– Hey, Killer B’s, it’s Pahla B., from Pahlabfitness.com, and on tap today I’ve got day 10 of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 Series. And today’s workout is one of
my favorite ones of all time. We’re going for a walk with
a little bit of running. Now that does mean the day
has a little bit of impact but we are all standing and you don’t need any equipment at all. And there is no squatting.
Are you ready for this one? I’m totally ready. Let’s go! (upbeat music) All right you guys. Let’s go ahead and get
moving and grooving. I have a whole different
timer set up for us today and I’m gonna explain all about that in just a second. After I figure out how
to make this go. (laughs) Here it goes. You guys you know what
this is a really good intro let’s go ahead and do our arm
circles with high knees. (laughs) This is the perfect introduction to exactly what I wanted
to talk to you about today. I know for some of you, you heard me say walk and run and you were like, “Oh
absolutely not Pahla.” And yet you pushed play anyways. Here’s the thing about
trying something new. You gotta just try it. (bell rings) you know what maybe you’ll love it. Maybe you’ll hate it. Maybe it’ll all be different. Maybe it’ll be weird. Maybe it’ll feel great. Maybe lots of things. But trying something new, I mean if you’re on
this weight loss journey you’ve already probably
tried lots of new things. Now is a great time to
discover what you enjoy and what you don’t. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers with booty kickers. We are going to do our
regular warm-up today. Because I like to get
myself into that mode where I know what I’m
doing and how I’m doing it. Even though the timer is
different and everything is weird and I just
realized that I don’t know what kind of sound I have it on, and hopefully it will even make sound. You know what guys life is
always an adventure. (laughs) especially when we are doing
something new and different. But here is the scoop on today. Today is one my favorite
kind of work outs. Because it is walking and running. Which is hands down, well it is hands down the thing that helped me on my weight loss journey, 13 years ago. Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes. And welcome to my home. We are stretching out those abs. Making sure that your chest and your lungs feel nice and open. Because probably the
most important thing that we’re gonna work on today
is learning how to breathe. And I know you were born
knowing how to breathe. But when we do walking
and running intervals like we’re going to do today… And the intervals by the way, nice and short, nice and gentle. We’re gonna go ahead and
get started with some walking right now. We’ve got about three minutes left of our warm-up before we get into what I’m calling the meat of the work out. Now I’m actually going
to pick up my timer, and make sure that I’ve
got this loud enough that we can hear it, so that I can hear it frankly. I’ll tell you what we’re doing. But here’s what it looks like. We’re gonna be walking at a pace that feels comfortable. Not pushing it at all, for 30 seconds. Then we’re gonna walk at a pace, that feels like we’re
really picking up things, for 20 seconds. And then I’ve got a ten second interval where I’m going to be running. And you can pick whatever pace, whatever, whatever,
whatever feels best for you. Today is meant to be a
little bit of a challenge. The longest part of what we’re doing is something that we do all the time. Walking, at a gentle moderate pace. This is a great work
out, in and of itself. But that little ten seconds, it’s like adding a little bit of spice to a dish that was already fantastic, that makes it wow. You guys here’s my couple of caveats, first of all if you have
never done any kind of indoor walking or running, I do actually suggest that you wear shoes. In spite of the fact that I am barefoot. I’ve done this for years. I’ve been running for 14 years now. Almost 14 years now. My feet have long since
acclimated to this kind of work. If this is new for you, make sure that you are wearing shoes. If this is so new and so
outside your comfort zone that you are not sure
about running, don’t. You don’t have to. You never actually have to
do any of the exercises I do. I feel like you you know that. I feel like even if this only your 10th day working out with me, that I have said it enough times, that you know, that you should
always make the work out work for you. If you have a particular
exercise that you just love to do go ahead do that for
the 10 second intervals instead of running if you would prefer. Or maybe go every other one. Or every third one. Setting yourself your own challenge, is the way to make this work out, work. Because here’s the thing, even if what you do is
walk the entire time, and just listen to me talk, (laughs) that’s totally fine with me. This is a great work out in and of itself. When in doubt go for a walk my friends. And in fact I have a
lot to say about that. I’m gonna tell you though real quick. In about 30 seconds we’re
going to get started with our first interval. And the intervals are going to move along pretty quickly. There are quite a few of them. What we’re gonna do is the long interval, probably just about this pace. It’s not really gonna be a huge difference the first time it chimes. But when for that second interval the 20 seconds, we’re going to consciously pick it up a little. Not necessarily a lot. It’s up to you to figure out
what still feels moderate and what still feels doable. But I want you think about
having three different paces. It’s that repetition of
difference that makes this a particularly effective
(timer beeps) work out. So I’m gonna go ahead
this is our long interval of 30 seconds. I was about to pick it up
cause I heard the timer but I’m actually keeping it at this pace. The next time it chimes though, you’re going to kind of swing
your arms a little bit more and pick up that pace. My friends walking is hands down one of the most beautiful
and wonderful things that you can do for yourself. It truly is a perfect exercise. Now we know…
(timer beeps) So here we go, with a little bit bigger of our walking pace. I’m moving my hands a little bit. I am going to pick it up to a run. Again, I’m an experienced runner. I love to run. So I’m gonna pick it up for
the 10 second intervals. Totally up to you, to do
whatever works for you. My friends I want you to feel
like today, (timer beeps) is a good challenge. Here we go. When it beeps
again taking it right back to that gentle, easy walking pace. Awesome job.
