welcome to the home-based cardiac rehabilitation exercise program this is aim to aid your recovery first of all ensure you've got enough room in which to exercise and that the room you're exercising in is not too hot or too cold good idea that some water handy which you might want during the routine very important to wear comfortable clothing and also supportive Footwear slippers are not appropriate it's a good idea to have an upright dining room chair for support and you'll also use it for some of the exercises as we go through another good idea is to have some tins or bottles of water available these can be used as light weights the routine will do will consist of a warm-up followed by nine exercises and then it cool down for some people the warm-up may be sufficient that may be enough for you if that's the case fine we can add some of the exercises in gradually in the future as a progression when you're exercising you should feel a little bit warm and just getting slightly puffed but you shouldn't be out of breath or very puffed if you're getting to that stage slowdown initially and if you do need a rest or you need to stop just try and keep the feet moving a little bit always be aware of your breathing and refer to that scale we gave you which goes from no problem through to feeling very tired and very puffed you shouldn't get to that stage to get the benefits of the exercise you just need to be slightly puffed but not uncomfortable if you feel any chest pain or feel unwell stop immediately sit down and if you have a GTO spray use it as appropriate if the pain persists and you're not feeling well phone 999 so we can start with the warmup and this is designed to increase your heart rate a little mobilize your joints and stretch the main muscle groups as far as possible keep the feet moving all the time during your warmup there's a couple of stretches for your legs when you won't be able to do this other times try and keep them moving so I'm going to hand you over to Julie it will take us through the warm-up and then on to the exercise routine so if you're ready here we go hello we're just going to start first of all by marching on the spot it's a nice light March we don't need to go in pounding away lifting the legs too high we want to also be quite gradual and we want you to work at your own pace it's very important to not keep up with anybody else just to work at your own pace you're marching through while you're marching I just want you to just just start to roll the shoulders so you taking the shoulders back moving through don't hold your breath keep breathing as normal as you can you want to do about five forward and a five and about five backwards that's absolutely fine just lifting the shoulder and moving through the join relax the arms down keeping the feet moving as we say at all times and we just want you to turn your head to water on shoulder so turn it towards the right shoulder just hold it for a few seconds then bring it back to the center take the chin down towards the chest again just hold for a couple of seconds so we're not going any fast movements back up to the center and then take it over towards the left shoulder again holding for just a couple of seconds and back into the center I'm going to do then is return back towards the shoulders I'm going to give them a bit of a more ever lift we're going to lift with the yet shoulder and the elbow a little bit bigger movement taking them back again only about five times five or six times is fine then on that last time or just place your hands the smaller the back or the top of the bottom your hands face fingers are facing down and I don't want you to push through here and I want you to pull the tummy muscles in and just gently aid the shoulder blades to the back so you're trying don't have to meet you're trying to aim them towards the back in the center of the back it's still breathing as normal as you can and you're still moving the feet as best I can take only hold it for again about eight ten seconds and then release the arms back down just give them a little shake just to loosen them off this time we're going to show push through the shoulder rolls forward nice big turns using the shoulder and the elbow lifted them up again five six tens and then on that last one again when the shoulders right over plus the hands at the front don't lock the elbows out just stretch the arms forward and drop the chin down towards your chest you keeping your feet moving all the time don't hold your breath keep breathing as normal as possible and then release the arms down and again just give them a little swing a little roll back so you just stretch them them off a little there look nice it's all all the time you marching okay then that's pretty much a warm-up but to about two to three minutes long and we're just doing these main joints to immobilize them and get them ready for any workout look at the last little bit we need to do is to stretch off your legs and if one because these muscles are going to be we work quite hard okay so the first stretch to learn to demonstrate is a car stretch so you're going to feel this stretch here in your calf on both the legs alright so I'm going to use the chair to help support which is what you can use also and then is going to do the actual stretch free don't want it to take big step back so you've got a nice step back both feet are still on the floor so you not got this heat up push the heel down and the front knees bent to give you a little bit of balance hands on to the chair if you need it nice easy breathing don't hold your breath and you should feel that in the carful select the back of the leg 810 seconds that's all and bring it back in and just march on the spot for just a few so you can monitor about five 10 two marches just to get that pulse rate back up again before you change and you go on to the other leg big stretch back with the leg both feet facing the same way while like nice and straighten the other one bent at the knee and you should feel the stretch on the straighter of the two legs try not to let this front knee go over and push through that knee keep the back here on the floor and keep this knee back here when you've done that bring it back in and again March on the spot by using your arms you will add a little bit more intensity to your workout so if you're swinging your arms you'll almost definitely feel that that has brought up your pulse rate a little and that's absolutely fine if it helps with the marching as well so the next the next stretch we're going to do it is within big muscles in the thigh here