how does the liberal young man become a follower of the alt-right you're about to meet a man who says he was radicalized by alt-right figures via their persuasive YouTube videos he believed their extremist conspiracies for years but then he somehow D radicalized himself and he's now working to help others get out joining us now is what it is here's the guy Caleb Cain on CN mother-freaking n this is from today I had to jump on it I'm gonna play you most of the video and kind of comment on it this has been the biggest news first it was the box at apocalypse but then the New York Times piece the big New York Times piece I ran in the sunday New York Times the sunday New York Times right above the fold a one section is this big full-color article about this kid Caleb Cain it was some unfortunate misguided young man looking for truth in all the wrong places wandered on to this innocent-looking platform YouTube and found the alt-right found Stephon moley new let him down dangerous path which he miraculously recovered from while staying on YouTube the entire time a depressed young man named Caleb Cain now he's on CNN and they've escalated the rhetoric care of Caleb Cain himself we have a massive escalation of the battle against free speech so I'm gonna go through this video thanks for joining me I'm your host Nathan Stoll men behind me is dou Shi prepare for the show I'm wearing one of our t-shirts crypto has been doing well we sell t-shirts to get by because we don't get clicks or paid for clicks just like pretty much everybody says anything mmm anyway controversial so we have t-shirts like I said truth clothing dye Oh check it out it's the best merchandise you can get on any channel on YouTube I'm telling you I can't guarantee cuz that's a legal thing check out our t-shirts we design them we print them we pick out the shirts it's a really really nice soft cotton shirt and then we have different styles too for the ladies as well we stock them we get a printed here locally we don't goes through some third party that takes a cut of it like teespring free shipping over fifty bucks it's a mom-and-pop operation well we don't have kids but you get the idea okay we're going to go back to this video I'm gonna play it and comment on it if that would be alright is caleb cain kill thank you so much for being here to tell some people would say and i don't want to get too far in this guy said well it's okay they won't let anybody see this video so it probably won't get to him but i do feel bad for the kiddies depressed he's sad he's sad since he went viral since he wanted to be a YouTube star you can tell that's his subtext he made a video his very first video ever my descent into the alt-right pipeline won him four hundred forty two thousand views so far explained how he ran into stefan molyneux one day and then things just went downhill from there here he is like i said i hesitate he has a face he has a face that you want to punch and it looks like somebody already did cuz he's missing some teeth too so i don't know maybe that was getting in fights with his liberal friends over his radical ideas which was apparently what happened when he started dating a christian girl and thinking that genders were determined at birth by nature that's one of the radical ideas he had by the way maybe maybe one of his left-wing friends was an Tifa and hit him in the face with a pole wouldn't be the first time your personal story I think it is so fascinating so just he's wearing a polo shirt by the way he's wearing a polo shirt I showed up with a polo shirt to ante for rally by accident and they said I was a Nazi and they mugged me stole my camera anyway that's the left that's the left wing by the way he's wearing a polo shirt if he went to an auntie for rally they'd say he was a Nazi and steal his phone and wrap him up in a banner and then make him leave for wearing that polo shirt so hopefully he's talking about banning polo shirts too that was a side side story but speaking of radicalisation who bring people up to speed somewhere around as I understand it 2015 you were sort of at loose ends you had dropped out of college you were looking for direction I think correct me if I'm wrong at the time you would describe yourself as liberal and somehow online you found your way to these all right videos and websites and then describe what happened yes thank you for having me on basically I was depressed during that period of time and looking for an outlet for that depression and I turn to YouTube by the way once again they they're trying to paint the impression that anybody can go to YouTube and be influenced by ideas get radicalized these are ideas that you can find it's jimmy dore pointed out today at your local bookstore or street corner these are ideas that people have actually had for a long time and they just happened to be on this thing called YouTube where people go on the internet he was depressed he's still depressed he made a video about how depressed he was a week ago becoming a liberal didn't help if anything it sounds like being a conservative was helpful though he said he got isolated I joined the club crazy when you learn new ideas you know I'll play more sorry and I found a man by the name of stefan molyneux and his his content really helped me in a lot of ways but what I didn't realize was I was being given a political philosophy and over time my political idea started to change quite drastically which was pretty you know pretty clear to anybody in my life at the time and really well so once again he found stefan molyneux helpful I have another video from a guy that wanted to rebut this I'm gonna go over it on D live after this for people who wanted to know her from a guy that said stefan molyneux basically saved his life and that video has 55 views right now isn't going to get the same kind of distribution as this whiner he says yeah it was helpful actually and then it was just these weird ideas it just took me into a place where I became further isolated from social groups and just started to ostracize a lot of people in my life very unfairly let's talk about some of the things that you came to believe because of these videos you came to believe I mean again jump in if this is wrong that other races were inferior to whites that women I think or at least feminine that feminists were overly aggressive and women I think we're inferior okay I think she says I don't know if he thought any of these things he doesn't agree or disagree women are inferior I don't know any channels that say that women are inferior not sure Owen Benjamin says women shouldn't vote but I think he's joking I'm not sure there are lots of crazy ideas on YouTube you don't have to take it so seriously race is better than other races yeah I don't know if he was watching and videos that said that women are inferior to men I don't know about that feminism feminists are overly aggressive well that's a fact two men you believed that I guess Muslims were trying to take over Western civilization or immigrants were and how do you explain how you came to absorb those extreme views so much well it was mostly due to the people that I was listening to the people that I was listening to were selling me a narrative that you know cultural Marxist and you know immigrants and Muslims and basically liberals were trying to destroy Western civilization and install some sort of socialist regime and and while I can't say I agree with every issue he's pooh-poohing right now I don't think there's I think people can present things as evidence that some of those things are happening there are things we promote on this channel all the time but there there are arguments certainly for the things he's proposing he's on and outlet that's basically telling him that having traditional ideas about family and so forth is wrong so who's trying to influence whom we have one of the most popular content creators on YouTube being Gabe makeup artist a young gay makeup artist I don't know what's that what's that groom in our future leaders of this world to focus on why are these particular ideas so dangerous it's because they're different than the ideas the mainstream media different than the media ideas of the liberal establishment it's not about whether you agree with the ideas or don't disagree although a lot of people will say oh yeah what you