oh hi my name is lolly Rohini and I've just completed my first year of dental hygiene I gone from college I'm Brett O'Neal I've just complete my first year of dental hygiene at Algonquin College hi I'm Amy and I just completed my first year of dental hygiene at Algonquin College hi I'm Bronwyn and I've just completed my first year with dental hygiene at Algonquin College hi I'm Natalie and I've just completed my first year of dental hygiene at Algonquin College hi I'm Deanna white and I've just completed my first year of dental hygiene at Algonquin College hi I'm Caleb and I've just completed my first year of Delhi Gino garden College hi I'm Alan Ben I just completed my first year of dental hygiene at Algonquin College I really just wanted to get into someone's to someone's mouth and like spoil their – but I didn't realize that there's so much you have to know before you get to even that point and you know figuring out what exactly this roles a dental hygienist consists of is something that I didn't fathom how extensive it was going to be um I've had previous university experience so I was looking forward for the first time to have what I'm learning in class seem practical to what I'll actually be doing in my future career and I found pretty much within the whole first month of school that everything I was learning I was enlightened because I felt like I actually understand how I'm going to use this all this information and that was completely completely refreshing for me um furthering further my skills learning more now I think I have a good sense of the basics I know what to look for kind of but I'm excited to push those comfort boundaries and actually really get in there and really observe you know really critique what I'm seeing more so than just looking and making sure that the person is just okay and not hurt more so getting deeper in with my knowledge and you know I was really looking forward to actually scaling someone's teeth so I had just done that a last clinic that was the first time that it scaled anyone shape however I was like really pumped up about this like this is what I want to do this is why you know originally I thought a dental hygienist that's all they do is they clean teeth well I learned that there was a lot of other stuff that they do and that was kind of pushed to the back so what I originally thought this is what I'm here to do I did three teeth four teeth maybe yeah um the last day of clinic so um it was really exciting I actually like scale calculus office on the steep is undescribable it was fun and it's really rewarding if that's if that's a word I could use I actually found the whole experience believable warning and I think I was really looking forward to learning about teeth in the dental world and and mostly I wanted to be able to help people so I thought that this was a good way to do that all I was looking forward to it like understand like I just always liked teeth and stuff so I was looking forward to understanding just the effects of of plaque and stuff and understanding why things happen and understanding and the importance of oral hygiene and I was obviously looking forward to actually meeting real or sorry working on actual clients and stuff like actually like one-on-one I was looking forward to that yeah I was really looking forward to learning new things about dentistry I've always been super interested in dentistry and I was just really excited to start working with real instruments and yeah I was looking forward to meeting new people and seeing if I really like this program mind you it's been five years for me since my last like since my university degree so for me it was also transition you know come back into such an intensive course that you know it's not for everyone as we saw that you know going to our second term the idea that within only a five-month period you are going to actually be using your knowledge and actually being someone's mouth and I was kind of nervous that if that was even enough time before actually like presenting everything you know and actually using sharp instruments in size someone's mouth was to find me the idea is terrified me I figured that you would need more expertise than just a half a year but it turns out it was perfect the way that constructed the program is actually brilliant and you're just ready to get in their ears but super excited to and I'll use everything you've learned I guess the amount of work yeah you like the amount of work once I realized we have ten classes and were like in clinic on Saturdays how I'm going to balance my time and the really just the amount of work I think just um the workload I'd previously had a friend who'd completed the program and she'd given me a whole bunch of warnings and that it was going to be intense and a lot of work and so I was scared about that only nothing even academic or anything just worried that I wasn't gonna make friends yeah this doesn't even have to relate to school but more of like like seeing always all girls like I don't know I'm scared but like I didn't want to get involved in me like fights or gossip and stuff so I was like yeah drama so I was like that's what I was worried about most and obviously clinic and stuff I was worried that was going to accidentally break her break a rule and person um I was really nervous for testing and clinical it was really nerve-racking at first but eventually the more we did it the better it got I first would tell myself in September don't freak out that you were going to pass that it's going to be okay what kind of things that I would change would probably be my study habits I would have probably more put more priority on prepping after every class as opposed to keeping everything kind of like last minute last three days before tests so study skills is something definitely a brush up trying not to sound as cliche as possible I would probably tell all the students to do a little bit of work all the time like don't go through a night without doing something so you'll do it later like even if it's just reading for an hour going over the notes from your day the program is very demanding and so if you do that I found anyways for me personally it made exam time a lot more easier and a lot less stressful you're going to have a lot of exams in short period of time so if you did that I don't it helps out tremendously I find like I never it's almost a getting to a creepy creepy point where how much I love the program and the teeth and now I find myself being analytical of everyone around me it's probably something I have to work on but uh if I had to just compare like college university at 100% tenfold way more excited to be here than any of those programs that I have completed first thing I would tell myself is that it is hard it's overwhelming and you can't allow yourself to focus on the negatives establish a routine early so last semester um I kind of just went about my business just getting stuff done whatever needed to get done kind of had multiple things on the go this semester I tried to establish a routine so on Mondays I would have to work on anatomy and physiology or head a neck and Tuesday's I would have another subject to work on and just don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed but you know you have eight projects – and you have six tests next weekend and you also have a clinical evaluation just literally take one day at a time try and focus on one assignment at a time and just keep telling yourself at you can do this other people have done it it is possible and it's not that hard as long as you give yourself adequate time and you need to make sacrifices so you may not be able to go out every night and you may not be able to no watch your favorite TV show or do what you want to do but as long as you can set aside adequate time and kind of come up with a routine then it is easier a lot easier probably the second last week a first semester right into exams I had come up I made a exam like studying schedule and I realized if I had done this earlier it would have been easier to kind of move along the semester you need to find done just whatever works for you you know like we all have to balance our home lives we have to constantly work in school and it's gonna be different for everyone but you need to find that balance April me would tell September me that yes grades are important and you want to do your best but remember that you do have friends and family and people there who are supporting you and let them be there for you and and help you and don't forget that like you need me time to and school matters and stuff so make sure that you schedule that timing in and and also give yourself a break and don't stress out and hate the world and everything probably a combination of like the relationships that you built um you um you have to learn to make friends because your friends will help you get through the program and also probably I'm just seeing the true importance and relevance of dental health to overall health if I were to go back to April I would probably say if you think you need help in studying or something or you need help trying to I don't I just didn't have the right study skills I would say that like the like Algonquin offers a lot of like student help things so yeah it helped me a lot like compared to although the first semester was like had easier classes um I didn't do as well as I did this semester but just because I got that I seek to help um actually I hope this I don't want to scare anyone but um I actually failed a test and then I was like I don't know I kind of clued in like okay this is like serious I have to really and it worked it helped a lot yeah so I would really recommend getting remedial help just for those tests it really helped me get through the tests and develop my skills yeah the faculty was great they were so helpful and always available when we needed help um well like I said before I would definitely say that if you are struggling in clinical to get remedial help right away so that the rest of your tests do go smoothly um study hard and just have confidence in yourself my strategy was pretty much always to basically keep your head eye and apart from that you just got to remember to always blend in find people you have something in common and study with them like for me personally I prefer to study by myself and review with other people but it always helps off someone there to actually study with because sometimes they might study different aspects of the test and then you saw asking each other questions I'd be like oh I didn't know that they so basically you're learning different things from each other I'm excited now I look forward to it I just can't wait for the next two years to fly by I have you know aspirations to one day open my own clinic to have you know a team for myself actually it's kind of looking forward to it and most really scared to have a real client not a classmate who you know hem who understands that we're learning in who is probably you know hurts one of us too um but to have a client who is here in their pain for our services and they are understanding I'm sure to a certain degree but we have to kind of get out of our the mindset of dental hygiene um and I guess the language that we use with each other and so I'm really excited about it have to be working on like a real pain client but also really nervous at the same time um seeing clients for sure um it's like nerve-racking but my whole point of joining this program was to help people so I'm really looking forward to doing that and particularly children and and also learning how to work with maybe age groups bed I'm a little more nervous about I'm really looking forward to working on clients

