime juice. and yes it might sound like a lot of lime but it’s
really necessary and then I’m adding about half a teaspoon of salt, and that’s
also necessary guys. and then you set in the fridge for 20 minutes and that’s
what you get. you get a lot of water and obviously lime juice, that you’re going to
remove. then you want to add the coconut milk,
and this is fresh coconut milk and I’ve already done a video on how I make my
own, so if you’re interested I’ll put it in the description box as well. Oh god,
a lot of things in the description box today !
you mix it together and then you are done ! so I get a lot of questions
about my bowls on Instagram and on here, and I just wanted to show you where I
got them from. I got them from coconut bowls and this is not sponsored at all, I
just really enjoy them! they’re great for the environment, they’re super resistant,
like I dropped them a couple of times, and they look super cute on Instagram, so
what else you want ? anywhoo I’ll put all the info in description box below and
you also have a discount if you use the code ‘amelietahiti’. so back to the recipe,
we always start, always, always start, with big leaves of lettuce before putting the
salad in. and in Tahiti we also always eat it with
basmati rice. so that’s all for today, I hope you enjoy
the video and the recipes! As always if you try any, let me know in the comments
below I always enjoy to read all your comments, and let us know if you have any meals that you eat when it’s really really hot, so we can all share that
together! this weekend I’ll be uploading a video where I explain, or give you some
tips, on how to avoid bloating and how to make meals that are going to make you
feel light and satisfied at the same time. so if you’re interested in that
topic make sure you’re subscribe to my channel not to miss that video, I also
have a lot more videos coming, recipes or tips and things like that, so yeah, make
sure you subscribe if you enjoy that kind of content! one last thing for my
French viewers, I’m sorry it’s just something for French people, but I’m
doing a giveaway if you haven’t seen on Instagram, it’s with cook angels and you
can win a meal for two people! so if you live in France, don’t forget to
participate, it’s all free and I would really appreciate you to join this
giveaway! I don’t really do a lot of giveaways to be honest, so I’m really
happy that I can do one, finally ! and hopefully next time it will be something
for everyone to join in ! Don’t forget guys, stay hydrated, because it is very hot and your body just lose its water a lot, so make sure you stay hydrated, eat a
lot of fruits and, have fun ! bye!

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Methew Wade

25 thoughts on “EASY VEGAN SUMMER MEALS special HEAT WAVE !! Healthy & Delish!”

  1. hey good to see you again 🙂 You are so refreshing love theses recipes they are def. on the lighter side and are perfect for SUMMMAAA 🙂

  2. I love your bruschetta recipe I am gone try it tonight I think 😄 As always keep going because your are just amazing to follow with your kindness and your little jokes 😂😂

  3. Thank you for this video, it really is too hot right now :s btw it would be so cool if you did a meet up in Paris!!

  4. Love your top and your earrings as well as the recipes =). Thanks for the inspiration. I like to cook cold tabbouleh, quinoa salad and cold pasta or potato salad for dinner when it's really hot ^^

  5. Ohlala tes bruschetta (brouskéta) ont l'air délicieuses!! Merci Amélie pour ces chouettes idées 🙂

  6. haha toutes ces recettes ont l'air délicieuses !!!! On est parfois en manque d'inspiration par ces chaleurs !!! merci 🙂

  7. Bonjour Amelie
    J'ai eu un grand Mais très GRAND coup de coeur pr ta salade tahitienne !!!!!
    Comment est-ce possible de faire quelque chose d'aussi simple et d' aussi bon !!!!!!
    Milles mercis pr ts ce que tu partages avec nous !!!

  8. Coucou Amélie! Je me suis abonné à ta chaîne suite à notre rencontre au festival des influenceurs culinaires, une très belle découverte, tes recettes vegan me donneront beaucoup d'idées pour mes repas, bravo à toi et continue comme ça! 😉👍🏼 bises 😘

  9. These recipes look delicious! It's starting to warm up where I live and even though it's not summer yet I am in the mood for trying some vegan summer meals. This year would be my first summer as a vegan, I started being vegan since September 2018 and I am not planning on going back to eating the standard American diet. I really enjoy being vegan! 😊💚🌿

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