hey guys welcome this to my on the go series this is part one of my on the go series but I'll be doing these short little workouts that you can really do anywhere I'm digging through them on the chair this isn't deep on the chair workout um for a number of reasons number one you can literally do that you're yes you can do it at school you can do it in the car but also it's a really great workout to do if you're injured especially if you have any more water and your lower body injury you can do this sitting on a chair there is no impact so I know that when I'm injured I'm definitely starting to these kind of workouts this is a great one to do it's part of Bennett look so I'm gonna go through with you oh but first a couple announcements to make make sure you sign up for my newsletter on Amanda – trust calm then you can bin all the free giveaways I'm steaming away everything from awesome fitness clothing to incredible meal bars shakes gym bags you name it so you could get your prize and also I'd love to see your pictures fit strong and sexy woman your pictures aren't read about of where you've done your workouts transformational results please send them to me I'm constantly looking for people to be me winners I'm also doing some random giveaways and promotion to become a member it fits strong and sexy calm and if you do want to do the full version of this recur which is a little bit longer and in real time we blow suit all the full-length videos on fit strong and sexy calm just sign up there and you can get access to my whole video library along with the meal plan the fitness workup programs all your fitness questions answered forever alright guys make sure to subscribe to my channel because sometimes I don't know what the problem is with subscribing but it seems that people don't seem to subscribe and in order for me to keep making these videos I need to gain some subscribers so show me some love alright enough for me let's get into this um what we are going to do first is you're going to just literally sit in your chair and your legs out and you're going to scissor your legs like leg scissors 30 seconds of leg scissors beautiful and then right away after that you go into arm wheelies so you bring out arms overhead down and then turn try not to move your your bicep up and kind of like a little wheelie here like we're a robot we are doing the robot dance here up down Luis and over oh you'd really press some people if your next dance party with this one then we go right into seated jumping jacks so jump jumping jack is literally just like a jumping jack wide at hand and wide and in and wide and the faster you go the harder it is make sure you don't fall out of your chair though and next exercise we're doing the add twister you're just twisting trying to get both hands so back of the chair twist great for whittling that waist really nice for your waistline beautiful and then we are doing seated leg lifts here so just lift lift lift you'll really feel this nice and dig it deep in them in the ABS here it's yours both most hard to reach lower abs and then we'll do some and then we finished with leg circles so up around the world around the world with your legs around up and around up and around and you can switch directions so come in come in come in and in and those are your exercises again I have many many more than a full length series I fit strong and sexy calm check out head over to my blog my website sign up for my free newsletter and all the events and giveaways that we're doing come join the community me are fit strong and sexy women we are raising the bar that is the mission to raise standard on what it means to be fit yes I want to hear from you in the comments below what does it mean to be fit then you just fit thingy fit it's just so bad what does that mean – that means our skinny jeans does that mean that you can play with your kids you tell me comments below Facebook Twitter see you there you

Methew Wade

11 thoughts on “CHAIR WORKOUT- Sit Down and Tone Up in 10!”

  1. Hi Amanda! Due to a back injury and bad choices with food I have put on a significant amount of weight. Do you target the more fit or do you ever work with someone in my situation who wants to get fit and healthy.

  2. Hi Amanda, thanks for the workout. It is perfect!, quick yet effective, did it 3 times. I thought wouldn't be challenging, but it is & I love it. 

  3. Being fit to me means…
    Living longer
    Feeling good about myself
    Being a great role model for my child
    Being able to be active
    Creating a successful me

  4. Hi Amanda! So this isn't really the workout? It's just a teaser to the real workout from your website? Because there were only 6 moves at 30 seconds each that's not tone up in 10, but tone up in 3… 🙁 I suppose if we repeated it for 3 sets but usually you say that and you didn't this time, you just said you have way more moves on your website… 

  5. Thank you! I am recovering from ankle surgery, and I can actually do these exercises! If you have any other exercises that people can do with a hurt ankle/foot, I would really appreciate to see a video on that. 

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