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  1. Aww! This is so nice! I'm a dental student
    And I would hire the 2nd girl with the cool hair to be my hygienist 😆 She seems really sweet and smart

  2. how do those tests usually look like? are they with multiple choice answers or have to remember everything by heart and write yourselft? Have to draw pictures?

  3. Notice to all RDH students: Guard your posture!! After nearly ten years in the field, I've developed some real upper back/neck problems. Make the patient "come to you." That is, instruct him/her about turning the head way to the right/left, and lifting that chin. Just sit back and watch the contortions your classmates get into in order to get direct view. Master your clinical skills (i.e. use of the mirror). You may be young and flexible right now, but believe me… that won't last. I think instructors should count off points for bad posture. Rather lose some points and finish 12th in the class, than apply for disability later. You've been warned.

  4. 1st year was challenging!!! but you all wait till a year in to scale? we saw our first patient the end of the 1st semester. it was so scary, lol! but we saw patients (class Is and IIs) all through our second semester. crazy how different the programs are but they're all the same too!

  5. First year was tough. Thankfully I did manage to find some clinic videos that were very helpful. I'm left handed so I was lucky to find this learning resource that was designed for both left handed and right handed students. The instructor's techniques were very well explained.

  6. Algonquin College. I am aware dental hygiene program is hard. The courses are hard, such as pharmacology, physiology and so on. What are the requirements to get in aside high school graduate?

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