know those ideas are totally right which is fine it's just the fact that people are allowed to freaking have different ideas the ideas themselves are not harmful that's what I'm trying to say the ideas are not harmful unless you're worried about whether this depressed college dropout gets along with his liberal friends who could be intolerable to be around in the first place he should be taking a break from his friends he sees it as a mental health issue we haven't even gotten there yet to where conservative thought becomes a mental health issue it's the type of rhetoric you hear from a lot of these people online the whole way across the political spectrum and really what it boils down to is it's digital hate politics and it leads people to radicalization and you know for me in my opinion radicalization it's a public health crisis and we really need to fix this public health crisis through education through fixing people's communities and through providing mental health support support I didn't have growing up no kidding mental health support for being radicalized into conservative ideas relatively mainstream alternative ideas I mean some of these ideas are ideas that a significant portion of the population holds they're actually not that fringe if you go out there and start asking questions that people start telling you the truth when I say mainstream I mean there are a lot of people who believe it's sort of like saying you know I won't get into that I was going to get into the moon-landing the not believing in the moon-landing is a fairly mainstream idea to compare it but it's not really an apt comparison so that's why I didn't go there in the first place anyway a lot of people think the same things that he says you need mental health care for it's a public health crisis that needs to be solved fortunately he doesn't say YouTube needs to be eliminated to solve the problem he actually doesn't care it's just CNN that wants to push that and is what led me down this path and I'm gonna get to exactly how you pulled yourself out in one second but also when you say it's a public health crisis obviously we've seen hate crime spike in the past years we've also seen the rise of neo-nazism we've seen more violence were you at YouTube responsible for hate crimes neo-nazis and racial violence I believe ever attempted we did you feel you were veering in that direction towards violence I don't know if I was ever veering towards violence I never felt that way but from what I see the people that turn to violence are people that feel at the end of their line they feel that their back is completely against the wall and these were the people that we saw in the New Zealand shooting and the PO way shooting and these people were deeply ingrained within social groups online and I think that there you go the while it always goes back to anti-semitism right so it was the synagogue shootings at her to blame for the social circles where people talk about conservative ideas and they talk about well they talk about over representation of Jews and media politics and people who work for our government who may or may not have allegiances to foreign nations and so forth he says he could control himself right so what's that is that debunking though it's the whole theory he could control himself and he's a pretty wayward young man pretty open to be an influence he was able to control himself from killing people right well I said that ideas are not danger it's because all those damn holocaust deniers giving people relieving those anxieties that people have their systemic anxieties that they have through you know their economic situations or their personal lives it's fixing those situations that's going to keep us from seeing more violence by the way he says the whole solution to the problem is fixing major problems like poverty neighborhoods not YouTube actually but that's what CNN calls me by the way we also need to talk about the role that YouTube plays they directed you to more and more extreme videos once you found one and YouTube could tell through its algorithms that you liked it that you were watching it that you were engaged they directed you to more and more extreme videos and they need to take some responsibility for that as well bingo I I think what YouTube needs to do is they need to have very clear Terms of Service on their websites of what's acceptable and what isn't he's right he doesn't care about censoring YouTube actually he's just being used as a as a pawn in this whole game he doesn't care since they should have clear Terms of Service exactly it's what all of us want that's all anybody wants it's clear Terms of Service then we could actually do things there within the rules then they wouldn't have something called borderline content where even if you are within the Terms of Service there's some extra Terms of Service that you're not within so your video doesn't get distributed you have to be an authoritative content creator to get distribution he explains the model of YouTube perfectly so I can't even give him a hard time because he's not asking for censorship of YouTube he's asking for mental health to deal with the psychosis of being alt right or having conservative ideas you know I am a free speech advocate but what I see it's all on the platform people taking advantage of this algorithm and the algorithm does not care about what your politics are it keeps it cares about watch time and keeping you on platform the AI is that they use for this is called reinforced and the whole idea is to keep you watching more and more and extremists come online and take advantage of that so Caleb we're almost out of time what's your message to other people who as you say have fallen down the alt-right rabbit hole how did you pull yourself out Blackwell myself out by watching more YouTube videos that's clear in the article you pulled himself out by staying on YouTube and watching videos that were recommended to him by the same algorithm am i yelling he watched I mean that's it's in the article he stayed on YouTube and Serbian recommended videos that were left-wing and then he decided he liked those ideas better because they had engaging personalities as well oh they had engaging personalities that's why you're on the news lady because supposedly you're engaging and you're able to brainwash people it's the same reason people listen to anybody some people might think something one day they might believe you one day and not the other what kind of world is this where we can't think because I started getting exposed to other ideas I basically started to educate myself on the problems and the issues and I also started to reach out and get emotional support from others and that is what we're trying to do with my team and I is I have a bunch of volunteers and we basically set up digital platforms to try to deer attica lies young people online and we're doing that through social intervention and compassion based conversations social intervention an off ramp to radical thought that's one thing the government actually likes to do to you they'll come over to your house they'll be like are you thinking are you having wrong think right now let's get you sat down with like a therapist or psychiatrist maybe there's a maybe there's something you can take for that maybe there's some emotional support we can offer you maybe there's a detox I'm not gonna finish the whole thing okay I found I found a video which nobody's gonna see with the guy basically saying stuff from all and he saved his life and this guy's totally wrong thanks for the super chat which said I'll paraphrase said that we are winning cuz they're whining something like that I agree with that thanks everybody for tuning in on YouTube thanks for supporting our sponsor thanks for following us on D live we're using YouTube we're really using YouTube as long as they give us a platform for free and people can watch and some people are not motivated enough to move to other platforms we'll keep doing some episodes there so we're there now but we're a lot more often on D live it has a way you can support the show that's much more efficient than super chat it's fun the chat is very sophisticated there's a lot of people there right now D live and twitch twitch TV / lift the veil 401 and I'll see you over there for YouTube that is what it is

