Burn It chappies! Alright here we are it’s
lovely and warm. So I’ve been with Burn It Fitness for two years.
My goal was to have consistent exercise I’ve stayed for two years so I’ve achieved
those goals from that perspective where I’ve been consistent. I regularly
exercise about three to four times a week so that’s been going on for the
last few years so that’s fantastic What we’re going to do is we’re going to run out to the gate. The thing I really enjoy about Burn It is that every class and
every trainer is different and it’s that variety that keeps me coming back. Three, two, one, let’s go! What do I love about outdoor training? It
just makes you feel alive, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, cold, windy it’s
just you just feel invigorated and you just feel so much better afterwards on the
Heath you never know what’s gonna happen. Like we’ve have the cavalry coming past,
we’ve had ducks join in, we’ve had school coaches pull up and the kids want
to join it it’s just unexpected and lovely. Throughout the season it’s really
nice to be outdoors because you can get into a winter mentality, whereas when
you’re exercising outdoors throughout winter you see the sunshine the nice
parts and it never feels as grim. You get the daylight that’s available. If I’m
being really frank I absolutely hate training outdoors I’m not an outdoor person
at all but the difference with Burn It fitness is that it’s such camaraderie, it’s
such fun and the time goes really quickly we do a number of sort of
contact team sports the activities are fast you move around before you know it
it’s done and you know actually I’m outside as well so I’m getting some vitamin D so that’s really great every class is different every trainer
has their own style. I’ve had two main goals. One was the marathon and was trained by
Burn It for that and I ran faster than I ever had before, and I’ve just got
stronger. Burn It Fitness has changed my
self-esteem because I I thought I’d lost the ability to exercise at the level I
wanted to. I’d had injuries, and now I can do anything I want to do. All the instructors are friendly and
encouraging rather than you know shouting at you and trying to badger you into doing things it’s a really inclusive group. Burn it Fitness has helped me
sustain that improvement in my fitness and weight loss. It’s a real community of
people of trainers and members and it’s wonderful!

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Methew Wade

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