Hey guys, new type of video for you. We are in partnership with Movimento Gym with nutritionist Ana Gabriela, and trainer Diego,
soon we will talk about them Today we gonna start a challenge, We gonna make Cesar lose a lot of weight, so you think he can do it? He will have 4 months to do it I need to lose 15 kg (33 lb), no more pizza for me no more pizza, no cheeseburger, no “coxinha”
let’s go then hey guys, we’re here with trainer Diego.
Hi Diego Will you give to Cesar a workout program to lose weight? how is it going to be? Hey guys, okay? I’m the gym coach Diego Lima. I will accompany our friend Cesar, along with Masuka and I will do a specific job with he
to achieve the result by the end of the year we are from Movimento Gym, and Cesar counts on us to get good service and better performance. remembering that we have a partnership with the Movimento Gym and nutritionist Ana Gabriela who can’t come here today,
but she will come in the next videos that’s it Cesar, let’s get started? come on, now I finally lose this fat so, when we talk about physical activity we have to highlight first your willpower
in really want to lose weight, combined with good nutrition. let’s work as best we can, work progressively, let’s respect your limitations of corporeality because you are overweight, so I believe that at this stage and with this time we have, we will be able to provide this for you both here at the gym, and with the food part, its ok? so I can’t eat pizza anymore? Not just the pizza .. Almost everything that is tasty today brings problems. Each action has its reaction Let’s work as best we can Having this partnership with the nutritionist Adding both the food and the physical part Let’s see how much this package is weighing 235 lb I’m still light That’s it guys, today we came to meet the gym I did a simple workout that Masuka gave me Basic workout Monday I will start one workout that Diego will pass me He weighed me there and will teach something essential to my goal To know more about what is happening, follow us on our Instagram We count our daily life, Cesar will show how he will be dealing with the gym I will be here too Many thanks to Gym Movimento, Diego Lima, Ana Gabriela our nutritionist And to all of you. Don’t forget to like the video, share Soon we will have episode two Yeah, I hope I’m thinner next time New things are coming Thanks While Cesar was in training.. Where was Masuka?

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