Hey guys, ZDoggMD. I got a Mr. Clean thing going on, ’cause (snaps) ladies love Mr. Clean. Anyways, alkaline water, it’s bullshit. Am I done here?
(Tom laughs) Do I really need to explain to you why alkaline water is a
complete waste of your money? God gives you free water. Some random hippie sells it back to you for, like, six bucks a bottle, and that’s supposed to be okay? Look, you wanna deep dive? Go look, we did a thing on alkaline water, did an hour on it. Who cares? Here’s the bottom line. Your body evolved to process acid and base in a very narrow window. You can drink any kind of
alkaline water you want. Your stomach acid’s gonna
immediately neutralize it and make it acidic. It’s gonna have no effect. And there’s a little something
we have called kidneys that regulate your acid/base, and they laugh in the
face of your expensive, Whole Foods alkaline
water in a plastic bottle that’s raising your carbon footprint to the size of a Bigfoot
that excretes carbon. A climate-changing
Bigfoot is what you are. You don’t need some Mr. Clean doctor to tell you that it’s nonsense. Trust your feelings. Actually, don’t, (Tom laughs) because humans’ feelings
are so jackin’ stupid. We think water is some sacred thing, it’s this elixir of life. So magical water that is
alkaline must be better, right? All they do is add baking
soda to it, bro, come on! You can make your own. Could it help your stomach acidity? That’s probably the only thing
that any study has shown. It might correlate with a
little less stomach acidity. Other than that, all the
other data, which is limited, shows absolutely no benefit. Why even do this study when that’s called the Journal of Duh! All right? Simple as that. Allow me to quote Childish
Gambino in parting, who once said, I have a
penthouse on both coasts. Ph balanced. (laughs) Science. (Tom laughs)

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Methew Wade

47 thoughts on “Drinking Alkaline Water Is Dumb | A Doctor Reacts To Stupid Health Fads”

  1. So I suppose that mine and the entire IC/PBS community's experience with different kinds of water and how it helps (or worsens) their bladder pain is BS too then? Cool. I will let them know. 👍

  2. So many people have bought into the whole alkaline diet! They can't be convinced, even when basic physiology is explained to them.

  3. I have a relative seats by alkaline diet "to prevent cancer, which grows in acidity". I tried to tell that it is cancer that can create an acid state, but ya know some people hold onto beliefs. She didn't want to hear to role of kidneys and lungs!

  4. Random hippies usually point you to clean streams. It’s the fascists looking to sell 6$ bottles. Zzzzzzdogg

  5. Gimme some of that pH balance! I'll bet people who make this stuff will end up with one on both coasts by selling magic. Those who tell the truth will not. Irony.

  6. I had to forward this to my co-worker.
    He ONLY drinks alkaline water.
    He's not talking to me right now. (I'm so happy)
    Thank you SO much for the peaceful Thursday at work.

  7. Where do I find the guide to authors for the Journal of Duh? Imma do a study on coffee enemas. As useful as alkaline water I suspect.

  8. "in a plastic bottle that is raising your carbon footprint to the size of a Bigfoot…" can't stop laughing! And thanks for this truth.

  9. ZDogg…. Should I be the a$$hole in my Interstitial Cystitis support group page and post this video there? 🤔😂 You are awesome.

  10. Tell that to my aunt who will perform all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify buying her $4500 water filter cough woops I meant water electrolysis machine. All anecdotes ranging from getting rid of all the "toxic sludge" in your system to curing her uncle's cancer.

  11. It's actually more bizarre than that. When some appearance of a health benefits of electrolyzed reduced water was observed in Japan in the 1960's, water electrolysis machines were licensed by the ministry of health as a medical device and on the application, they ask for a causative mechanism, and since nobody knew the reason, the only thing they were aware of that made the water useful as a healing agent was it's alkalinity and that is what they wrote down. That was in the sixties. In 1997 there was a professor Sanetaka Shirahata, at Kyushu University, but funded by the largest manufacturer of water electrolysis equipment, who published a paper in BBRC, proposing a theory that there was some dissolved hydrogen in the water, or also that possibly nano particles of platinum from the cathode might be the cause of an anti-oxidant effect.

    It turns out that Shirahata was looking in the right direction but was still wrong. He came to the conclusion that the effect lasted at most 30 days. Later research revealed that any antioxidant effect is from molecular hydrogen and lasts but 24 hours and that the reason is molecular hydrogen, which does work as an antioxidant and is one of nature's best anti-oxidants.

    So, it is all about HRW (Hydrogen Rich Water), not ERW (Electrolyzed Reduced Water) and it has powerful anti-oxidant properties, and in fact is a totally selective anti-oxidant that is selective in only blocking the bad oxidation processes and not the good ones. There is a molecular hydrogen institute where you can find more information. Meanwhile water electrolysis machines are still sold, though they are highly inefficient in producing dissolved molecular hydrogen. and any effect is more than likely due to the nano particles of platinum in the water. Today there are machines that will generate HRW, which has a shelf life of about 24 hours. Atomic hydrogen as Shirahata hypothesized would not last but nano seconds. http://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com

    In short, the whole thing about electrolyzed water or alkaline water, is a myth that grew out of ignorance as to what was the causative mechanism of the perceived health benefit of ERW water. The myth has lasted for 50 years already, because there's money in convinding people it will work. That much more snakeoil.

  12. LOL.😂my roommate installed one of these, I had to 🤐. Thank you for brightening my day with this. The aftermath of installing an electricity sucking borderline unhygenic machine.
    I discovered my stomach pain cleared up. I find out from my allergy clinic that under certain circumstances you can have an intolerance to the chemicals they use to purify municipal water with. I called horsepucky. So he told me to compare 3 "local communities tap water vs the "unicorn pee"". So, I now drink "magic water", and no longer take a Rx protein pump inhibitors. Though now I have to have an EPI pen handy when I have a shower or bath, or go swimming.. And pop a benadryl beforehand.
    But DAYM. What a crock. It's like coffee. Couple of tablespoons of strong coffee. You can charge 7x the amount for a regular cup. . .trigger warning..here's another water issue. Nestle was caught doing business as normal pulling water out of government land, and only paying $100 bucks a year for the right.https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2016/05/09/nestle-fights-feds-water-rights/84163260/ . . . So water is necessary for life. Whoever controls that water controls life. Should private foreign or any corporation have that right or only government and private home owners…

  13. It's basic chemistry…a substance with a pH of 8 or 9 that you ingest, will react with the pH of the stomach (pH of 2) to produce water and heat. I don't see anyone who drinks alkaline water burping up hot air!

  14. You know, if a little alkaline water is good, then a lot would great! I recommend you drink bleach, with a pH of 11. You'll become a superhero and your whites will be their whitest, so no more turkey tracks ruining your underware or the Underware Blood Syndrome that you get from eating Chipotle. Trust me on this one. I was pre-med.

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