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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Do Chinese people really EAT DOGS?”

  1. Why is eating dogs any different from eating cows, pigs etc? Simple, dogs are purposefully tortured to death in China, cows, pigs, chickens etc are killed quickly and relatively painlessly, that's the difference. If you want to see the awesome side of China, the fascinating culture and scenery that isn't related to killing man's best friend, check out our awesome documentary: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Discount code: STAYAWESOME

  2. I signed the petition to go against what is happening in Hong Kong and their fight with China

    Now, back to the eat dog situation in China. Every country slaughters animals, the majority us would not eat meat if we saw how this is done

    The Chinese are the most narcissistic people on earth. The fact they inflict so much pain on animals with the pathetic theory that making the animal suffer before killing it is truly outstanding and ignorant. The fact they have absolutely no laws for animal welfare tells me everything about this country and the mentality.

    Things are changing in China now. The paradise is over. Trump no longer wants imports from China. I support this, although I want to make it clear I hate Trump but this is a good move

    I want things to change. I’m sick of shit from China. The people, their spitting, their staring, the way they eat noodles and noise they make, their driving, their laws or should I say lack, their mentality generally speaking is not something I can ever tolerate or get use to. It just goes against everything I stand up for. My values and principles. I’ve lived in a few countries including Greece. Greece is similar do China. I left. You simply can’t be brought up in a country that is so different and then live in another country like this. It impacts your life. It almost ended mine mentally. I was miserable

    I can’t live in China. I’d find it hard to even visit.

    T:7:00. If I witnessed this I’d automatically react and can’t tolerate this. I am not in China thank god, so all I can do is fight against anything China. Fight against cruelty and try minimise it. China and cruelty will never stop.. the people are just unique and different mentality to stop it. The fact the Chinese steal pets to eat them should not be tolerated and should have massive penalties but you are a robot in China. It’s not a democracy. You accept things even if they are not right

    God bless Hong Kong, i support them in their fight against China and I feel for them.

    Being an animal lover and even a supporter of many animal charities i can’t tolerate any form of cruelty. China is a magnificent country and has an interesting culture. I also realise not everyone has the same views and also oppose cruelty in China that live there. I subscribe to this channel because I’m intrigued with learning more about China, the good and also bad. No country on earth is paradise. Even I& it was there will always be people that ruin it. However, I know China is a massively cruel country and this is why I can’t ever live there but there are also other reasons.

  3. If you want to see the awesome side of China which is what like you said you could easily kill any animal on the street public without any penalties lol yes saw enough of the "awesome side of China"

  4. I'm glad to hear that changes are happening in China with the new generation. Thanks for your sensitivity and the disclaimer at the start.

  5. Ah – topic I can sink my teeth in to 😉 Worked all day in the photo studio one day (well, many days but I'm referring to this 'one' day) about 10 hours with no break. Lots of customers streaming through the process. So after awhile my 'Master' (hair down to his waist, from Xi'an) decides, "Just one more hour and I'll take you to a delicious dinner!" I know he meant on Russian Street in Da'lian where all the restaurants are SO worthy. Finally we're done and off we go, Mr. Niu, Wei Wei my interpreter, and myself. It's fairly late so the restaurant isn't very busy = really good service. The gratuitous beers are poured (free with meal @ 12 or 15% alcohol) and we settle in. Mr. Niu speaks to the waitress, he's paying so he gets to order. Soon a large plate of cold cuts appears, with the ubiquitous dipping sauce: fresh peanut butter with Cilantro chopped into it – freakin' delishurse man! I started gobbling…well pretty much, I was famished! After I'd eaten about half the order, feeling a bit guilty of gluttony (and these were decent sized meat slices, maybe 5" across), Mr. Niu says something to Wei Wei. She turns to me and says, "Master says to tell you that you just ate Dogs meat!" Well you know, he thinks I'm gonna freak out and give him some well-earned (he thinks) evening's entertainment. Without even thinking about it I said, "Well tell him to order more – it's really delishurse!" He couldn't – too expensive. Burn.

  6. Sure. I had a woman friend, a traditional doctor, whose father a military surgeon loved eating dog. She did not. I ate dog in Beijing in 1986. There was a street that had a few dog restaurants. Good to accompany a beer drunk with a few guys.

  7. as a chinese i want to eat a dog..
    would you do it? the whole world gets mad at me for wanting to eat a dog

  8. My friend just send me a video showing me he was eating dog meat in China, I believe him too, especially since I trust his words and I've known him for a while, over 10 years, a great friend of mine too.

  9. I hate to say it, but I've seen adorable goats and cows. Totally pet like. So I'm really not against eating dogs either. I know it sounds evil but I just don't care. I want to eat that succelent meat!

  10. So, besides the dog meat, maybe you should have also told the audience the signs for cat meat (猫肉 ?) Another thing is: If half of them are stray dogs, how do the chinese ensure that they (the dogs) did not have rabies?

