hi this is just gonna be a little video about coaching and what it's done for me and maybe it might be right for you so first of all I want to say connect I think that it's really important that we surround ourselves especially as women with a positive and supportive community rather than tearing each other down and being catty and jealous I think it's important that we just learn how to empower each other and lift each other up my name is Aaron and I am a veterinarian who I graduated in 2008 from a venturi school in the Caribbean this was a really long and tournament goal of mine I worked really hard I took the long way around I went to the trained technicians hold first I did a bachelor's degree arrested on the street went to school of the country because I was really focused on becoming in that area so then when I graduated I the exams and got my first job working in a corporate veterinary hospital and I was working about 50 to 60 hours of me say hi like 2430 patients today quite a at night when that store closed to finish medical records and I was doing that six days a week so by 2010 I was really I was already getting kind of burned out even though I liked it I just like was working so much I had the bull side Muriel go socialite I was only able to go to the gym on my days off if that like one to two days a week and I was working 12-hour shifts so I was just basically getting frozen meals the frozen Weight Watchers noodles I was taking those to work or I was eating those for dinner I was like buying those by the caseload I was you know we barely got lunch breaks as a vegetarian like sometimes you break so I would sometimes have to like go right into subway and I was like cram my sandwich into my mouth really fast within five minutes and start seeing cases again so in just about two years I had already gained like 30 pounds and I had been pretty active in veterinary school so in 2010 and one of my really good friends is in the Air Force and I started seeing he was doing a program called p90x would you probably have heard him it is a pretty intense program but he was like showing like he's like working the program and he was trying to get fit for his fit test and he had just been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes so he acts energy missile shakeology that was brand-new and it's certified low glycemic versus type 2 diabetes and I was watching him and I just felt impressed and intrigued by his journey and I won I just thought I could do that I feel like I saw him doing it I figured like even though like you intimidating I figured I could do that so fast-forward Nike joined to like a pretty much right away and I started loving English Eagle chief demon don't the two flavors back there at back that knows chocolate and green berry I started doing as I would blend it at home my longships ice and I had switched from the corporate veterinary hospital to an emergency hospital that so now I was working overnights and I would blend my Shakeology with ice and half a banana or some blueberries and I think it made like a chocolate milkshake sorta for a Frappuccino and instead of going to Starbucks which was six to seven dollars I was just making my shakes at home and not going to Starbucks that's how I was able to have my Shakeology in my life which was actually only $3.00 dollars a day with my discount versus you know six seven dollars at Starbucks and so much healthier for me so I started doing the p90x cents money make a light never got through the full 90 day yes but I was feeling amazing and I went to my coach my friend and I am totally myself okay I really like the Shakeology he's good back then it stays it tastes a lot better than it used to but a smooth it tasted really good then and I love p90x I love that I can do this before if they're gonna work and I need to take a shower and so much easier than trying to get to the gym every day and then I said but is there like little easier program and he recommended turbo Jam and little did I know that creative turbo Jam chalene johnson would be one applying for our Menchel first love her I started doing the turbo Jam program getting up in the morning before I head go to work earlier doing a 20 minute workout and then I would jump into basically finished my workout and jump into the shower and go to work and that program is 30 days so I did three rounds and I lost thirty pounds my core is the strongest it's ever been I had always had shoulder pain and back pain hunched shoulders and I was standing walking tall and my core was strong for the first time and it was just like life-changing for me so fast forward again I just kept on doing my programs I am my husband here we got married in 2013 and we had our son in 2015 and in that pregnancy we had some struggles in our marriage to separate three right after he was born I gained 47 pounds due to all the stress and started to have magnetic field again so I had gained 47 pounds again but this time I was able to first that mean I took me awhile husband I think it was like five nines I'm a starter with depression because baby I was by myself having to go back to work and I just started doing a daily I just started doing daily gratitude I really started praying every day and to be running down what I was grateful for it was literally like Easton I said that was it like I couldn't think of nothing else to be grateful for and she'll like slowly it just started sniffle of snowballing a little at a time like maybe I was grateful for two things something I was grateful for three things and then slowly I started being pulled out of the depression thankfully I also go to a program called Silbert recovery I'm for codependency so that also helped a lot getting support and I had already known and these programs worked so at five best postpartum I jumped back into the 21 day fix and gave up an addiction to sugar like basically got my chip as well to celebrate recovery for sugar addiction and said I wasn't no more no more juice no more soda I wanted to be a good example for my son and ended up losing another 45 pounds most part so this is why I think this opportunity is so amazing it works if you are kids so work because you're worth it so since I started just sharing my successes and sharing my struggles and how that I kept overcoming my struggles it's really helped to connect better with some really good friends and form a positive tell the community and connect with my grandpa talk to in years which i think is so like powerful just going through this over coverage I learned how to mentor women women and coach them and help them through a program I we say one of the things we like to say is that support don't mix I can't do it for you but I can be there for you and I can believe on you like I get breathe belief into you until you can believe in yourself I run monthly challenge drips their monthly accountability Fitness groups and they are amazing so what I like to do is basically have a supportive group women I kind of code run them up a few with other coaches and we share art we share our journey we share our tips we share recipes we helped inspire others and what I love about this community is that it's a positive supportive community and we don't put each other down we meet each other where we're at and believe in believe until you can believe in yourself if you do decide to put a coach team basically fit like I said you can just start your journey basically you get the best way to join is with the challenge back it basically includes years access to the workouts the amazing superfood shake that I drink there's a vegan version that I drink every single day and it's the cleanest shake out of the market there is a hundred percent money-back guarantee if you don't get results and you can become a coach basically just for the discount basic it's thirty nine ninety five but if you get the jobs back it's free so that's awesome so you can basically start your own business for free and you don't have to just join the community but if you do want to earn I can I will meant like I meet you where you're at like we have amazing training in our group and yearly we all get together and take trips together we take successive trips we go to a summit every year but this year we're going to Indianapolis for the 20 year anniversary of Beachbody which is an amazing billion dollar company we are I'm so blessed to be a part of this company and actually Rachel Hollis I'll not be further she's going to be speaking at Summit this year that's our keynote speaker last year we lived in Indianapolis I've been to Nashville with my team I have been to New Orleans with my team my best best friends through this opportunity I hope that's helpful if you have any questions please

Methew Wade

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