Hi guys! I’m Brianna Marie and today on delicious
nutrition I’m gonna show you how to make my creamy cashew fettucini alfredo Now, I’ve made this pasta dish for lot of my friends
and family and vegan or non vegan they all absolutely loved it the cashews create the perfect base for
this pasta sauce. the creaminess undeniable you wouldn’t even believe
there’s no Dairy In there. And it’s so much simpler than creating a cream based pasta sauce
you just throw everything into the blender and boom it’s ready enough talking
let’s get started it’s really as easy as putting all of your
ingredients into the blender for a few minutes until all of the
cashew pieces are completely creamy cook your pasta to the directions on the box I chose brown rice fettucini

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Methew Wade

17 thoughts on “Creamy Cashew Fettucine Alfredo (vegan, dairy-free pasta sauce substitute) | Delicious Nutrition”

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  2. I made this dish today and it was absolutely the best fettuccine alfredo I've ever had. It was even better then regular fettuccine alfredo with dairy and cheese! I added fresh Italian parsley and it was fabulous. thank you so much. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Just finished subscribing to your Channel

  3. You should know brown rice pasta has high arsenic levels, look it up. Just letting you know for your own safety. Also, in definitely gone make this for dinner soon

  4. Just made this, its good, but it tastes like it's missing something, idk what. I added vegetables just to add more nutrients and flavor, but not to the sauce

  5. I made this today in my old school vitamix….soaked my cashews for about two hours…didn't have dijon mustard, so I used spicy brown mustard instead…and it is FABULOUS! Much gratitude for sharing such deliciousness!

  6. I made your recipe today. Just amazing!! The texture was creamy and thick! Almost even looked like it had little bits of savory cheese in the sauce which were probably the smallest bits of cashew. I like that your cashew sauce didn’t use the typical apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, because I don’t keep those ingredients on hand!

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