today we have Jan Anita laka master trainer for Bombay gym here to take us through a ten minute Bollywood dance fitness workout let's get on the dance floor we're gonna start with two cardio routines today the first is based on Bollywood hip hop style the second is based on a Bollywood Hungama style I know Anna's got her Bollywood groove on oh yeah I know chef Nutt got her Bollywood groove on you got yours let's get started all right I'm gonna begin by breaking down some of the moves for you before we get right into the routines the first track like I said is Bollywood hip hop so get that whole feel going we're gonna begin with a scroll step take your right leg cross it across and out we have arms to this so keep your hands fisted right here arms are gonna go in the opposite direction of the leg let's try this together okay one two three four step out into a second drop it low take the right hand curl it up five six seven eight good same thing left leg one two three left hand curl five six seven eight nice you can add that whole feel to it yeah yeah I just put in your natural style second step take the left leg cross it back right hand comes out this is a jazz hand all five fingers open it's one two forward open out that leg three four other side five six seven let's do it one more time you can turn the head look towards the arm if you want and bring you back forward five six seven eight simple yeah that was an easy move all right Horace every time the chorus comes in we have stopped for with two stomps forward two stomps back I'm just a low step in place leading always with the right leg what are you going forward or back when you go forward jazz hands pull him back one two when you step back make a fist start with the arms cross open up three four when you Crump bring them right here fist in front of you angle them a bit push five six seven eight you put the hands and legs together okay yeah all right let's go one two back three and four in place six seven one more time take it up to and back for crux about antsy and seven and eight good just a couple more steps alright walk forward keep your hands right here fingers loose like you're calling somebody in fact that's what the lyrics say dance with me so inviting all your friends to dance with you so with the right leg crossing forward angle your body to the left diagonal hands keep calling it's like a two-step one and two three and four five and six seven and eight walk it back take the arms up three circle the hips five six seven and eight we got that one down alright one last step to go okay angle your bodies right diagonal it's a body wave so lead with the head shoulders and everything else follows one and two back three and four one five six seven eight pop that shoulder as you go one and two three and four take left right left and right we do this one more time that's all the moves you have for the first track all right let's try that if you guys are ready we are start in the second position keep out hands down up arms up second track Bollywood hang it up let's see how this works so what we start with leave pulse moves face the left stay with your feet apart knees are soft huh get a hand for the baton the hand make like a letter C relax these fingers stick the index finger facing up that's your power your hands shoulders accents downwards one two three fourth baseball would make a month or six seven other side turn one two three four and pull six seven eight you got that one down cool next step really simple lunges across the wrists a no index finger up one two three four five six seven eight nothing to bat for is that double stomp start with the right leg roll hands in calling in and I'm gonna pull up with the feet okay one two up three and four stomp five and six seven and eight many chances to do that move I know you'll get it last step guys for the version this song is a cross run lead right left right and pull pull left right left and pull we do this again but there's one movement that changes run run run take the shoulders and run step right here right leg forward back shake those hips if you can keep your knees soft switch left why'd you feeling it create pose to the left arm make a muscle show us our bicep and repeat one more time lunge and single double stop knees up knees up [Applause] oh we're back right leg catch your breath right here switch left hand 4 3 2 cross 1 right shoulders back step back bring that head down big with the arms take your stop nice and bit forward back your heart rate should be nice and high now oh yeah switch left and as you everything could be Bollywood dancing one more set turkey lunge Insano make the big guys we're almost at last to that final coat we gotta involve every channel with a fantastic dramatic pose thank you so much guys hope you had fun Bobby Jon with us Johnna me that workout was killer thank you so much thank you so much Anna thanks for having us on PopSugar Fitness you were amazing thank you hope you enjoyed Bombay jamming with us our Bombay Jam home workout DVDs coming out this August so make sure you look for it the routines are gonna be just as explosive and fun and addicting as the ones you saw here today visit Bombay Jam comm for more information about our classes about where we're located and if you want to become a bomber Jam instructor you can get certified to all the information is up there dance along to our routines on YouTube we have a youtube channel dami jam workout check us out anytime share it with your friends awesome we'll see you guys next time I'm PopSugar fitness

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42 thoughts on “Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance Workout! Burn Calories While Having a Blast | Class FitSugar”

  1. Do you have these songs edited version according to your dance please? I want the kids in school to perform on it. Thank you

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  3. Who filmed and edited this? It's a mess. The sound is a mess too; feet too loud and music is too low. It's a shame that the exercise is messed up by these tech mistakes.

  4. They need to change the name of the city. It's Mumbai now. They changed it few years ago. I kind of like Bombay more than Mumbai.

  5. Can you please also make videos on aerobics exercise???🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  7. When I was in 4th grade, my class which was a combo between 4th and 5th along with all of the other 5th grade classes memorized this entire dance and performed it for our multicultural night

  8. You are good trainer the way taught us really good but i think you should think about song if we wanna do so how we arrange song. 👍👍👍👌👌👌

  9. That was so much fun! Thanks girls =)
    Great burn! that was so high energy!! Checking you out elsewhere too!

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