  11. This practice of eating man's best friend and torture for them first is so impossible to understand in it's perversity. it must come to an end and it will when well known celebrities (thank you Lisa Vanderpump and husband) got into the thick of it and made this horrid practice known to the US this must come to an end. Humans feel it there God given right to eat other species but at least there has come to an understanding if you are going to do it treat the animal with respect, give it the best life it deserves as it is keeping you alive and if people could grasp that there is out there is a plant based alternative to eating something besides meat. Instead of the American plate of one chicken per person in another culture one chicken could feed 10 people when augmented with vegetables. The disgusting part of this is stealing pets from neighbors who have had beautiful loving lives and then torturing them makes me want to give these horrible people a taste of their own medicine. Beat them to a pulp by those who have had their beloved animals stolen. Some retribution although not Christian because it is up to God to decide they will surely burn in hell for their deeds.

  12. That dog looks terrified and as if it's been mistreated. It isn't acting towards you like a normal dog. It is nervous, fearful and evasive. I have been around dogs and other animals and know their behavior.

  13. actually cows chickens are slaughtered in violent ways. u ever see a chicken get the neck slit n blood pouring out? dogs can bite back so they are clubbed? i find it ironical for white people to make alot of noise about dogs being eaten. When cows ducks chickens, fish andwhat not are eaten? Dont they pity the cows,chicken, ducks, pigs and what not? Kinda dumb and stupid…selective pity and compassion??? It's a dog eat dog world… forget about your burgers and steaks… have you ever see a cow being slaughtered and crying? or a pig squealing in fear…????

  14. I have eaten dog meat in the past in Korea. I didnt know what I was eating. I also didnt know the cruelty behind it either. Generally even people that eat dog meat dont want them to be killed cruelly. I eat chicken, beef, pork and I wouldnt want them to be killed cruellly either. I woulnt eat dog meat anymore bc my thinking has changed. Recently, I have been on a a farm where they chopped the heads off chickens, was that "humane" iono. I still eat chicken though so this issue isnt black and white I thinks. If u care about that much about dogs being eaten you better be vegan. Iono how much more humane it is to slice the neck of a pig or axethe head off a chicken…I admit, I choose not to think about it too much…

  15. It amazes me how there are Western activists trying to free dogs in Asia who eat beef and chicken themselves! Completely hypocritical!

  16. This also happens in australia. I am actually a dog breeser and will not send my dogs overseas. I get a lot of enquiries for my pups. I am extremely diligent in protecting there well being. This said I have met lovely chinese families that have adopted puppies from me. So the moral of the story, you just have to be very carefull. I admit to finding this episode disturbing but was relevant and needed to be discussed. Good work at finding the middle road showing the good and the bad as always.

  17. Thank you for making this video, as painful as it was for me (and you, too!) I have been teaching ‘in China’ (online from the USA) for almost 3 years now and I have grown to love the people and the beauty of the country, but there are still some things I just can’t understand, like the existence of this trade. I am encouraged to know of the growing activism against it, and I remember one of my young students once spoke of this subject in a shamed whisper. I hope these young ones can make a difference. Thank you for this, and all the videos you do that give outsiders an inside look at this incredible country! You rock! 😁👍🏻

  18. Thanks for bringing up this extremely sensitive subject and treating it objectively. From a Western standpoint, it is by far the worst aspect of Chinese culture and I purposefully say “Chinese” and not “Communist”, because it has nothing to do with communism. Besides killing man’s best friend and eating him, which totally disgusts a Westerner, torturing the poor animals only makes it even much worse. When I lived in China, including in Yulin, I went to great lengths to avoid eating any dog meat by mistake, relatively easy because I don’t eat much meat of any kind anyway and in China close to none. In China, it’s best to be a vegetarian, and even then, one is never sure whether the vegies were cooked in a pot that harboured dog or cat meat just before or some animals of descriptions we would rather not mention.

  19. Until around the mid of 20th century eating dog meat was a custom in some areas of Germany and Switzerland too. Today most people don't know this fact anymore. Dog meat was considered to be healthy against lung problems too. I would not like to eat dogs, but not because I'm disgusted by the meat, but because I like dogs as companions. Besides that, after the war my family has eaten dogs and cats, but only to prevent from starvation.

  20. Torturing is messed up and kidnapping a dog to kill it is messed up raising it to be eaten and killing it quickly is different

  21. For me, it's cattle. Cattle will always bear the burden of hard work, do not eat other animals, only eat grass, plow the fields and produce milk for human beings. When I was a child, my family was very poor, we could only farm for a living, it is a cow to feed our family, cattle just like my family. Cattle don't take the credit. Cattle do not beg for favors. Plow cattle just silently pay and dedication. And all this is not because the cattle silly, not because the cattle intelligence is not enough, the cattle also human nature, the cattle will leave the owner tears. In contrast to dogs, cattle have a truly noble soul. So you selective hypocrites, how do you want your steak cooked?

