today we're going to make a home gym that folds out of the wall I made this gym because I want to experiment with CrossFit style workouts in my home but I live in a loft with limited space this entire structure is made out of plywood so I started by cutting a bunch of strips on my table soft the walls of my loft are nine feet tall so the back of the cabinet is going to be made by two pieces a full four by eight foot sheet of plywood plus a one foot by four foot piece of plywood after cutting the strips of plywood to length I started gluing and screwing these strips to the two pieces of plywood that are going to make the back of the cabinet for the second layer of strips a nature to offset the joint so that the whole cabinet would be nice and strong the first two vertical layers of strips are six inches wide the last few layers are three inches wide those six inch wide strips are going to be important later when I attach the chin-up bar I just kept adding layer after layer until I had built up enough height in the cabinet so that all of the weight plates could be covered I mark the location for the one and a quarter inch diameter holes that are going to hold the dowels which will in turn hold the weight plates I gave the cabinet a light sanding before painting the edges I'm doing this now because once the cabinet is installed it'll be a lot harder to get to the edges the studs in my wall are 16 inches on center and the cabinet is 4 feet wide so I have the opportunity to attach the cabinet to three separate studs I use my Rio V stud finder to find the locations of the studs and I use the level to mark line so I knew where to prop up the cabinet before securing it to the wall with three inch long screws I use two angle brackets to secure the cabinet to the ceiling joist I then added more strips of plywood to cover up these angle brackets I cut some short pieces of dowel to fit into the holes which will hold the plate I'm going to use 1/2 inch front of your grade plywood to make a sort of drawbridge which will not only conceal the weight it will also serve as a pad for protecting my floors when I'm throwing heavy weights around I glued four inch wide strips of half-inch plywood to the perimeter of this drawbridge panel I purposely left off to the bottom strips of plywood on the wall cabinet part so that I could mark the locations of the hinges I then use my drill and jigsaw to cut holes into these pieces of plywood so that the hinge part of the hinge would have room to move I also use my new palm router from b.o.b to recess the hinges a little bit this will just help make sure that the drawbridge panel sits flush up to the wall cabinet I then glued these pieces together and got ready to start painting everything I blew them screwed this hinge piece to the wall cabinet and then slid the drawbridge up to it and installed the hinges now that the drawbridge was installed I could measure to see how long I needed that last piece of half-inch plywood to be I was then able to finish the frame for the drawbridge and glue the center lifting platform into place we painted the inside of the drawbridge and then install the latch that will keep the drawbridge up to the cabinet I am using rigid conduit to make the chin-up bar that's going to fold out of the cabinet this bar will be held in place by these heavy-duty shelf brackets that I got from Rockler these brackets are the reason why the first few layers of vertically oriented plywood are six inches wide that gives me three layers of 3/4 inch plywood to attach the chin of bar to the chin of bar wouldn't stay in the closed position so I added some large magnets that would hold it up I use a jig saw and my drill to make a bracket out of 3/4 inch plywood that will end up holding the weight bar I used L brackets to hold this piece of plywood in place I bought some foam maps that are meant for gym floors and cut them with my box cutter so they would fit into the drawbridge my buddy Rodney was in town visiting and he's super into CrossFit so he showed me some basic exercises I'm still recovering from a foot injury but I'm excited to try this type of exercise as soon as it gets better the drawbridge does an excellent job of protecting the floors additional padding could have been added in between the layers of plywood which would have reduced more sounds transferring to the floor below but according to the people that I asked they said that you want a really firm platform so you can get more explosive power out of it I'm just really happy that I can store our full set of weight plates and the chin of bar all in less than four square feet of floor space my friend Heather came to try out some Olympic style lifts and also to make fun of me for having weight plates that have pounds instead of kilograms for more detailed instructions check out our website and if you want to see what I'm working on next be sure to follow me on Instagram check out some of our other DIY Fitness videos and don't forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven't already thanks bye

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Methew Wade

22 thoughts on “DIY Fold-Out Gym | How to make a CrossFit style gym at home”

  1. Awesome minimalist concept for home gym! I think I will use a modified version of this in my garage to free up much needed floor space.

  2. Yea that’s pretty dope. I like those expensive Purdy weights too. Rogue are they soft edged ? So you don’t smash those nice wood floors ?

  3. Well done!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Of course Rodney was pretty easy on the eyes too 😉 Made it a bit more exciting to see such calves every now and then in your Vid! Nice idea for home w/o, with a training buddy like Rodney of course wayyyyy easier i guess? Greetings from Bavaria, glad i still got the mountains to work on my calves 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  4. Looks really nice. Concerned about how high those top plates are, and the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any room for dumping the bar if you need to. Will probably ruin your floor the first time that happens. Also you are always limited to a weight that you can clean up to your shoulders since there’s no way to start from a rack position. I suppose if you don’t plan on truly maxing out on your squat that’s fine. I feel kinda bad for your downstairs neighbors too :/

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