(timer beeps) Woo doggies! Okay you survived. You survived. Okay I’m putting my hands back down. Nice and gentle, I’m
bringing my heart rate down. It’s amazing how your heart rate came up, with only 10 seconds of
that interval, right? But we just bring it right back down, with this gentle interval of 30 seconds. You guys, walking is so good for you both
mentally and physically. I know that sometimes
we get it in our heads, (timer beeps)
that we have to do more. That we have to pick up weights. That we have to do upper body stuff. That we have to do X, Y, or Z whatever it is. When it beeps again is
our fastest interval. This is our 20 seconds
that’s why I got my hands really going here. And our next one is our fast one. The fact is,
(timer beeps) I’ve already told you that
when you are losing weight you don’t really have to exercise at all. But…
(timer beeps) there we go right back to a gentle walk. Hands come back down. Shoulders relax. We catch our breath. Awesome job. Walking does wonders for just about every system in your body. You are absolutely correct
when you worry that… Not worry, let me correct
about worrying (laughs) but you are absolutely correct when you acknowledge the fact that you’re not getting upper body toning, when we do walking exercises. However,
(timer beeps) And then here we go. And I know you’re about to notice it. When we’re doing this
brisk walking interval having your arms moving
a little bit higher, having your hands clenched
just a little bit. That my friends is upper body toning. You can turn a walking
workout, (timer beeps) here we go. Walking and running (laughs)
workout if you want to into a toning work out. Without having dumbbells in
your hands. (timer beeps) You might and that’s totally okay. Relax your shoulders. Catch your breath. You might if you’d like to, do a walking with weights work out. Believe me I will have
at least one or two more during this month. But regular walking with
nothing in your hands can help you tone your body. Help you work on your heart health. Help you work on your balance. Help you work on your core strength. (timer beeps) Here we go, with our pick it up pace. I’m actually really
feeling these intervals, thinking about one coming kind of quickly. Thinking about which interval we’re on. This is a great work out for your mind as well as your body. You know how we love those. You can take this kind of work out, (timer beeps) and then here we go, with our quick interval. There we are, awesome job. It’s only 10 seconds. (laughs) I know it feels mighty long,
(timer beeps) when you’re in the middle of it. But that only 10 seconds is a great way to practice any new skill. My friends, this kind of a walking workout you could take with you out doors. When the weather is
good, I know it’s January if you are watching this when I record them and post them. But when the weather is nice and it’s safe to walk outside, this is a glorious way to
get in touch with nature, to feel good about being
(timer beeps) out in the sunshine, if
there is sunshine to be had. Walking, walking changed my life. Honestly, I had been walking
for about nine months. Before I really got serious losing weight. And the fact is, even though
I wasn’t losing weight, (timer beeps) I was complaining about it. Here’s our 10 second interval. Little bit faster, whatever
pace works for you. I was complaining that
walking wasn’t doing anything (timer beeps) for me when I was doing it. Because I wasn’t doing
anything else but walking. I wasn’t watching what I was eating. I wasn’t making any other changes. But here’s the thing that I realized after the fact. I had been walking for
about nine months before, well actually no about seven months, before I got really serious
about losing weight. And then I continued to walk. When I finally changed what I was eating. And started to lose weight, (timer beeps) until a couple of months… Here we go with our hands up, brisk walking interval. A couple of months after
I started losing weight I tried running. And that’s what it was, I was trying. I was not going for a run for the first several weeks, or months,
that I was doing anything. (timer beeps) But I tried to go for a run. And I realized after the fact, that nine months of walking, (timer beeps) even though it didn’t get me the result that I thought I was going for, it is absolutely the reason
that I was capable of being successful. The fact that I was able
to make mental space in my schedule every single day, for a little bit of exercise. Absolutely paid off in spades by the time I changed what I was doing for exercise. By the time I changed what I was eating. My body was already
prepared, (timer beeps) for the consistency that
it really needed to have, to see weight loss changes. My friends if you ever don’t love the work out that I put up for you or need a change of pace, or need something different. Go for a walk. You can choose this video. Or you can just take
