What’s up guys Tyler CrossFit SRC a new
segment I want to start doing here male time. So basically like when we
order stuff and it gets in the mail whether you know what’s coming or not I
would like to start doing a thing called mail time, where we open the product here
live for you. So, this is one I’ve been waiting on for a while… I had some
trouble with FedEx delivering it, FedEx let’s get it together!
I know thin this box because says guess who this is that’s right guys new supplements from
Driven Nutrition. I’ve told you about it, they’re here, all kinds of stuff thank
you Driven Nutrition. Yes!… all right, so kind of a lot of product let me
get this all okay that’s not gonna work okay so guys what we got is a bunch of
supplements in from Driven Nutrition awesome whey protein some PreWOD
pre-workout I’m going to take the pre-workout now so I’ll be able to do
like a full review on that. Amino acids, you guys you’re always talking about
amino acids, so they’re aminos they’re well known for their amino acids.
I got two of those something called Dysrupt this one this one is going to be
my personal favorite. This is basically like a BCAA with caffeine. If you those who that’s not quite ready for a
pre-workout yet but you want a little bit of boost, why not try a full scoop or
half a scoop of the Dysrupt, so if you’ve ever had like amino energy or like spark
or one of those things this is it! This is going to be better, because it’s got BCAAs good for recovery
branched chain amino acids the building blocks of protein, so if you want those
people like me that likes caffeine needs a little boost Dysrupt this is going to
be good! Okay, whey protein guys so you hear me talk about whey protein a lot
this is an excellent product I can’t wait to try this out I’m going to pop
these open and we’re going to be able
to sample them I’ll have some cups out. We’ll be able to taste test them take
samples we’ll be taking orders for these too. These I’ve already sold okay.
Thank You Jackie. I’ve already sold two of the protein powders and one of
the aminos so guys get on this stuff I’m going to order more of it but we’re
going to be doing a full taste testing of all of this stuff Saturday
morning. I have a table set up I’m going to have everything out for you guys to
sample. We’re opening up the big boys, we’ll be able to try everything in
sampling I’m going to sample some of it now and let you guys know how it is!

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