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27 thoughts on “CNN: YouTube Radicalization a "Health Crisis"”

  1. The NWO is in panic mode, and they should be. Nathan you are responsible also in a great degree about that. You should be proud of your self. Best regards J.

  2. hey Nathan I don't think I've ever written you before but I have to tell you I almost drove off the New Jersey turnpike tonight you had me laughing so hard I never heard you goof on anybody as much as your goofrd on this guy and he certainly deserves it. I like that the college drop put had his mind melted by YouTube, perhaps had he finished college he'd have the tools to discern and process information. AND I love that he had diagnosed a national health CRISIS, of radicalized folks. I love he's accusing us of the last two years of False flags and hoax attacks. # Jussie . Final thought I keep remembering you trying to warn Isaac to watch his six I could tell he wasn't taking you seriously and I remember it disturbing me and now I know why. God bless.

  3. He acts like he's researched these political / cultural philosophies. He is obviously not educated, and super naive as well. A tool. The fact that they are giving this guy 5 seconds is a classic problem, reaction, solution scenario. "Mr. Expert" lol

  4. Mental health is certainly a big problem for the network he decided to go to, to tell people he has been de-radicalized just shows that he's still mentally I'll.

  5. CNN – Controlled Narrative Nonsense, is the most trusted in fake nonsense in all the MSM control your thoughts shows that there is. Fox believes the POTUS can do no wrong, ABC always broadcast crap both left and right but CNN takes the gold medal for pushing fiction as reality.

  6. Mr. Caine only proves that he is impressionable & can be easily influenced. A while back he would be making videos warning against the mainstream. The actor kid needs to fix that deviated septum. Looks like he (or she) is the new David Hoggwash.

  7. Bank of America building in Charlotte North Carolina looks like the tower of Babel. Look behind Caleb Cain.

  8. If this is "actually" a real story about this dumb ass dude who was apparently radicalized on YouTube………..Let me get this straight—–So he was an 'idiot', then became even MORE of an idiot, then went back to being a 'complete fucking idiot!' There are way too many idiots in this world.

