(soothing upbeat music) – Oh, 34 miles left. ♪ So you decided ♪ ♪ You had all you can take ♪ ♪ But I come to tell you ♪ ♪ Help is on the way ♪ ♪ So just hold on ♪ (dinging) – Hey guys, what’s going on? I’m Rob and this is my wife Christina, and we want to welcome
you guys to our channel. We are embarking on a new venture and we wanted to bring you
guys along for the ride. So Christina’s gonna
tell you a little about what we’re planning and I’ll finish it up. – Yeah so, hello everyone. (sighs) So this year is the year, is the year, that we are going to focus on our fitness, our health, changing our food, changing– – Just our whole diet. – Yeah, our whole lifestyle really. We just really wanted to share
the journey that we’re on. Am I in the way? (mechanical low humming) Oh, we’re gonna be training
with different people. – Yeah, we’re gonna be
training with different people. (Christina laughs) We’re gonna be switching up how we eat. So like she said, our diet,
what we eat, how we eat, just to find out what works for us. You know, not everyone is the same so– – That’s true.
– It’s a process just to try to figure all of that out. We’ve got some really good people that we’re in contact with, that we really trust that
we’ll be training with, and we want you guys to come
along with us for the ride. So like I said, our channel’s
primarily health and fitness. However, there will be a
little bit of our lives sorta sprinkled in there. We’re pretty much newlyweds. So you’ll get a chance to kinda get to know us a little bit more. (Christina laughs) She’s really goofy. I’m really serious. But together we kinda
balance each other out. So thanks for joining us. And we hope to see you soon.

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