你好 I’m Mu….coff coff!! 你好 I’m Mutta Today, I’m gonna introduce… chicken’s feet I bought somethig stange again It’s a series of vacuum-seal, second part 「Chicken’s feet」 Chapter 2 「Feet」 I’m sorry, don’t care about it Let’s eat them Feet are ready At first, let them show you Their nails are pretty good Look at this How is it? It maybe not safe for work I think there are some people who dislike it The smell is like Chinese chicken You always said that lol You don’t understand smell of Chinese chicken, but You’ll see if you smell it The smell is gonna spread in your nose Anyway, let’s dig in There is nothing to eat? lol Is this? I’m gonna eat ring finger I’m eating bones completely lol Is this right? I don’t know I don’t know Next, the nails How was it? It tastes clean I don’t understand Really, don’t understand It’s hard to eat, and I don’t know how to eat You are eating bones The joint will come off easily The joints are like this It doesn’t taste bad The texture is ordinary, but I’m just eating bones lol There is no meat When you were a junior high school student, and you had no money you ate bones of KFC I left lol Yes, I have a experience to have eaten bones so, I can eat it easily, but I don’t know wether I am right Is it right to eat this bone until it becomes like this? It became clean like this Since I realized I can eat bones, I ate whole bone of turkey in Disneyland He did… I’m a witness lol That was amazing even I am thinking about it That was so big When Takya ate it, a surprising truth was revealed Everyone!! He is insane We can’t eat this bone normaly Oh, Is it bad to eat? lol It’s not bad, but It’s not a bone to eat Really? I thought the bones were small bone such as grilled fishes because you were eating so easily lol It won’t become like this I wanna increase species like me I wanna leave my gene I don’t mean I wanna spend my life with children I just wanna leave my gene in the world otherwise, I thinik it’s meningless that i was born. That’s it Thanks for the meal Today, I tried eating chicken’s feet It was said that it is used for dashi and you should eat skin of the feet But, It’s imortant to eat bon…. Nothing 再見 Thank you for your watching Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my twitter Bye-bye

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