So check it out It’s Trevor James I just got into Kashgar, China The furthermost western city in China And today we are going for a full on Uighur street food experience I can’t wait Let’s go check it out This is it The furthermost western city in China Kashgar Near that Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan borders Here, a new world of multicultural street food influenced from these neighbors Is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed We made our way overland from Chengdu Arriving at our final stop After traveling overland for nearly 4000 km This is what traveling is all about Getting deep into the local scene And eating local street food Since we have been eating classic Xinjiang street food for nearly 3 weeks All featured in our Silk Road street food playlist Which you can watch from episode 1 We wanted to go deeper in Kashgar to find the most unique street food in China we could So first up, you know you want it Lamb head soup with a nice Xinjiang style tandoori bagel I think this is lamb head for breakfast I can’t believe this I can’t believe this OK we’re going to sit down I can’t believe we are having lamb head Lamb head soup for breakfast Oh my, are we actually doing this That is cheek And what is that? OH the lung Oh the chin The lamb chin OK, there is the chin meat Let’s just go right in That is really delicious I can’t believe I’m saying that right now That is the most tender juicy piece of meat probably that I’ve ever eaten Look at that He said that is the chin meat And the flavor is just really smooth There is no odor to any of this Let’s try the broth And the broth is great It tastes like a lamb soup really There is the lung Let’s try the lung I can’t believe it I don’t think I like that The odor on that is a little strong But the chin meat and the broth is really nice It’s like a Uighur bagel It’s like a rock hard Uighur bagel, look at that And I think you can just put it here That’s the good stuff You can just add this Uighur bagel into your soup And that will bring you life I think he gave me the light version because I’m looking at the bowl that he just made And he just cracked the skull and put a brain in the soup But all he gave me was the cheek meat and the lung Oh there is the brain That is a little too much I’m really happy he just gave me the light version The locals you see, they are just loving it After that full on heavy street food breakfast We made our way through old kashgar in search of something refreshing Something sweet, something opposite of what I just ate And found some amazing homemade Uighur ice cream Wow look at that homemade ice cream So cool! Oh it’s getting frothy He brings it up See he is bringing it up And then he pushes it down And then it slowly gets more frozen English, Ice cream Chinese, bingqiling English, Ice cream Canada has ice cream? We have hand made ice cream here in Kashgar Just look at that, oh yeah It tastes like sweet sweet frothy milk It doesn’t taste exactly like regular ice cream It has more of a froth More of a milky almost yoghurt sweetness What a true joy Any stop to Kashgar wouldn’t be complete without tasting some form of local noodles And since we had been eating hand pulled noodles for nearly 3 weeks We decided to go for a more unique version of noodles at a local hole in the wall Ding ding chopped and fried noodles Alright, so right up here it looks like there is a little lunch spot With some kao baozi We are going to have a seat here He gave me a little kaobaozi to start It’s very savory It tastes like there is some tomato in there Slightly peppery There is the kao baozi, look at that I can really taste the tomato in there It’s like a tomato It’s like a tomato and beef kao baozi But we are going to get some of my favorite ding ding Chao main That looks so good Oh look at that Those are beautiful ding ding Chao mian They call it ding ding because they chop the noodles individually Into little dings, I guess you could call them that Like nail heads Oh and look And it’s beef And it’s full of tomatoes and bell peppers Greens and peppery I can really smell the fragrance Let’s get a big bite Wow Unbelievably peppery tomato sauce Full of juicy beef And amazingly textured, springy, ding ding noodles This is heaven After that delicious bowl of ding ding noodles We took a bike ride around town And explored the beauty of kashgar And found another unique Xinjiang delicacy Lamb intestines stuffed with spiced fragrant rice Topped with mixed organs, vinegar, chili oil, and cilantro This was surprisingly super delicious So just right up here, we’ve been exploring around And I think I see some stuffed lamb intestines and organs This is going to be a fun time Oh look at all the organs There is heart, stomach, intestine Oh it looks really packed full of organs We’re going to get one of those They are busy We are going to sit down And have a taste of this That is a true concoction of organs and flavors I can just tell it’s going to be full on Look at this It’s stuffed lamb intestine with rice Really seasoned well with lots of herbs and spices in there He put a lot of organs in there And then I think it’s like a lamb stock that he put in there And I think that is the lung That is the lamb lung There is stomach, intestine, tripe, there is stuffed Oh the intestine is stuffed with fragrant, fragrant rice Oh it’s all in there I didn’t know that But there is a light lung and a dark lung And they are both good It is just smooth, slightly sour It has a citrus cilantro kick, almost like something you would find in Mexican cuisine That citrus spice that you can just bask in How is that Ting? Oh wow That’s sour, spicy And the cilantro flavor, it’s really good It’s really good right? Yeah, you don’t taste any weird No organ flavor right? No, not at all To finish off the day We went for a classic and all around loved by most Xinjiang meal BBQ lamb kebabs over top of fresh nang bread on the street side at night There is nothing like it It has been a wonderful time here in Kashgar We are going to finish it off with some hole in the Wall Street meat Lamb kebabs are famous all over Xinjiang And is what I have been enjoying nearly every day here We are going to finish off with some beautiful Yang rou chuar Look at that, the food has arrived We have 5 beautiful lamb kebabs on top of a nang We are going to taste one of those beauties Seasoned perfectly Quite salty, but very juicy Right on top of a beautiful home baked nang bread With the kebab juices soaked in Thank you so much for watching these food and travel videos guys It has been a wonderful time in Kashgar We have been having an amazing trip here on the Silk Road I really hope you’ve loved this series Please let me know what you’ve thought about these food and travel videos in the comments below Leave a thumbs up And subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already Thank you so much guys Oh that is good!

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