My name is Alvin Osorio and I’m an Exercise Science major. I chose the exercise science as my major because I’ve
always been physically active, I play soccer ever since I can remember. Once I
got into the major I knew I made the right decision because my professors are
outstanding and and us students, we have mutual respect for each other so it
makes collaborating with one another so much easier. One opportunity I had over the
summer was, I worked at sports performance for a Inova Hospital and it
was a great opportunity of seeing a wide range of athletes from
a beginner, from a professional athlete high school athlete and a pro athlete,
which is something we have learned in class. My favorite part about the
internship was seeing how programs from a professional athlete, from a intermediate athlete and from a beginner were widely different from one another,
plus the motivation were completely different as well. For a professional
athlete they needed no motivation, they would just go to a program no problem but a beginner athlete would need way more more motivation and it’s something
we learned in class and it was really cool to see it in person. This
internship in one way it did influence my future path and in another way it didn’t, and the way it did, was that now I’m working towards getting my
CSCS certification which is the gold standard certification in strength and
conditioning, which I know is gonna help me later on in my physical
therapy path. The way this internship did not change my path is because,
since my sophomore year of high school I’ve been laser focused on becoming a
physical therapist and I fell in love with the profession; that’s all I’ve been wanting to do a since. So one advice I would have for anyone doing an internship over the summer would be to put time and effort to looking for an internship
that you really want to do because that’s gonna make the process so much
easier. Also, to go in and learn something new every day. One fun fact about me is
that I love fishing. I love being out there by myself in the water.
Sometimes I don’t catch any fish but that’s okay, that’s the fun part.

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