so so let's just be really clear that the American people are ready for medicare-for-all and if anybody says to you it is too bold it is too ambitious I would just say when in the United States of America have we ever achieved something by thinking small we sent somebody to the moon we got rid of slavery and we gave women the right to vote we darn well can give everyone health care for all through Medicare for all thank you also you

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Methew Wade

15 thoughts on “Dem Rep. Jayapal Compares A Government Takeover Of Healthcare To Ending Slavery And Women’s Suffrage”

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  2. People with limited history in this Nation trying to turn the US into the shitholes they fled. Political offices should be reserved to natural born citizens of natural born parents.

  3. Slavery ended over 150 years ago and they want to talk about it like it happened yesterday. And, the reality is that 4% of the population owned slaves, so come on let’s get real.

  4. Dr. pay cuts will cause a mass exodus of providers. Hospital closures on top of that. Drs. offices will be limited to 4-5 minute appointments. Your Dr. will need to to see 50 +/- 5 patients per day. Don't believe me! Contact your doctor yourself!!!

  5. I won't say it's too bold, I won't say it's too ambitious… I'll simply say that this ides is a train-wreck.

  6. No Medicare for all the bad idea I want the same insurance that Congress has I do not want the taxpayer paying $150 for me to talk to a speech therapist

  7. Slavery is not over yet, not as long as the border is open….. and they are not helping to make it better….
    More like a club, for losers……..

  8. Their emotional wavering voices are like they have uncontrollable mood swings. There's something wrong with them. 😵

  9. Excuse me but isn't she from India? What would she actually know about those issues other than the Liberal Education she received in this Country. Why did she come here? To bash and trash the U.S. and try to turn it into just another failed Socialist Country ? Why doesn't she take Trump's advice, then come back and show us how it's done ? Slow motion invasion and takeover of our Country??

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