  22. We eat dogs too they're delicious other people here don't like eating dogs because when they do they feel like hot and they're sweat so they others don't eat dogs. We eat cats too and snakes and frogs and birds and spiders that were found on the rice fields. Rabbit too we eat them including rats (not the pest rats that steals food and be dirty) the clean rats, we like to barbecue them. Monitor lizards too we hunt them. Turtles too but they're rare here.

  23. Sorry man, couldn’t like this video, and it’s not western arrogance, its deeper than that for me, way deeper.

  24. Yeah Winston that dog rescue service is not some dumb consumer product you should be happy to show stuff like that (that's not super politically sensitive like Tibet or Xinjiang stuff which even though you live in America Id like to see you be still a bit careful because I hope to see you on a bike in the mainland again)

  25. I'm in the meat not cruelty camp. I've eaten barns full of pigs , cows and lamb so I can't be against dog meat in principle only vegans can but I want to see those dogs and any animal live a happy free ranch life then be killed painlessly. I've grown up with dogs as part of the family so I wouldn't have any no matter how based on sentiment not reason that may be.

  26. I heard that Chinese government had to close all dog meat restaraunts in Beijing during 2008 olympics because it would have given a bad name to China if tourists and sportsmen found out.

  27. Cultures aside, I cannot imagine the fury and sadness I would feel if I saw that security cam footage (7:10) of my pets being stolen… and knowing their fate. There are a lot of problems with animal agriculture, but stealing someone's pet?! That's a whole other level. Fuck those guys. I hope there's some sort of universal karma.

  28. This is disturbing, fuck China, idc how racist I sound, FUCK.. China. If I EVER had someone steal my dog just to be sold off for FOOD, I’m going to kill em, actually murder them. But not before torturing them first

  29. Pork is pig meat; beef is cow meat; mutton is lamb meat; poultry is chicken meat; duck is duck meat but dog meat is dog meat. Horrible and so horrible and so sad.

  30. Being a Chinese American myself the concept of dog eating isn't strange but saying that EVERYONE WITH CHINESE BLOOD EATS DOGS is a racist stereotype. You might see them be eaten in smaller towns but not in bigger more educated towns since there are more and more younger Chinese protesting against this old act. Saying stuff like "well most of my Chinese friends won't disagree" well yes because you as a foreigner who's only been to China a couple years can't decline what real Chinese know and do about their own damn country.

  31. there is also a tradition 【狗肉不上席】which means dog meat should not be served on the table.
    Maybe chinese ancients dont think dog meat is high grade and take dog eater as some kind of savages.

  32. We don’t eat pet dogs, just some regions have this culture, but they are Chinese special eating dogs. Most people don’t eat dogs, just in some countrysides.

  33. Struggles being Asian and not being Chinese and not living in Asia and wasn’t born in Asia but in Europe and grew up there:

    „yOu eAt dOg yOu mOnsTeR!!!!!“

  34. I don’t see what the problem is with eating dogs. I don’t personally eat dogs but it’s just a thing like French people eat snails. Also cruelty has always been a problem in the meat producing industry all over the world not just in China.

  35. i didn't see any Pit bulls. Hmmmmmm? Tough Meat? Maybr they've got chicken heart? Take advantage of those weaker and defenceless. Good work.

  36. whats the difference between a dig and a lamb? a dog and a cow? just because you grown up with dogs as pet, you find aweful to consume it. Dude all animal deserve to live. We as human have moral responsibility, as we have power, emotion, to feel other creature feeling. God want us to be wise and to refrain from all such activity that result in bloodbath, pain, suffering,death. Please, show sympathy towards other animals. I request you to be a Vegetarian.

  37. By the way there is a song that gives directions to the dog meat festival.

    Frankly speaking

    I don't see a reason why you can't eat dog meat. The problem is cruelty. I wouldn't eat a monkeys brain while it was alive but apparently that was a thing. Can you blame the system? I say no, the question of blame lies with what humanity is, a contradiction state in action.

  38. Rule of life : don't eat carnivores!

    Only eat herbivores that chew the cud! How can you say eating a dog is like eating anyother anƒimal?

  39. You ruined it when you classified people there sir. That suit youre wearing to the spoon you hold to put food in youre mouth to the car you drive was delivered from point A to B from a truck driver.

  40. A few years ago, I was in Bern, Switzerland, and everywhere I went, I could openly see restaurants advertising dog and cats in their menus. And, in Louisiana, eating nutria, which is a rodent (just think of an aquatic rat) is a delicacy. However, as our friend Serpentza has remarkably asked in the introduction of this video: are they purposefully tortured (or are they given their last rites and given to fulfill their last wish on this earth before relatively painlessly executed)?

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