Hello and welcome to my kitchen the K kitchen. And today in the K kitchen we will make Chilly Paneer which is made in India to make Chilly Paneer we cut the Cheese in cubes Add a little Salt to it A little Chilly Powder And Cornflour, a lot of cornflour We’ll Lightly mix it like this Make sure that the Cheese (Paneer) doesn’t break And the Cornflour, Chilli and Salt stick on it nicely Just in case You think that this is too dry You can splash some water on it There. Now Deep fry the Paneer inside the hot Oil. Just rotate the Oil a little So that they don’t stick to each other Just gently fry them on medium to high heat Because of the Cornflour The outer shell of the Cheese Becomes very crispy and crunchy And when we toss them inside the sauce The entire cornflour soak up, this sauce and becomes tender and juicy. And this is ready. Nicely crispy And ready. We’ll take them out. There. The Paneer is ready. Now we will prepare the sauce. We take a pan and heat it nicely. On high heat, we’ll put some Oil in it. Till, the pan heats up We mix some red Chilli powder in the water Like this. Oil is hot First, to go to the Oil are Ginger And Garlic. Quick stir this is not completely browned Just a quick stir is all that is required. We’ll put in this diced Onions Diced Green Capsicum. And diced Red and Yellow Peppers. If you don’t have the red and yellow Capsicum That’s fine too. Just the green pepper will work. Give it a nice stir. We put in this, Green Chilli Again, it’s optional, If you want less Chilli. You can avoid this. Now we’ll add this Chilli mixture which we mixed in water Add to it, Soya sauce Tomato ketchup In this goes a pinch of Sugar. One quick boil and then a little dash of water. If you want to make dry Chilli Paneer Then this is much water is fine If you want extra sauce then you can increase a little water. To this we add our fried Cheese And we’ll toss it. To this add very little Vinegar Very little Now we add finely chopped Spring Onion. Little bit of water again. So that all these flavours blend with each other nice and easy. we’ll take a small spoon of Cornflour. Add in it a little water. Mix it nicely. And pour it in this By doing this, the sauce gets thick And coats the Paneer nicely Add to this a little Salt. Best is to taste this dish while cooking Because there is Salt in Soya sauce too Add the Salt only if it’s required. This is done A little extra Spring Onion. Turn off the gas and it’s time to plate. Little bit of garnish with Spring Onions. And our dish is ready.

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Chilli Paneer चिल्ली पनीर रेस्टोरेंट स्टाइल | Kunal Kapur Desi Chinese Recipes | Restaurant Style”

  1. Chilly Paneer👌💐👌💐👌💐
    Very Very nice💐💐💐💐💐💐
    Thanks sir👌💐👌💐👌💐👌💐

  2. કૃણાલ બેટા, તારી ચીલી પનીર રેસિપી વાહ! હું તો આજે જ બનાવીને ખાઈશ. સવાર સવારમાં મોમાં પાણી આવી ગયું

  3. Made this many many times for my Mexican husband and he loves it!! It’s so tasty. Thanks Chef K 🙂

  4. I made this recipe…….. loved it😋😋😋😋😋👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻❤

  5. I find Sanjeev Kapoor not very serious about following his recipes which comes with experience. Kunal is a very good teacher.

  6. u r my favorite chef.l try not to miss ur receipes.chilli paneer receipe is so tasty.u explains the receipe so nicely

  7. I will try this will post how did it go. I guess soya sauce was too dark for me I will go
    Light soya sauce to make it bit light colour. Otherwise very simple recipe. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Sir we will miss you in Masterchef season six you are an excellent chef and we have tried the recipe at home everyone loved it.

  9. Wah Kunal Lovely.
    Gharke saman se ban jayega ye chilli.
    Bahar jake koi bhi new saman kharidne ku jaroot nahi .
    Thank you so much.

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