Hello everyone, share the practice of mung bean jelly today. First prepare a bowl of mung bean starch The same bowl, 1:1 ratio, prepare a bowl of cold boiled water Pour mung bean starch into a slightly larger pot Pour in cold water and mix well. Then use 4 bowls of water in the same bowl and pour into the pan to boil. After boiling, turn it into a small fire, then slowly pour into the evenly mixed mung bean starch. Then continue to stir Cook until the paste is transparent, you can turn off the fire Add oil to the pot and pour the cooked paste into the pot. Then shake well and wait for it to cool and set aside. Place the cooled mung bean jelly on the cutting board Cut into filaments Put it in the bowl for use Next, adjust the sauce and pour the right amount of garlic. Moderate green peppers and red peppers. Moderate amount of mustard Moderate amount of salt a small amount of MSG Appropriate amount of vinegar Appropriate amount of sesame oil Add some chili oil Stir well Finally, pour the prepared sauce on the jelly. Finally sprinkle a little chopped green onion A bowl of sour and delicious mung bean jelly is ready.

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Methew Wade

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