Should I always feed my dog the same dog food?
My opinion is no. Just like humans if we would have to eat a pork chop every day for 60 years,
not only would our body not be getting the required nutritional supplements but we would
become bored and dissatisfied. I find that most puppies often will stop eating up until
the age of 10 to 12 months, not because they’re sick but because they’re body changes and
they need a different dog food. Certainly I’m not saying that if your dog stops eating
that they’re not sick. I would recommend consulting a Veterinarian if your dog does not drink
water, or is vomiting excessively, but I’ve found through experience a healthy dog just
needs a variety in diet, just to keep them energetic and enthusiastic to eat food. Like
I’ve talked about earlier, the mixture of a quality dry food with a wet food will definitely
keep their interest alert. In future segments I’ll be talking about additional foods you
can mix with your dog’s food, not only to keep them interested but to keep them getting
a high nutritional content.

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Methew Wade

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