on any given day you would see maybe five or ten different fresh fruits and vegetables we provide two hot items every day at our elementary one is always a vegetarian item a1 one has a meat option with it we do a couple of sandwich options what we do well is we provide good variety if you go to our high schools each window is a kind of a concept and students have lots of options and their healthy options they're getting a good value and it's healthy the food is not only nutritional it's not it's also appetizing it's also safety and we make sure we we make it so much tasty for the for the students showing everybody what we have here and what we can do is it's I'm very proud of it we have four dietitians on staff we're making recipes from scratch so we're making home-cooked meals we're adding whole grain dough when you can we're mixing in sweet potatoes into our muffins taking out msg going with clean labels the other thing is price our elementary lunch includes three different entrees a whole grain side low-fat milk hundred percent juice and then an all-you-can-eat salad bar with nine different fruits and vegetables every single that will create special meals will work with a physician or a nurse practitioner or your dietician no matter what it is we'll make it work the app does many things and one of the things that were most proud of is that it's the first real-time updated app in the country so basically if we need to make a change at any given point it can happen in two seconds first thing you can do is check out the menu section for any one of our menus that we serve so let's check out what's for elementary lunch today anything that'll be on the menu that day will be listed you can also change the date by going up here and going on a week ahead to find out what's for lunch and that'll constantly be updated you can do the same thing for junior high and high school at high school all of our restaurants are themed out the next thing that we have is the nutrition info section where you can look up items by their name in alphabetical order so if you wanted to see what's in there chocolate chip muffin you can just bring that up the other great thing that we have is my lunch money comm is accessible through here so if you need to check your child's lunch balance you can go into my lunch plate come and turn your username and password you access your account for all of your kids and you're able to add money with the credit card right from your phone or right from your iPad it's good to know that it's healthy and it's nutrition for you know the child okay if you try don't want to try it again and again again the food is good and they have healthy choices it really gives the kids a good range of options for them to choose from and plus they also have the fruits and the salads and the vegetables that they can add to that so he's happy with the choices they have like that they gave me different choices of fruits and vegetables it's delicious you'll just love it

Methew Wade

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