So check this out It’s Trevor James It’s national holiday in China And I’m going to Wuhan to eat some “regan” hot dry noodles This is the busiest time of the year You can see thousands of people here At the chengdu east railway station And we’re going to go for a 9 hour journey Just to eat some good noodles It’s actually surprisingly not that crazy I think it’s because it’s the second of october Not the first I think this is the spot for Wuhan Just right up here Wuhan Wuhan! That’s where we’re going for noodles Wuhan reganmian Right here! This is the train to noodles OK here we go The trains in China are fast and clean Well the high speed ones are This is a really fast one This goes 300km/hour We’ll be in Wuhan in 9 hours And I’m in train number two OK Here we are So we’re just getting rolling here And I’m so excited for the noodles that this trip will bring And all the food that this trip will bring What’s really cool about this train Is that there is a charger down here Look at this And I’m going to do some editing I am really excited because I’m going to spend the next 8 hours Editing my Leshan video which is coming up in the next few days And then we’ll be heading to Wuhan to eat the noodles And see what else we can find Riding on the Chinese high speed rail Is an experience you’ll definitely enjoy As of October 2016 China has the world’s longest high speed rail network in the world With over 20,000 km of route More than the rest of the world combined They are clean and fast But what we are most curious about Is the food Let’s try it out I think the lunch For two lunches This is expensive This is 42 kuai for a meal This is train food in China That’s hongshaorou Red braised beef And pickled vegetables I believe Oh no, salted veg What are these? These are like fast food chaoshou wontons This is Chinese second class train food Get a little hongshaorou red braised beef with some rice Let’s try it out Very simple The beef is a little chewy The flavour is very simple You can taste a bit of tomato in there It’s like a hongshao spicy red braised beef sauce With a bit of a tomato essence in there as well OK, let’s try some of these chaoshou These look like fast food wontons Those are Those are pretty….lame This is like salted preserved mustard greens I believe With the heads of bean sprouts Very plain I’m so hungry Haven’t had much since that lunch It’s 8 o’clock We’re going to go and try to find some hot dry reganmian The specialty here I’m so excited So I think what I’m going to do is get a taxi And before going to the hotel Just say “zuijin de reganmian” Closest hot dry noodles And we’re going to see what we find I’ve had so many comments over the last year, couple years People saying, you gotta go to Wuhan To try the reganmian So I came here specifically for you guys, to try the noodles Oh, he’s going to ask OK,that’s what we’re going to do We’re going to get the reganmian right here Oh right up here! Reganmian Oh that looks nice Oh there it is Just came here for reganmian And we’re going to try the first taste This is taxi drivers recommended reganmian This is the reganmian Sesame paste, there’s pickled radish Theres chili sauce Soya sauce Oh look at that sesame paste mixed throughout Oh that smells fantastic For a little hole in the wall This looks pretty good This is my first impression of Wuhan right here Look at that It’s important to mix the sauce You never want to have a bite without sauce Reganmian for life I can tell this is going to be good Oh I can smell that sesame paste That looks thick Oh yes! Hit me! mmm! MMM! Oh wow! Oh that sesame paste is really thick It’s like slightly slightly sweet sesame paste You can taste a bit of pickled veg in there Pickled radish The chili oil And the chili paste in there This is just heaven! This is worth the train! This is hole in the wall satisfaction right here! That was unbelievable Just a little hole in the wall Some of the best sesame noodles I’ve ever had Completely blown away We gotta pay And then I’m going to have to find a hotel for the night That was worth the train ride So thank you so much for watching my food and travel videos I had a wonderful trip today This was my first attempt at a vlog More casual style filming I hope you enjoyed it Let me know what you thought down below Click that subscribe button if you haven’t already I also want to give a shoutout to Tammy in South Australia Thank you so much for writing me Telling your story It really means a lot to me to hear that story About how you’re getting healthier How you’re doing well And I just want to say hello And thank you for writing me and telling me your story I hope you get better and better and you can eat more and more food Thanks a lot guys OK, I’m going to go find a hotel

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