yourself (timer beeps) outside. Here’s our 10 second interval. What a great job you’re doing. So proud of you. Thinking about pulling in
your core. (timer beeps) And then thinking about relaxing. You know this up and down thing, that we’re doing with our heart rate, it’s still a great moderate work out. We’re not trying to spike our heart rate. I know that there are fitness trainers who want to talk to you about
the only way to burn fat is to do a spike your heart rate, and then rest for a short amount of time. It’s called HIIT Training. High Intensity Interval Training. And honestly I have lots of
HIIT workouts on my channel, if you are looking for that, (timer beeps) kind of thing. But the fact is at our age, HIIT workouts aren’t all
they’re cracked up to be. And truly, HIIT workouts aren’t designed for people who are brand new to exercise. This kind of a workout, (timer beeps) with the gentle intervals… Here’s our 10 seconds of intensity. This is actually more
effective for, (timer beeps) I’m gonna say general exercisers. The kind of HIIT workouts that a lot of fitness trainers put out where it’s just high
intensity, for long intervals. That is fantastic for people
who are already athletic. If you are closer to the
beginning of your exercise journey than, you know, further along in the road, this kind of interval training is significantly better
for you. (timer beeps) And here we go with
our moderate intensity. With our hands picked up. A good pace. The risk of injury is pretty low when we take our highest
intensity at very short doses. The risk of burn out
honestly also kind of low. (timer beeps) If you’ve ever
done super high intensity workouts you know that
you can’t sustain that over the long run. (timer beeps) It’s virtually impossible, to keep yourself at that level for many many days, and weeks, and months in a row. When we do workouts like this, where you get to relax
your shoulders, (laughs) and relax your body,
and catch your breath, during the workout. You’re likely to come back to this kind of thing again, and again, and again. That is consistency, my friends. Now when it beeps again, (timer beeps) Here it is, we’re picking it up. What a great job you’re doing. I realize that I have not been counting these intervals (laughs) at all. But I’m thinking, that we don’t have very many more, of that running interval. In fact I didn’t even tell you, how many times we were gonna do that. I know for some of you, (timer beeps) I didn’t want to scare you off, by telling that we we’re
gonna do 10 intervals. But I feel, I feel like we must definitely be over half way, (timer beeps) and in fact closer to
being on our cool down. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh. That was actually our 10th. This is why I don’t count
my friends. (laughs) This is why I always have a timer going, instead of trying to count. I was thinking we were on
interval number six or seven And that one was our last one. This is our five minute cool down walk. Where we can really relax our shoulders. I really feel amazing, about what we just accomplished. I was just talking the whole way through, I didn’t even know that that was going to be our last interval of something really fantastic. My friends when I taught myself, through very tiny intervals, how to run. It hands down changed my life. Those first couple of weeks, when I taught myself how to
run with short intervals, are the reason that I am here. And in fact the nine months before that that I just got myself out of the house and went for a walk, are the reason that I was able to run. This work out, it could change your life. And isn’t that amazing
to think about that. Where you are right now on your journey, you could be in the process
of changing your life in a way that you don’t even know. When I lost weight 13 years ago, I know that I started
off with the goal of, I don’t want to be fat anymore. (laughs) That was really all I had in my head. It was all I wanted. I had some inkling, that I might be able
to do something, maybe. But nothing like learning how to run. Nothing like learning
how to enjoy exercise. Nothing like turning exercise
into my entire career. None of that was on my
radar, 13 years ago. Isn’t it crazy to think
about where you might be in a year or two, or 13. With your fitness. With your career. With your life. With your goals. You know we all start somewhere. As they say, the journey
of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Today it might have been, however many steps this has been, it might have been about
2,000 steps, (laughs) which is about what I’ve gotten here. It might be 2,000 steps into your journey. I actually really love to hear about this. This is the kind of thing that I love to hear about your experience. I actually always want your
feedback on the workouts I love to hear from you. But this particular workout because it is so near
