mmm hello my name is Rosita I suspect today is not going to be a good day for me I will tell you a secret but you'll have to come along with me for the rest of the day to figure it out I wake up early and get dressed then I help my mom at home before going to school while my brother eats his breakfast he gives me a weird look cuz he knows my secret but my mom doesn't say a thing to him walking to school my brother makes fun of me that makes me sad I'm afraid he'll tell my secret to his friends and they will all tease me maybe I should skip class just take a walk by myself and not go to school sometimes I actually do that but today I have a math exam I can't miss have you guessed my secret I'll keep telling you about my day until you figure it out and you're in class and I don't feel very well my stomach hurts I feel tired and cranky but I have to put up with it so I can take the class and pass my exam all of a sudden I feel something strange I know I have to get to the restroom quick I raise my hand and ask permission but the teacher says no have you guessed yet my classmates have guessed and some of them look at me and laugh I hate it when they realize it because as soon as they notice they start making fun of me so when I'm with my secret I stay away from everyone I don't go out to play I wonder by myself at recess they don't even talk to my girlfriends because sometimes even among women we make fun of each other my secret is nothing bad it's just something that happens to women every month I'm with my period so my day becomes harder and that's mostly because I don't get any consideration from the people around me the worst is the restrooms at school as you can see they are ugly and dirty and many of them don't even work so I lose my recess time waiting in line for the only working one does something like this ever happened to you can you imagine how it would be if mothers and teachers sat down with the boys and spoke to them so they would understand what happens to us girls that they could ask the boys to treat us with respect and kindness and what if we girls could band together and treat each other with trust and affection like sisters and if toilets would work and the guys would look after us respect us and never make fun of us that's the school I dream one where my secret would not be a sad one that would be the secret to happiness

Methew Wade

3 thoughts on “Dealing with menstrual hygiene for peers: my secret”

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