Mitch McConnell unveiled new modifications to the GOP healthcare bill today in his latest attempt to sway 50 Republican senators to get behind repealing and replacing Obamacare the new bill adds 45 billion dollars to help state deal with the opioid crisis a nod to previous holdouts Rob Portman of Ohio and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia it also allows bare-bones plans to be sold to the Obamacare exchanges a pet policy of Senator Ted Cruz I think we're making serious progress towards coming together and unifying our conference and getting a bill that can command the support of at least 50 senators and pass into law this version of the bill also has a provision giving members of Congress and their staffs a wider array of benefits than other Americans who actually purchased their own coverage McConnell says the Senate will vote next week one group that's been consistently opposed to Obamacare repeal of any kind is the American Medical Association the country's largest organization of doctors Michael Moynihan went to see some specialists to find out what's going on with the future of government health care and and so I'm like legitimately nervous I think I have cancer I always think I have cancer you know it's a major problem with American healthcare its paper look are you kidding me ten internal pages Z o H C dry any glasses I want to check mine option flatulent let's talk about Obamacare we will sure yeah Geron let me just take a look here a typical insurance on an initial visit like this which takes me one out pays about $100 or $95 the cost of that out for me to just keep the office open and operating is about $300 so when insurance is actually paying for it they're not paying you enough 50 me a lot less than the visit is worth so that's why you don't take commercial check right because I couldn't afford to do it this is going to be your glasses are you kidding me you're talking I'm sorry I do any glasses so far yes a little bit yeah if I'm self paying with you how much because it's a really good question I don't know I think it's three hundred and fifty dollars but um the front desk actually knows that better than I do so I am NOT going to have odd for you not to know I don't want anything about my care to be influenced in any way by what kind of insurance you have or should have let me looking straight ahead for me I don't like this part over yeah I know no one likes and everyone just met me through it it's not very honestly in terms of the impact the ACA specifically has on the practice it has increased the level of administration that we need to do in order to get for the day so we used to be about 10% administration and 90% clinical and we're now like 40 percent administration and 60 percent clinicals there is the insurance company that's trying to tout as little as possible even though the patient is paying them so there's just a huge layer administration on top of the actual medicine so I think that we're spending a whole lot of money in ministering a system that actually doesn't work very well there's a deep horn in here oh it's all good I'm sorry if there's any discomfort but I think it's more fear than discomfort yeah in the sort of realm of health care and the mess and the morass of health care how do you see that affecting your breath it affects it every day how so after the Affordable Care Act people got insurance that had not had insurance we spend more per patient than any other industrialized country and our care isn't as good why is American health care such an outlier in that sense what I see is that there is a tremendous amount of greed on the part of the insurance companies why is that insurance companies managed care instead of a doctor getting two hundred and fifty dollars easily they get $12 $40 $60 no mr. Moynahan doctor and most people think uncomfortable like the first time they come not really real Elizabeth snaps it on it's like okay I'll take it easy you support the APA but it's made your life more difficult in a lot of ways I think a lot of us support it because of the altruistic aspect of them to provide coverage to as many people as possible than having them go to the emergency room for care on I'll take you for a hernia okay okay okay okay so little pressure okay don't don't tighten up don't know but you're pushing my ball I know I know I know so you can sit up for me not tell me what you think if the Republicans Regiment one so there is no way I felt like I could pal it you know what it is and that's really taking away a lot of the coverage over time I would not want Obamacare as my insurance and as a physician I don't want Obamacare as my insurance nor do I want even what's in the Congress now I would max even worse is it in your vested interest and have a single pair yes we are a wealthy country and we should have universal health care I think I'm leaning towards universal health care I think it's the obvious appropriate solution for the country I think those are disagree with you in Congress well yes so I was able to put them into Congress Iseman yeah well you know it's not a small group thank you doctor it was lovely meeting you I appreciate it thank you for taking the blade to my foot I feel I feel better I don't know if I do you

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Methew Wade

25 thoughts on “Doctors Explain Why U.S. Healthcare Is So Expensive (HBO)”

  1. What I see is that there is a tremendous amount of greed on the part of the insurance companies"
    WATCH MORE on administrative health coverage:

  2. Great opportunity to hear from doctors but the reporter is obnoxious. His exaggerated reactions to a simple doctor visit are completely unnecessary and he's gotta be faking them. If he's not, he needs to grow up.

  3. We won’t be a wealthy country if we have universal coverage. Countries that have it do not have the wealth the US has

  4. Absolutely nothing in this video explained why health care is so expensive. Way to get in there and not even scratch the surface, Vice!

  5. Wait doctor say wants single payer but complains about getting peanuts from the insurance companies?? Do they not know that the government will force them to take more patients and pay less SMH. Doctors need to take economics 101. Where is the explanation to the title of the video though?

  6. Corporates run America that's why the health system is so expensive they don't want to pay Americans a wage they can live on while they pocket billions they are destroying this country trump was going to drain the swamp but everyone knows he's the face of the swamp a country where if you can't afford health care go out on the street and die while the government pours trillions into the most expensive war machine in human history greed is killing America

  7. You have docters that lie to you. When it comes to surgery took 15 years and Obamacare. You should record your docter visits. A lot of docters were too lazy to do paperwork. So then you have to keep going to the pissants. 50 out of 60 docters i have seen worthless. Revolving door.

  8. America is a broken society
    Corruption is rife
    Litigation culture of the US
    Rich greedy insurance companies
    Ridiculous layer of administrative overheads
    Rich greedy Republicans
    Poor understanding of so called “socialised healthcare”
    Fear of a universal system

  9. Meanwhile, the entire rest of the developed world is staring at the US, shaking their heads and wondering what the problem is.

  10. So, we should agree with a Dr that doesn't even know the accurate price for a visit? 🤔 One that doesn't do the administrative work; therefore, they don't know about any expenses.

  11. Capitalism is America’s national religion. The desire to maximize profits controls everything in America, from health care to mega churches. 🤑

  12. Why do we need the middle man? I pay 85 bucks a week and i can easily go bankrupt with one illness

  13. I'm a physician at a private practice office. I and the office spent enormous time on administration because of a broken insurance system. It's like having to deal with middlemen who are not serving the interests of either the patients or the providers. Their primary goal is to maximize profits for the shareholders. This is why you spend so much on your insurance, deductibles and copays. We need a single payer system whose primary purpose is to serve public health.

  14. Doctors don't treat patients anymore, the health insurance company dictates your care. If the health insurance company says your treatment is not medically necessary then you die. Unless your rich and can pay out of your pocket. Nothing but greedy companies taking more and more money and giving a lot less care.

  15. Asking doctors what is wrong with healthcare systems is like asking a car salesman why the engineers used a 5 liter engine instead of a 5.1 liter engine. They are talking to the wrong people.

  16. I get the right to have healthcare but forcing it makes the insurance companies a monopoly hence making them pay out less
    (no competition for consumers)
    And Doctors are smart but they aren't the ones who should be asked these questions since they studied medicine not business. Health care has become a business-like one of the doctors said-they are not concerned with the mess of cost because that defeats the focus

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