hello everybody Bootsie Greenwood here and today I want to share an exercise with you that I learned a few years back I bought this really expensive marketing program and I got a lot out of it a few years ago but what I got the most out of it was was the mentality idea of the whole entire video so it went through and it taught you how to do all these things and funnels and all this stuff which I think a lot of the ideas that were in that product are probably not even useful now anymore things have changed so much technologically speaking but I got so much out of the mentality part and this was before I even discovered Tran surfing but I wanted to share the exercise with you guys today and I think it's something that can definitely help you help you progress a little bit more quickly and help you think about how you're approaching whatever it is that your goal is so the ultimate goal is to be whatever that is fill in the blank ok put whatever you want here you want to be this okay I'm gonna put I'm gonna put comedian okay that's what I'm gonna put for this for me alright and then I'm gonna list all the things that I need to do and all the things that I'm gonna need to have before I can become a comedian okay so what I would like for you to do is get out a sheet of paper or whatever it is a you know you're gonna write on and I want you to do this as well so I'm gonna kind of stop the video here I'm going to pause it maybe I'll put on some nice music or something and and and and you guys go ahead and get your thing out could maybe stop the video and write these things down and take take your time with it you know take take a few minutes take ten twenty fifteen minutes I'm gonna write the things that I think I'm gonna need and I want you guys to do the same thing so so go ahead and stop the video now okay so as you can see there's a lot of things here on these two lists I need to do a bunch of open mikes I need to take classes I need to read books I need to do a master class need to write bad jokes I need to bomb I need to meet comics I need to learn how to be funny to me to learn jokes need to practice any good stage presence good jokes crowd work good reputation pronunciation I need a good delivery I need the friends in the industry I need a tape so that people can see me I need a real need 20 minutes of material I need thick skin I need all these things in order to become a comedian look at your list and what I want you to do I want you to cross all this stuff off because you don't need all that stuff to be the thing that you want to be instead of worrying about the things that we need to to do and have that's this is this is what our mind does and this is this is why I think this is relevant to transferring is because our mind tells us that well once we do this thing then we can have this thing then we can be the thing that we want like that could be anything to be a good father or any goal you have but our mind always plays this trick on us that we need to do this and we need to do that and we need to have this in order to do that but that's not really true you know obviously you will need certain things to do stuff but if you go ahead and put yourself in this mentality and you go ahead and say look I am this thing already you know this is what we're doing with slides already so even if you just visualize yourself every single day take steps and then do and do these things as well I'm not saying don't do the things that's not the point the point is that you don't have to do I don't have to do a thousand open mics to be a funny comic and get booked there are so many other ways to do it I do improv you know I could be a comic actor there are so many different things that we can do and we maybe even don't realize so you know like improv probably my favorite honestly like I probably enjoy improv and I'm probably better at improv than I am stand-up but I continuously I don't know like why I just keep continuously going and doing stand-up and I don't want to be able to hold my own on a stand-up stage and I want to be able to do improv and all these other things I've done sketch and all that and that's super fun and I enjoy it but the problem is this we have tricked ourselves into thinking that we need to do all this extra stuff all of this extra stuff in order to be successful but that's not true because the thing that matters is what your being not what you have what you do you know so many times have gotten hung up on because you know before I wanted to be a comedian and I had a different role and it was to become a audio engineer and I've done that you know and I thought well I need to have all these microphones and I need to have this super nice soft well the more you become the thing that you actually are the more you realize all those attachments and accessories are really just needless needless crap that you're dragging around with you that you don't even need it's like as an engineer I don't need anything I can walk into somebody else's venue they have all the microphones they have the soundboard they have everything that I would need and I can work right out of their venue with all their stuff really all I need to do is to be the audio engineer that I know I am and I already have the knowledge so I could walk in anywhere and run their sound for them it wouldn't be a big deal it's the same thing with a comedian you know the same thing with whatever it is that your goal is just be that thing go ahead and put yourself in that position right and not to say that doing all of those things and having those things won't help you but that's not the focus we get hung up on those focuses and those are the obstacles that we create in our own mind when really what we need to be focusing on is what we're want what we want to be right so everybody's like what do you want to do when you grow up who cares you're gonna have to do a lot of stuff you know as their audio engineer I got a rap a lot of cable you know as a comedian I got to write a lot of jokes a lot of them are bad it's true but if I continue on the quest and just be a comedian and go up and accept things as they are then my progress is gonna go much much more quickly than if I get hung up on all this extra Gnaeus crap I got to take your class I got to do the master class I gotta read this book I got a tabla no you don't and in fact a lot of that stuff is just gonna fill your head full of stuff that's conventional and what do we know what do we know and transferring what does a pendulum do do as I do that's what it says right do as I do be conventional be like me now if you're in any creative endeavor and that includes business then you need to stand out if you don't differentiate yourself you will die you know there's a book that even says differentiate or Die that's the name of the book it's an excellent book if you're in business I recommend it but so these these things that we think we need go ahead and cross those off you don't need to have things and you don't need to do things in order to be something just be the thing and go forward and enjoy the process and learn and do what you got to do but focus on the being part okay the being part don't worry about the doing what do you want to do when you grow up like we've all heard that question so many times that's not that's not even a relevant question and what we want to do is we want to just go ahead and be that we don't need to wait you know if I'm gonna be a comedian I'm just gonna go up until you know somebody says hey dude you want to work this show and honestly what I've been doing is I've just been booking shows that I'm gonna host so there's a lot less pressure and then I have other comedians who are friends of mine who will come and they'll do 10 15 minutes each and we'll have a nice hour hour-and-a-half show and I'll get to do 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning and introduce people and so that gives me you know a better stage presence more experience on stage all of those things and then I'm already putting myself in the role as a comedian so you know whatever it is that you can do to to Expedia or success to push you forward in your journey do that go ahead and be that thing close your eyes and experience what it feels like to be that person see the people in the crowd see the microphone in front of you smell the booze you know in cigarette smoke or whatever it is that you want to be you know if if that's an audio engineer then you know you see yourself wrapping cables and doing all that kind of stuff and joshing around with a band so you know I thought I'd share this exercise with you guys and I hope you got something out of it because otherwise my money was wasted so I appreciate it you guys be sure to like this video comment below give me a shout let me know how you're doing I do I do want to know and if you have any other questions I'm trying to make more videos and do things like that as well check out trans surfing TV check out the reality tran surfing podcast I'm gonna put a link to a free twenty day reality tran surfing course in the description box of this video so be sure to click on that and sign up for the email list and that will notify you of all the really cool stuff that's happening with a trance irfan community and then if you want to support me on Gumroad you can do that bye everything is as free as it can be except for the kabali oh and I had to charge a dollar for that but it's a it's a dollar plus you can support me that way and then you could also go to patreon and support me on a monthly basis as well as patreon.com slash Bootsie Greenwood and then the Gumroad site is Gumroad com slash Bootsie Greenwood thank you guys so much I'm at boots of greenwood on the social medias and we'll see you guys next time thanks so much

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