okay do you know what I want you to be able to do the aim is to take hold of the foot into the hand if you can't do that that's fine you can take the back of the trouser and just try and pull the knees together I'll turn around so you can see this way and the at the stretch is from here to the knee so you want a nice slow stretch here so try not to lean forward try to stand tall when you stretch your leg out gently release it give it a bit of a shake same on the other side because that's been holding you up and you want to do that stretch then on the other leg so again you might need to hold onto something take the foot into the hand if you can remember to try and keep that nice and tall so you're not bent forward the back of the trouser is fine also you've just holding it 8 to 10 seconds and then releasing it down give them a little shake and then go back to marching we have just 1 over stretch to do to the leg for hamstring stretch it is at the most natural it isn't the easy stretch but if you can just do that do your best with this stretch ok you're going to stretch the back of the club the back of the thigh here so you can only use the bottom stare or you could still use your chair hold it on you're just going to take one foot forward push your hips back to put your hands on the top of the thigh because she hips back so your bottom sticks out a little you've got a straight front leg and the other leg is bent again helping to support you you can use the chair if you prefer and that's fine keep your head up just lift it and then return and do the same on the other side extending one leg bending one leg nice and straight so you feel that stretch all the way down from the bottom to the back of the knee and keep breathing as normal as you can release it and then back to marching so that was your warmup for some of you that as we said may be enough and that perfectly fine if it is but now look what go to get the cattle on them and you can have a little break if you wish to do so if you want to continue and do some of the other exercises then stay with us grab a drink and we'll go through some of the main exercises would like you to do the first exercise that the two exercises we have a cardiovascular exercises and we have what we call active rest exercises first ones we're going to do at the moment is an active rest one so if you know the tins that we asked you to get tins or bottles tins of soup tins things and want you to take hold of their one in each hand and just curl them up from the elbow you're curling your hand your fist towards the shoulder okay so you're using this muscle here so this isn't as taxing for the part as using the big muscles in the legs but it's still an exercise and it's keeping you active it does help strengthen the muscles in the arm and we're just going to do the active wrist exercises which is a few for 30 seconds each time if you can and do as many as you feel comfortable in that 30 seconds and it spatial you feel comfortable once you've completed those you can replace your tens on the table there to Yuka's you'll need them again then the next exercise we're going to do will involve your chair can do you down in your chair the two exercises at this station we can either do a sit to stand or we can actually do what we call a squat through here all right so don't going to down the straight sit to stand you cross your arms so you can't use your hands on the effort to come from the legs and you're taking yourself from the seat and standing up using your legs to push yourself up so there's a good supply there of blood and oxygen getting to the legs and helping you push up each time don't hold your breath and only do as many as you feel comfortable in perhaps to do about 10 but we want you to try and do the exercise for about a minute so you might get 10 in you may get more in but don't feel you have to wash them do them at your own pace if you find that too difficult you could do a squat or you could do a bit of both you could do 30 seconds of one and 30 seconds of the other the squat you can use your chair to help balance and you just taking your bottom back and pushing through your heels as you come back up so we don't need it to down here we don't need the bottom on the floor I just want you to push back gentle push and back up again and pushing your back you have your bottom towards the back that's it nice and comfortable keep your breathing nice and steady and again if you can do them for a minute that's be great and when you finish those just return back to March him feel free to get a glass sport origin water anytime throughout any of the exercises go back down to what we call an active rest exercise we've made the heart work quite hard with these leg exercises so we won't want a little less heart taxing a little more gentle alright so the next one that you do is like a foot best foot side tap so Glen's going to share one and our do another we're giving out the step side to side all right you just tapping so you can use a swing or you can just tap from side to side again if you want to use the chair to help balance you can do and that's fine and although it's involved in the legs and big muscle groups it is less taxing than some of the other exercises is still considered what would call an active rest exercise so we're looking at 30 seconds and then return again back to March so hopefully so far so good are you still feeling things um well and we're not too out of breath so the next exercise we're actually going to do is a what they call a back toe step it's not to lunge but you just take in the toe back okay you can use the chair so you're just taking the foot back together back together if you want to make the exercise a little harder and you can use your arms by raising them as Glenn's doing forwards you don't need to take them any higher than the chest just at shoulder height there and you just tap your back and again do them in your pace and it's step together set back together all right bending one knee I'm stretching out the other leg the heel doesn't have to touch the floor and then back to a March and again on the spot keep your breathing nice and steady but you should probably by now be feeling a little bit more out of breath a little bit more to that that possibly stage really so the nice and gentle march on the spot again get your breath back together and the next exercise you do again is with the tins so if you walk to get those tins or bottles remember as a contact we're just going to use the arms now we're going to take out in a forward raise or a lateral raise okay you can