let's talk about our dogs ears dogs ears are prone to infections especially dogs that have real floppy ears like Shar Peis or small ears like this that can't ventilate and can't dry out a fig if they get wet inside most cold causes of ear infections are obviously diet related they can be medically related but they can also be related to just a fungus growing in the dog's ear as always I tell you if you dog hasn't your infection see a veterinarian and get it checked out but keeping your dog's ears clean is your responsibility so your dog can't clean his own ears there's no way his tongue can reach his ears so you'll see that sometimes when you have two dogs you'll notice that one of those dogs is always licking the other dog's ears obsessively trying to clean them this can be a good thing or a bad thing because too much moisture again in the ears can cause fungal type infections there are several different thoughts of what you can use to clean your dog's ears there's a lot of topical solutions on the market you can use and there's a discussion between using alcohol and your dog's ears or peroxide or none there's no one who will argue that just keeping your dog's ears clean with it with a clean cotton ball is not the best thing to do so I'm gonna show you how to do that to start with so I like these cotton squares because they tend to work a lot better than a cotton ball and they're simply just like two by two inch squares of cotton that we take and we put them inside the dog's ears with our finger as deep as we can go with our finger and pull out and you'll see this a little tiny bit of dirt and that's really all you should be doing with your dogs you just never never never put a cotton swab in your dog's ears or force anything into your dog's ears at all it should be done with your finger and a cotton pad just like this so you'll see that with a German Shepherd a Malinois any big dogs with big ears I can just take the cotton ball or the cotton pad here and shove it into my dog's ears and start to dig in I know like that and you'll see that Vettel cannot clean so if I take a little bit of rubbing alcohol and put it on to the cotton pad it's going to give me a little bit more cleaning power so to speak so again I'm gonna take it now its moist I'm gonna put it right here in my dog's ear and it's not damp enough or wet enough to dribble any alcohol in but I can still clean and clean clean and you'll see now I'm going to get a little bit more dirt out of the ears and remember on top of the ears here is where a lot of this dirt will form it'll get into the ear and it'll hang out here until it works its way down into the canal and you'll see that as much as I rub this he actually really loves it and you'll see how much more dirt I can get out of there and he's really clean he just cleaned them the other day we just bathed them the other day but any active dog is going to get dirt in their ears a real important thing to note is when you use one cotton square for one ear when you go to the next ear discard this cotton square and take a brand new clean one for the other for the other ear don't reuse one ear pad to the other ear because if he does have an infection you can spread it between both ears and that's a nightmare so we cleaned his right ear with that cotton Square we'll take this cotton Square and put it in his left ear and again you can see I mean I've got my finger almost all the way in there and he's just loving it because it feels good to him he can't get his fingers in there and the dog's ear canals if you're massaging them you can feel if you put your thumb against the dog's skull you can massage real tightly here and that'll loosen up a lot of wax buildup if the dog has any wax in his ears or any dirt in his ears and also after swimming it's a good idea to give your dog's a good ear massage they love it for one and two it'll break up any bacteria and then they do that so if I can rub like this rub rub rub as much as I rub as soon as I let go he'll generally shake his head off afterwards there you go shake it off there you go good boy you

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Methew Wade

4 thoughts on “Cleaning Your Dog's Ears – Dog Training, Hygiene and Health”

  1. The only time I clean my Ruby's ears is when she gets a bath which is at least 2 times a month. sometimes more. Depends on how many mud puddles she dives into. How ever my last dog I had to clean her ears regularly. And that is great point about not using the same cotton pad for both ears. When I make a ear wash video on my channel I will have to remember to stress that. When I had to wash Fredricka's ears I know I had to use a new cotton ball. Heck sometimes they would get so dirty I had to use 2 on each ear.

  2. How often should you be doing this, also would the dog allow you to do it that easily. I suppose one has to be extreamly careful when bathing a dog, So cute and adorable is Goofy.

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