get your Hoover on folks it's time to vacuum really I've seen your carpets Oh we're not talking about that kind of vacuuming okay back up let's take it from the top hey would you believe me if I told you there was one exercise you could do for just five minutes a day to get the flat stomach of your dreams I'm talking about the abdominal vacuum and yeah it does kind of suck the inches right off your midsection in a way hey check it out this exercise became widely popular thanks to bodybuilders like Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the early 70s but it wasn't this sport that came up with the technique it comes from yoga which you can also thank for the plank by the way anyway the vacuum is based on a breathing technique that's known as belly pulling you can do it in any position standing sitting or even lying on your back maybe not standing on your head but hey you can't have it all what's even better you don't need any special equipment gym clothes or anything else it's just you and a couple of minutes of your time mm-hmm I like the sound of that now before I get into the how to's and you start trying this exercise with me let me give a quick but crucial warning if you have digestive hard or blood pressure problems don't do this exercise before getting the green light from your doctor it's also a no-go for pregnant women those in the first few weeks after giving birth and anyone who's had any kind of abdominal surgery also pronounced surgery within the last six months if none of that applies to you and you're ready to go one more thing be extra attentive to your body while doing the vacuum if you're not feeling well be it dizziness or pain in your belly stop doing the exercise and go see a doctor okay so you have no health issues great with safety precautions out of the way let's look at how you do this thing if you're only getting acquainted with stomach vacuuming then standing up would be the best way to begin it's easier to do while slightly bent forward with your hands on your thighs and your face looking down at the floor take a deep breath in and a full breath out remember be mindful of your body and feel your lungs working this is a preparatory breath then breathe in through your nose slowly butt to the deepest extent possible now imagine you're a balloon fully release the air through your mouth you can even make a sound to really make sure that all the air leaves your lungs plus it adds to the whole balloon illusion right do it slowly until there isn't any air left in your body oddly enough you'll also feel that there's plenty of space inside of you okay here comes the actual vacuum suck in your belly as far as you can imagine you're trying to touch your belly button to your spine it's okay if you can't suck your stomach in very far this step takes practice and time if you did everything right you should feel the transverse abdominal muscle straining this is a muscle deep within your core that they call your body's natural corset by the way don't be surprised if you can't breathe in this position otherwise your stomach muscles would relax and that's not what you want if you're just a beginner you may only be able to hold it for five to ten seconds but regular practice will help you gradually increase the time maybe even to a minute for super advanced folks after time is up just breathe regularly while releasing your stomach to repeat the steps it's better to do say three ten-second vacuums take a two minute break and do three more vacuums hey not so fast I've got a few more tips and important things you should know before you head out in the world and start vacuuming away for better progress and fewer chances of feeling nauseous only do the exercise on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before breakfast or last thing in the evening before bed would be perfect even though the outfit you're wearing doesn't really matter try to choose clothes that don't restrict your movements or breathing you'll feel a lot more comfy also if you're doing the vacuum for the first time and you're still learning the technique do it in front of a mirror this way you'll be able to keep an eye on your form and notice if you do something wrong by the way don't get discouraged if you're not able to do the exercise perfectly the first few times it often takes some practice to perform the vacuum successfully it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes a day but sticking to 5:00 is your best bet if you do it for too long it can overload your lungs plus the excess oxygen can cause dizziness and headache you'll be able to do it anywhere like when you're waiting for the bus standing in line at the store or just sitting at your desk if you decide to go the sitting-down route it's especially important that you keep good posture sit up straight in your chair relax your shoulders keep them down and pull back a bit then do the usual breathe in slowly and exhale all of the air in your lungs before sucking in your stomach and holding the position and like I said earlier you can also do the vacuum while lying on the floor just keep your back flat on the ground and bend your knees while keeping your feet planted on the floor as well you can also keep your arms relaxed at your sides now you're ready to start that deep breathing and pull your stomach in and all the usual steps there's one more way to do the exercise and that's on all fours make sure your knees are in line with your hips and the same goes for your hands with your shoulders don't arch your back or bend your neck just keep your gaze down on the floor below you then go ahead and do the breathing and sucking in steps now once you've really mastered the regular vacuum technique you may try to advance your training a bit as soon as you let all the air out of your body and press the front wall of your abdomen under your ribs try to release your stomach almost like you're puffing it up don't breathe in only 10 – rep Domino muscles then relax and do another rep stomach vacuum is great for slimming down the midsection in fact it can shave 4 inches off your waist within 3 weeks if you do it right but it's not just good for the outward stuff abdominal vacuuming also corrects posture relieves back pain and really helps out your digestive system by acting as a massage for the internal organs and finally be consistent and realistic you're not going to get a 6-pack overnight so you need to do the stomach vacuum regularly also it certainly doesn't hurt to include other ab exercises in your fitness regimen as well and no matter what you're doing to get rid of the spare tire you can't underestimate the importance of your diet you won't be able to lose fat and bloat if you keep taking in process and high caloric foods so clean eating exercise and persistence there's your recipe for success so now it's your turn are you interested in giving the stomach vacuum a try let me know what your favorite exercises are down in the comments if 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  1. This is probably one of the most practical, realistic, and honest videos about uncomplicated abdominal bulge I have ever seen. I am a pharmacist and what I know does not tell me this will not be beneficial for me if I tried it. Thank you for sharing this BRIGHT SIDE.

  2. All Clones synthetic Humans Androids robotoids organic robotoids in vitro babys test tube baby's have no soul's no chakras for obvious reasons and either cease to exist or go to the lake of fire depending on the kinds of energys they accumulated hahahahahaha good riddance to bad rubbish

  3. I like how the title claims 5 minutes, and then the video says that you should do it for 10 minutes. >.>


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