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Methew Wade

72 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate and Artery Function”

  1. Interesting but I wouldn't eat cocoa on a regular basis if you paid me.

    Would like to see a study on cocoa and neurotoxicity.

  2. I love me some dark chocolate! I always go for 70% or above, usually 80%, and it's always vegan, of course. 

  3. Would you make a video about cocoa being a neurotoxin.. I've switched to carob powder And would love to know if I'm really making a difference

  4. l'd sell my soul to the devil for chocolate,only dark of course,from 70% to 85%,milk chocolate is crap.l prefer some sugar inside.100% chocolate gets pretty sticky in mouth and hard to swallow down but raw cocoa powder is really not that bad.Eaten with some bananas and raisins or dates sugar doesn't need to be added at all.Thanks for the info,chocoholic 4ever.

  5. I regularly drink plain raw cocoa power with hot water.  You don't even need sugar or milk.  I don't have sugar in drinks anyway.

  6. Yes, theobromine is the key. It's a better and far more interesting stimulant than caffeine. It's a stimulant that also lowers blood pressure. As someone (Greger or CDC? I can't remember) already noted, it's oddly also an effective cough suppressant.

    What has to be mentioned about chocolate and cocoa though is the acrylamide levels, especially in "dutched" cocoa (heavily toasted fine powder). Certain cocoa powder, and chocolate made from that powder, can have sky high acrylamide levels (does California require acrylamide warnings on chocolate the way they require on french fries?).

    I think it's best to mostly abstain from stimulants altogether, but if you like coffee, organic cocoa is a better alternative, and if you like cocoa, the best form is raw cocoa nibs- the crushed bean (surprisingly mild and naturally sweet). Note that "toasted" cocoa nibs seem to be only very lightly toasted.

  7. When he says milk; is he referring to milk from animals? Almond milk or soy milk with cacao sounds like a pretty tasty combo

  8. Seems like a bunch of reductionist studies (according to Dr. T. Colin Campbell' book "Whole").Anyway, cocoa is a refined/processed food, not something humans would be able to have whitout the current tecnology. Certainly not a whole food.

  9. Yea, dark chocolate! eating some now 😛  I always check the label to make sure there is no milk in it, though.

  10. What effect does dark chocolate have on our coronary arteries?

    Watch this week's video below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/dark-chocolate-and-artery-function

  11. I do enjoy some dark chocolate every now and then.  It's rather annoying how manufacturers feel they have to add milk (and even eggs) to almost everything.

  12. I have high blood pressure (140/90-160/100) even though I'm on blood pressure medication. What I've found is that with dark chocolate it drops to as low as 128/82, even thought the chocolate is 70% cocoa/cocoa butter and 30% sugar. Because of the high fat content the GI of chocolate whether milk, dark or even white is actually a very low 20-30 although the GL may be somewhat higher. Also being in my late 50's I'm getting to the stage where keeping my weight low is getting harder and surprisingly chocolate helps here too. I don't why, but when I went from a low calorie/low GI diet with 20g of dark chocolate daily to the same diet with 100g of dark chocolate daily I've actually lost 2kg in that 2 week period. I've got to stop eating so much chocolate, and I've got to find a more effective blood pressure medication, but I thought I'd share my experiences with you given your knack for research.

  13. Try a chocolate, banana, vanilla bean, organic barley malt syrup smoothie/shake!  You can also do a version with peanut butter.

  14. How can you be so awesome but neglect to mention Theobromine?

    Even if you believe it is safe to consume 1 serving of cocoa powder, how can you do an entire video about cocoa without even mentioning once the neurotoxicity of theobromine? Many viewers will understandably deduce from this video that the more cocoa powder the better.
    Say as a result, they drank a smoothie a day with 5 tablespoons of cocoa powder. Say they had 2 smoothies like that a day because they Really wanted to get even more arterial health. What do you think their theobromine levels in their blood and tissue would be?

    Maybe theobromine is a myth and cocoa consumption is totally fine.

    Or maybe, cocoa is fine, and even good, but only in moderation…?

    Which side are you on? To not address it is potentially harmful if the people who are taking their health into their own hands end up overusing cocoa.

    Please address the question of theobromine, dear super doctor – you are such a beneficent person. I hope cocoa consumption is fine, but please, just address it 🙂 I would love to add it to my smoothies again 😀

  15. If a person were consuming a tablespoon of cocoa powder a day 30 to 60 minutes after drinking a quart of yogurt, kefir, or buttermilk, are the benefits of the cocoa negated?