take the arms out to the side again shoulder height no more than shoulder hat you don't need them to be up here or you can take them forwards if you prefer that move you can use both arms or you can use one then the event it's perfectly fine it doesn't matter which L is most comfortable and it becomes most natural for you and again we're looking at just 30 seconds of those and then we can return the tins back to the table so you should feel a little bit like you've got some more breath now ready to do the next exercise and more cardiovascular exercise which is the one that we're more really important to do okay the next one we're looking at now is the step ups so we've got to set the makeshift step hopefully you've got the bottom stair in your house if you have a bungalow and it doesn't matter I'm going to show you how you just can makeshift the step anyway all right so nice and tall we're just going to use the right leg first of all if you can and then the step up and back down okay again if your pace so you don't feel it has to be fast it's just a bottom step we're not going to get up and down stairs we'll just aiming to use these legs and get them moving regularly if you feel like you need the Pallister to hold onto that's perfectly fine and don't forget we want to change the leg so far through so then try and change to the other leg so your right leg leads and then perhaps the left like the needles we're looking if we can about a minute that might be just 10 or more leg 10 on the other it might be five or more leg five on the other we're trying to go for at least a minute and then back to reward you're more relaxed state which again is just to marching on the spot marching just keeps everything moving keep the circulation going all the way around the body so don't be like marching in between each exercise okay go to this time now we need to actually do what go like a side thigh base so you the hip joint under the legs okay so again if you wish to you can use the wall for support or you can use this back of the chair and all you're going to do is keeping the foot off the floor is extend the leg out towards the side and back in again out and back in and you keep the foot off the floor so you are using the control of the muscle each time and it doesn't have to be hard you don't need this this kicking out movement it's just a small lift to one side and then a small lift to the other side keep your body nice and tall so you not leaning forward or backwards or towards one side or the other side just try and lift the leg out towards the side and don't forget to keep breathing as normal as you can I don't want to take a big deep breath in and end up with the purple face and then bring the legs back down and back to marching on the spot so we're nearly there grab another drink now if you want to again it's up to you you must keep hydrated so keep having a little sips of water and that'd be absolutely fine we're going back to know what we call the CB exercise the cardiovascular exercise so with this time we're going to use to bring the knee towards the chest so we want to keep the chest lifted and you just bring in the New York obviously as you feel is comfortable so it might be a big step right leg or it might just be a little step as I turn but it's as comfortable as you feel right hold on if you feel you need to hold on again that's perfectly fine and if you want to make the exercise just a little bit harder then you can use hand to knee which is what Glen is doing that is using the opposite hand to the knee and then unlifted from there again if we can we're aiming for a minute so try not to worry too much just do them comfortably at your pace and then just tie yourself for a minute and see how you get on with those nice and tall breathe in as normal as you can and I'm back to marching again so hopefully it's still feeling well and you still come with us on the exercises remember if you feel that list of things of the exercise if you're really well with the exercises and you managing them and coping and you reach in on that scale of four if you can fortify then you're doing really really well on that and if you want to repeat these exercises you don't have to start at the warmup you can go straight in and just repeat them through after we've done everything if they on the other hand cut it off then you can just go straight to a cool-down at any point okay and the cooldown would just be walking through so the last exercise would have got now is an active rest one we're going to do like a press up against the wall so you take your hands to the side of you you try not to have them too far up the wall or too far down the wall just underneath your shoulders and you keep your arms very straight and your feet on the floor and you take your body towards the wall facing your nose and then push away so you're taking towards the wall and push away nice easy breathing door hold your breath you can be breathing in here we go towards the wall breathe out as you push breathe in and breathe out and again we're looking at 30 seconds if you can of those like I said using your muscles here in the chest and it also helps there then using the muscles open the shoulder area ninio's as well okay then we go back to a March and we're into what we call a cool-down now that was the last exit of the exercises you cooled down you must always do a warm-up and you must always do a cool down before you finish you cool down and listen this exercise is just walking through the home so it's nice and tall and it's just walking through at a basic feel you feel very comfortable for again about a minute you come down a little quicker than you warm up or you can go back to marching on the spot but keep it really really gentle and practice the breathing breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth well that's the end of the routine I hope you enjoyed it as Judy said if it's too difficult then just leave it at the warm up if you find it quite comfortable and easy you can then just repeat the same routine obviously you don't need the warm-up again but you do need to cool down right at the end so if there are any queries or questions you can ask us next time Judy and I can see you or you can ring ring the office and you have the number for that but hopefully you've enjoyed it and it's been beneficial and we'll see you soon thank you

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    Anyway i thank you very much and i apologize for any spelling errors since English is not my first language.

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