the US Coast Guard and border guards of Russia's Federal Security Service FSB will consider resuming joint trails in the area delimiting the maritime boundaries of the two countries in the Pacific Ocean the press office of the FS B's Directorate for the eastern Arctic region said on Monday the FSB press office made this statement following a visit by representatives of Russia's border guard service to the United States in Anchorage the state of Alaska USA a meeting was held between experts of the FSB border guard directorate for the eastern Arctic region and the US Coast Guard's 17th district the sides discussed the results of interagency interaction and worked out further areas of cooperation besides the sides agreed to consider holding joint trails in the area to limiting the maritime boundaries of the two countries the statement says as the FSB's board guard directorate noted the consistently developing cooperation and a high level of interagency information interaction between the US Coast Guard and Russia's border guard service have helped considerably reduce poaching in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean the Alaska and Kamchatka border guards signed an agreement on cooperation and protecting aquatic biological resources in the convention area in 1996 cooperation envisages efforts for preventing violations of fishing rules ensuring control of customs declaration of fishing caches and also protecting the northern sea route between Chukotka and alaska the FS B's border guard Directorate for the eastern Arctic region is responsible for protecting the border that is over 20,000 kilometers long and makes up a third of Russia's total borders you

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Methew Wade

27 thoughts on “China Shocked: Russian border guards may exercises with US in Pacific”

  1. 5000

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Tougher US tariffs against China and now alleged maneuvers with Russia !!! Trump wants to annoy China 😢😢 I do not think China is getting nervous !!! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Global kids stuff! πŸ™…

  2. Nothing to be shocked about; every nation plays to her own advantage and Russia is no exception, but I do believe our leaders in Beijing will act differently from what a US will most likely react. China will not in any obvious way attempt to prevent an increasing good ties between USA and Russia. The great analyst William Engdhal had indicated to our leaders in Beijing that the election of Danald Trump was to drive a wadge between Beijing and the Kremlin; no surprise there. However, I just can't imagine what could entice President Putin to act in such way, because with an alliance with China all Moscow's wish to be less dependent on oil alone will be realized Good luck to President Putin, China will continue to respect and retain a sincere friendship if what is said is true. I do blieve that it will do China a lot of good to retain good relations with Russia..

  3. American media live in a fairy-tale world in which everyone is constantly at war. No one but the US has been at war for more than 74 years. For this reason, the citizens of Russia, China and the European Union consider the United States to be freaks. Cheap clowns from a provincial circus.

  4. Those same ships no matter the type didn’t breach Libya in ww2 when they needed to take the oil route they couldn’t even take the beach

  5. It don’t matter in 2019 it’s only a ship every missle created will penetrate πŸ–Š a ship it doesn’t have to be intercontinental Japan didn’t have missles or jets

  6. Russia and USA were an are playing Bad Cop Good Cop Game and or Creating a Thesis, Anti-Thesis and Maybe Israel play Synthesis. Its all in the name of controlling this world and usurp the power of God and become god on earth…


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  9. So much ass liking pompeo must have done when he meet lavrov and didn't go to Germany and cancelled meeting with Merkel, now pompeo want to meet in Russia again in sochi, it began trump called putin, its so when you have so powerful nuclear power like Russia have now, world most powerful, USA have biggest military but at the end its who can destroy the other side first and its of course Russia have like j mattis said in November that us are behind Russia at least 5 years even longer on misels NUCLEAR power

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