first new figures show the number of takeaways on high streets have risen by 34 percent since 2010 analysis by BBC Yorkshire in the BBC's shared data unit shows in most areas the rate of fast-food outlets was at its highest in eight years research suggests people who are most exposed to takeaway outlets are nearly twice as likely to be obese and leading doctors say the increase is a concern the government says local authorities have a range of powers to create healthier environments and that it is also consulting on calorie labels on menus one in four people in the UK are said to be obese the number of people being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes is on the rise we are joined now by Darren McClintock who likes to be known as dizzy he's been banned from all his local takeaways in Middlesbrough to help him lose weight he is also joined by the person who has banned him it's his personal trainer Mike hind and also with us Chris Holmes in charge of shifts healthy food program the charity has carried out several healthy fast food projects and we're also joined by Loretta Johnny who runs full-figured fitness which provides fitness and life coaching for men and women who have full-figured overweight or obese welcome everybody thank you for joining us Dipsy you've been banned by your personal trainer from all the fast-food outlets near you why basically I dare addiction to food and takeaways was my bad habits my massive bad habits I love two or three takeaways a weekend obviously that's how healthy for you so but I've got that opportunity off might change my life and lose weight that was one of his first steps behind me from takeaways and what were you having at the takeaways it'd be value things it could be burgers pizzas palms and chicken kebabs wherever my fancy up there was an expensive habit yeah most definitely you talk of 15 20 pounds of time and if that's two or three times a week 60 pound a week is quite a lot of money in it stopping the take quiz is it making a difference yeah definitely yeah feel alot fit Olivia just less groggy I've salaried better meals just feel a lot more energy a mother would have gotten food and stuff Mike and I had you you obviously identified takeaways as being a big factor for dibbsy why was that tip she's got an addiction to food like eat like you said and its comfort would be takeaways its convenience it's easy it's it's at your fingertips you can do it by your phone you have to leave the city so everything dipti gets from me for free so for a year he's got free food free training absolutely everything and I didn't want Dibley to to jeopardize that by when times get tough to turn the TIC win and rectify poor for a problem what what didn't have to be there and Chris takeaways easy convenient well we obviously love the word we call me bother to cook all of the above yeah I mean I think it's an the reality is hot pre-prepared food is a natural extension of where our food system has been moving for maybe 20 years plus since the first ready meal in the 1970s now the range of prepared semi prepared food that it's available broadly speaking unless you're on the food poverty line cooking is a lifestyle choice and the reality is that unfortunately our takeaway sector hasn't changed in those 25 years and that's because it's made up of lots of little shops 60,000 independent shops and if you think McDonald's has got 1,200 outlets in the UK and this is 60,000 and they just don't have the capacity to change in the way that the supermarket's have changed it evolved over that time period and so people are going to takeaways for all of the reasons you've just said and have kind of adopted them as a really great solution to non-food problems but the food isn't clearly nutritious so about average on average a thousand calories a meal so that's what two-thirds more than the recommended for a lunch or dinner so the interesting question is how can we make you know is the answer fewer takeaways or is the answer how can we make a much greater variety of food available through the mechanics what about labeling takeaway menus with the number of calories they do it in some countries yeah indeed and certainly you know if you're a lot of that now is beginning to appear and clearly there's a consultation out at the moment on that I think the question mark is the evidence of whether or not that has an impact on people's choices remains a little uncertain Alice tipsy tipsy if it have been clearly laid out every time you're ordering a takeaway how many calories are in each thing you were ordering would it would it make a difference I think it made you think about what you are doing you try not to the healthy option if the Selphy option I don't we definitely I think it's difficult to try and get that particular to be able to to justify my calories in a food that means it would have to well every single ingredient on that pizza I don't think that's something what's going to be done like it I think it's a massive step what needs to change it's nor where you can work out a calorie dense meal without norm what's in it and you don't wear the cheese helper simply pour it on with the hands and I think that's what needs to change I think things need to be controlled properly the rest are we demonizing takeaways are we abdicating our own individual responsibilities when we look at takeaways and say that's what's causing the problem um I believe that we need to look at obesity I think I think it once this is the research is good I think it also kind of puts the blame on just one type of we're not looking at the full causes of obesity as well so it's not just the takeaways it's also lack of activity a lot of people more inactive there are lots of sugar Lay's later and health foods they are I mean it's half term I haven't seen any children playing outside I think there are many different causes of obesity this is one of them and also obese people are not one homogeneous group so we're all being seen as people who go to take away I live in Parsons green most of the shops are restaurants and takeaways there's an issue with quality of food I also just wanted to say I went to I wanted a bag of crisps and I wanted to buy one bag of crisps I had to look around the shop I found them at the bottom and the counter near the floor and they were part of a meal deal and it was 87 pens and for 12:00 p.m. oh I could have bought six pack six packets of crisps so there's many different you know sauce some cheap foods out for sale you know easily accessible I think there's lots of different reasons why people are at the Beast it can be so much it can feel cheaper to buy a cheap cigarette crisps and maybe it is that they're actually cooking yourself sometimes does that need to be looked at yeah it definitely feels cheaper what's interesting is when you when you work we work with the sort of bottom third of income families in the UK and when you work with these families and they will talk about the cheapness to take away and use and they say well it's just as cheap as the supermarket's and you say okay well how much does a meal cost you in a supermarket and then people go well but I don't buy meals in a supermarket i buy components and so what's interesting is actually it just it is cheap and therefore actually it's not so much I'm comparing it with how cheap is in the supermarket it's it is cheap surely it can't be any cheaper to buy the components or raw ingredients in a supermarket and make it so it's the absolute cheapness of the food that sort of gives that sense of oh it's as cheap as subak and it clearly isn't you can cook yourself a meal from the supermarket ingredients well this is it I mean you know the families we're working with they're dealing with personal health issues often they're dealing with personal security issues they've got financial concerns they've got often housing concerns they're worried about whether kids end up in gangs so to be honest all of those pressures crowd out the headspace they have to plan ahead to plan meals to cook I mean that's the real challenge we face is that takeaway is being adopted in order to effectively make life easier when faced with these other other pressure what was it dibbsy that got you to the point where you decided you had to do something about your weight with me personally was a hospital scare i got took in hospital my heart and the doctors busy said look if you keep going the way you go or not you won't be here for much longer and I just knew their income sandwiches were life and so what have you changed then we know that you've been banned from the takeaway what what what are you doing back but all life just totally change I'm in the gym twice a day now I'm under strict dating ban through Mike's macro based Anna and just keep calm with it and just follow her Mike's Gardens and advice and knowledge and up to now I've lost three stone one calendar in 17 days what's your goal my goal is around 20 stone and just be fair happier and healthier Mike do you work with many people like dibbsy yeah hundreds every year but I take one for free every year and the last one we done was LeAnn she lost 15 storm within the year and half their body weight gives you will the lowest twenty storm this year we've lost three storms so far he's eating three nine thousand calories a day now he was he eleven thousand calories a day it's it's a crazy crazy number and things do need to change equipment the ticket ticket stands and educate people that's the issue with is we don't educate there's no education process out there that's what we need to look at can anybody get overweight to the same extent or some people more prone to it in turn your experience of dealing with people with human beings we all love all over certain need of calories and you know lifestyle choices it's it's not just it's not just a foodie it's a lack of exercise it's it's the mental issues of it there's much more than just the takeaways for its convenience and you walked on any high street now in this take after take after take when is there's just no regulations in place to stop us thank you all very much indeed for coming in and talking to us and good luck with the program Dipsy very very much thank you

Methew Wade

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