and dear to my heart. I enjoy walking and running so much. I love to hear what you think about, about your accomplishment. I know that walking and running is, it’s a crazy thought for lots of us. I thought for sure it was beyond me. Until I did it. And now look where we are. You guys here on-screen I’m going to have an actual cool down. In fact we’ve got about
a minute and half left. I’m gonna go ahead and
do some arm circles, with some side tappers, because I really want to get a different plane of motion here. On-screen I’m going to have for you at the very end of the video, an extended cool down. (laughs) A little bit more stretching, cause especially with
a work out like today it was 10 second intervals but if you are not an experienced walker, jogger, or runner, you are pretty likely to feel tightness in your legs and specifically in your calves. If not later today then tomorrow. So stretching out your lower body is gonna be really important. Also here on-screen I’m
gonna have a playlist of all of the workouts in our Weight Loss for
Women over 50 Series. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers. Give yourself a big hug. Oh my gosh, what a good job you did. And then open up and out to the side. Awesome. Right now there’s only 10 (laughs) of those in the playlist. But eventually, by the end of the month we’ll have all 31 of the videos. And that way it’ll be a
great resource for you to come back to again,
and again, and again, on your weight loss journey. The thing is weight loss never gets, it never gets harder than this. You might do more, you might expect more of yourself, but these are the basic steps. These steps, are what you’re
gonna do the whole time. You’re gonna eat the
right number of calories. You’re gonna exercise moderately. You’re gonna watch your water, watch your sleep, watch your stress. That’s what it takes the entire time. Now friends down on the
bottom of the screen is the letter P, that’s an invitation to go over to Patreon, (timer beeps) and that was the end of our work out. Goodness gracious that
was super loud. (laughs) you guys the invitation
to go over to Patreon where a monthly pledge from you helps me make free workouts for all of us. And also on the other side
that’s a subscribe button. Make sure you click that,
and the bell notification so that YouTube
(bell rings) will let you know every
time I upload a new video. Thank you so much for
working out with me today. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “Day TEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge”

  1. Wow you seem to know everything I am thinking. I started walking 2 years ago. Last year I added weight watchers because, as you said, the walking was good but I was not loosing weight. Now I have lost 55 lbs. I still work out moderately every day. As of this week I’m a WW coach. I will be able to help people on their journey just like you have helped and inspired me, and I am sure many others. I hope you never stop doing what you were honestly put here to do. We love you. I am 64 years old. We are never too old to change. ❤️

  2. I wanted to thank you, Phala, for sharing your knowledge and time so generously with so many people. I HATE workouts (unless they happen with gardening) For many reasons, I never achieved any consistency, One reason was that I HATE workouts (did I say that already, whoops), another reason is that I always got bored, another reason was that I always thought I was not doing enough anyway to make a difference, and another reason was too much stress and at times depression, and another reason was never quite knowing what to do, etc. etc. A year ago I started my weight loss journey AGAIN (I'm almost 61 years old with 8 grown children and 8 grandchildren) and and found your channel. Your workouts have made SUCH A DIFFERENCE. Knowing each day what to do, not feeling exhausted, but excited and energized, listening to your explanations and seeing your faux-pas, working out with a REAL person….workout has become something I look forward to. Please keep up the great work and know that you are making a difference in peoples' lives – you did in mine.

  3. Hi P🐝 Hope the New year is being kind to you. Thank you for the continued focus on getting us to stay fit. 👍💪

  4. Walking is the best. My brother was pretty overweight a few years ago. He never really worked out in his life. One day he decided to take a walk after work because he was feeling pretty bad. He still had his work boots/clothes on from work and just made up his mind. He walked around the block for about 20 min and said he felt good and would do it again the next day. He continued daily for a few months and lost almost 40 pounds. That’s the only change he made. Naturally he started to eat better but it was inspiring to see what a little change can do. Loved this video.

  5. I didn't feel like working out today. Saw you had posted a new video and dragged myself out of bed. Completed the workout now I feel like I can conquer the day. TGIF 😊

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