  9. OH MY LORD. Is CNN this fucking desperate they have to get some paid troll or actor to say "EVERYTHING WE DONT HEAR ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS RACIST, RADICAL AND A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISES. "L O FUCKING L. But he's a free speach advocate. NUFF SAID. Controlled opposition. Mainstream media, WE ARE CELEBRATING THAT YOU ARE SUICIDING YOURSELF. Your bought and paid wars, drug and human trafficking you cover up, and the big pharma control over the media is now being exposed HEY CNN, GO FUCK YOUR SELF. We celebrate your demise.

  10. i agree with this kid. if you listen to alex jones for a period of time and others, you go crazy and everything is a conspiracy theory. they make money promoting fear.

  11. Yeah! YouTube is all about "watch time"!!
    Is this kid retarded!?
    That must be why they keep promoting videos like Axiom (HBO) interviewing Sundar pichai that only has a 4% overall positive view rating!
    Yeah! You read that right!!

  12. This is a fake news psy op! History repeats itself… The military / DoD has continued to fund and run cruel and inhumane mind control programs. It's MKULTRA all done remotely with remote neural monitoring, radio frequency, ELF, EMF and the illegal surveillance system. They are disguising mind control / torture programs as gang stalking programs and call victims targeted individuals. These fake news psy ops are used to confuse people, cover the mind control programs and continue to label victims as mentally ill crazy people.

    Advanced technology is being used today to carry out the works of Dr. Jose Delgado who was involved in the MKULTRA projects. Delgado was a Yale University doctor that was funded by Public Health Services, Navy and Air Force to research the effects of brain stimulation on group behavior. In one 11 year old boy, he was able to elicit a change in sexual identity by stimulating a part of his brain (the superior temporal convolution of the brain) and upon stimulation, the boy would identify himself as female and express the desire to marry male. These experiments are still being conducted today, covertly and remotely right before our eyes.

    If you ask someone how they'd feel about satellite technology being used covertly on their children to convince their son they were female, or to convince their daughter that they were male… almost all of them will be horrified to know that is going on today.

    The illegal surveillance system that we are all subject to at this time, includes remote neural monitoring and directed energy radio frequency weapons with voice to skull or synthetic telepathy technology. They are capable of using TMS – transcranial magnetic simulation, directed at any individual, to read that individual’s thoughts, while applying a myriad of radio frequency to mimic the cruel radio frequency human experiments of MKULTRA.

    Dr. Delgado wrote a book titled, "Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psycho-civilized Society." I have no doubt that when shootings occur, they are a direct result of efforts put forth to achieve this goal. After all, Myron May, Aaron Alexis, Esteban Santiago, Nikolas Cruz and many others all filed police reports that they were being remotely targeted and tortured with military weapons and technologies.

    Most people are familiar with the lines in the sky. Many say it's to keep us captive in an electromagnetic friendly environment. The advances in technology in the 60s and 70s took the brain stimulation studies a huge step forward… researchers turned the exposure of the brain to external electromagnetic fields to produce similar results to brain implantation. This has DIRECT implications to the complaints of mind control experimentation that we are hearing about today from targeted individuals, because it was discovered that the human brain is very responsive to externally applied electromagnetic fields!

    Dr. Persinger did research using electromagnetic fields to alter human brain activity and studied the ability of magnetic fields to create false memories and alter consciousness. His research had been funded by the Navy. Persinger mentions the potential of directly influencing the major portion of the approx. six billion brains of the human species and that this could be accomplished by generating neural information within a physical medium which all members of the species could be immersed in. His article is, "On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms"

    With that said, are the chemtrails, the "physical medium" Persinger claims can be used to directly access every human brain? It surely seems like it could be.

    Persinger is mentioned in Jim Schnabel's, "Remote Viewers", as being included in a still classified project called SLEEPING BEAUTY, A DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency funded project focused on the ability of electromagnetic fields to create false memories and altered states of consciousness. SLEEPING BEAUTY is allegedly aimed to achieve battlefield superiority using mind altering electromagnetic weaponry such as HAARP and BLUE BEAM.

    These ongoing military and gov agency mind control and torture programs that continue today on larger scales are our biggest threat. All of this information can be found in Dr. John Hall's books, "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America" and "Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control". Dr. Hall also clearly references where he obtained all of his information in his research.

    This sick shit must stop before they destroy more lives, families, and torture more Americans to death.

    Come on Nathan, you are smart enough to know all of this stuff, I'd expect you to speak out to your large audience and question this… Won't defunding and stopping human experimentation without consent and shutting down mind control programs, illegal surveillance of the brain, directed energy weapons, voice to skull technologies, synthetic telepathy, etc. solve much of the mental health crisis? If you're not capable of getting your audience to think about these questions, your listeners will need to start questioning your motives, in addition to questioning who you might be working for and if you're involved in pushing the illegal brain surveillance mind control programs and disguising them as more BS mental illness.

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