    Better than a large side of BACON, a large HAMHOCK, or pint of ICECREAM washed down with quart of HEAVY CREAM I suppose?

  16. I am a serious chocoholic, originally born in PA. LOL. Love dark chocolate with a small amount of sugar even in small amounts. Must have it everyday.

  17. Yea veggies are really good for you, too. Like the ones found on pepperoni/sausage/veggie combo pizzas and pasteurized V8 veggie drinks!!! Fruit's good, too. Like lemon-lime sodas and fruit-flavored Jelly Bellies!!!!

  18. Cacao beans or nibs might actually be the best. Cacao powder has recently been under scrutiny since findings suggest high levels of lead and cadmium contamination.

  19. Time to address cadmium contamination in popular cocoa products?  http://www.consumerlab.com/news/More_Popular_Cocoa_Powders_Contaminated/08_05_2014/

  20. Bad news for me. I have been mixing dark chocolate with milk hoping to get some benefit. Looks like I will have to do it with water!

  21. Cacao has theobromine which is toxic. Everything with bitter taste(cacao, coffee..) is TOXIC to the human body. Once again stupid Greger claims that sugar is unhealthy !! LOL What an ignorant moron! watch some John Mcdougal's videos and educate yourself you idiot.

  22. I am confused here. I was eating raw cacao beans and nibs and started developing a taste for them, because they were a nice break from my vegan diet. I have read and heard so much that unsweetened dark cacao was good for you heart and brain. But, recently, I have seen quite a number of videos on YouTube that say that cacao is a neuro toxin because it has theobromine in it. So, could some one please present the SCIENCE. Is cacao really a neurotoxin with theobromine and does it have negative impact on our heath??????????

  23. Love it! Just eat the 90% cocoa bar- low sugar, no milk. Cocoa is like wine or coffee- rich flavor that doesn't need to be covered up.

  24. On Wikipedia it says that the longest living human ate 1 kg of chocolate a week and the source of that info was from a newspaper. She also smoked, but many did back then, so it could be a statistical anomaly but eating the amount of chocolate that she supposedly did is very rare so there could be a chance that chocolate is just that good. French Jeanne Calment lived healthy and mentally intact until she died at 122.

  25. I love unsweetened cocoa in my oatmeal! It makes it chocolatey and the fruit I put in it sweetens it enough.

  26. "Eliminating sugar appears to amplify the beneficial effects of cocoa" Or you could just state more clearly that the ADDITION of sugar decreases the effects of cocoa. Sugar is pretty terrible stuff.

  27. I make my own "dark chocolate" from Medjool dates and raw cacao beans!


  28. Cacao is so toxic that body have no choice, but to pump blood harder in order to get rid of this toxic stuff from your body as quickly as possible! 😉

  29. This man sounds whiny, bitchy and smug! He also appears very blasé, or tired because he fails to enunciate properly and therefore non-English speakers have trouble understanding what he says half the time!

  30. Maybe they should study me… For years I have added a teaspoon of pure cacao, unsweetened, unaltered and unmilked to my coffee. It was my passed ketogenic diet that helped me rid myself of any need for sweetners. Real or artificial. It's nice to find I've inadvertently helped my heart.

  31. Well cacao plant grows in the rain forest of central america ( mexico, belize etc) , south america (guatemala, peru etc), most of the caribbean islands (jamaica, st lucia, dominica, st vincent, trinidad and tobago etc) and africa naturally for centuries. Ancient mexicans eg mayan, incas etc used cacao as currency and for ceremonial purposes and still use it till this day. People in the caribbean use cacao often, picking and eating the fruit off the cacao, drying the cacao beans in sun, toasting them and hand grinding them, mixing them with other spices and molding them into balls or logs and this is then grated into hot water to make cocoa tea. Almost Everyday children and adults alike from greatgrandparents time drink cocoa tea in the morning or at night traditionally for years ……

  32. Pure coco tastes like shit…. what a shame… I love dark chocolate with a little sugar. Dark chocolate with no sugar not so much…

  33. What about the neurotoxin theobromin in cocoa? Weird he even did not mention it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theobromine_poisoning

  34. The increase in fmd is interesting but it's so brief I wonder if there's really much benefit to eating cocoa.

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