hi I'm Barry Weiss welcome to Cairo TV the new workout is called the next generation for you guys out there that never seen type of about your mom your dad or your uncle's been doing it I only introduce it to you and we're gonna do it first I'm gonna warm you up first for a nice stretch and then we gonna put the music on and go through the workout so get ready to workout are you guys behind me are y'all ready okay so good energy I'm gonna have you guys why are you working out counting home because if you count it's going to help you breathe better help you relax and also give you that confidence because your own voice to you out loud gives you power so let's get ready to workout alright now we gonna start off first we'll open your legs up a little bit further than shoulder-width apart right now take your hand your right hand you want to take it up reach over gonna pull it over to your left and give me a nice eight count you're gonna go one two three four there we go opposite side and county go good now take your left palm put it down to the ground extend that left leg directly behind you remember if you go down watch your knee over your toe you don't want to stretch your knee but keep that knee parallel with the instep you're gonna put the palm down the ground hold that position take your right palm look up and see you silly as you look up and see your silly push that palm up into the ceiling you want to stretch hold that stretch just like this ready now give me a nice eight count ready go one two good job now you're going to rotate all the way over to the other side as you rotate over to the other side you'll drop that right palm down as the right palm goes down do your best to straighten out this leg you want to straighten that leg out if you can't go that low just stay up in the position and just started from here but make sure you keep that leg straight now take your left palm place it up to the ceiling open up your chest to the ceiling that's what you do now give me a nice eight count ready to go one two three good bring it back to the center now take both palm in your hands place it down on the ground wanna stretch your hamstrings take your top of your head place the toe of the floor hold that stretch and county go three four five six now take your right hand reach over to your left toe hold that position you'll give me a nice eight count ready go opposite side all the way over remember if you can't go that far just go as far as you can go and County go bring it back to Center one more time topping here closer to the floor hold that position and remember if you can't straighten those legs go as far as you can so you can't get that flexibility now give me a nice eight count ready go good job now put both hands on the floor go heel toe up bring the heel toe up all the way up once you get to a certain point take your hands place it on top of your thighs roll your butt on each vertebrae all the way up the last thing comes up should be your head okay now we loosened up a little bit you got the muscle stretch style now we don't get into the workout so I want to do first is we're gonna start off with putting your chin in the cage let's do that first chin in the cage you don't take your left leg right leg right stick and go to your left you're going to do this one two let's try that in everybody count with me left leg starts first five six count it out one count it that's it tap tap tap one more set go tap it that's it go go go go and hold on it good job hold that position now at the same time put the hands out like this I want to show you why are you working out if you move your wrist you're going to shape the arms take both palms face it toward the wall now when I say turn the palms back to your ears turn them back so your turn the palms back to your ears automatically your arm starts to flex so if you move your wrist you shake the arm so let's try this bend your knees now when I say one your cardio flow you're gonna do this one two three four flex that bicep tricep ready go one two three four flex the arm two three four one more set hold your flex hold that flex now you hold that flex you can feel your blood all the blood started coming your arms can you guys feel that alright you guys at home you feel that you can feel what I'm seeing you from the tip of your fingers to the shoulders you can feel the blood going into the arms now shake your arms out so all I'm telling you throughout this workout I'm going to ask you to twist that wrist even when you punch you if you risk you'll give more blood in your arms you go circulate the blood you have shake those arms you get your arms in really good shape okay now we're gonna start to work out you guys ready now I'm going to give you leaning on everything that we do but you guys in the next generation your parents have been doing this workout now and introduce it to you I guarantee you has martial arts has boxing as Cal aesthetics has a little bit of everything to make you be the best you can be so next generation get ready let's Rumble hands are up now we're gonna tap it out like a boxer take yourself as a fighter get ready for fight and you're gonna tap it up you'll count it go to count it three go chop chop chop one more set go work that footwork that's it work it work it now two steps forward you go work it back it up go do it again work it work it work it go now now body twist go and remember as you're doing a body to it pull your stomach in because we work those that that's it let's go that's it work it warm the back up 29 so you're pulling your muscles one more chef go that's it work it go last set of eight work it go go now that's a chop it up come on tap those toes move it forward really important in this workout hands up work it work it work it now give me that nice cross flush them out turn the wrist on that remember the wrist twist the wrist that's it work it turn the shoulders go work it yo now four steps forward let's go work it back it up do it again go work it that's it back it up come on guys do it again let's work it call you guys at home I'm here you cut it out right so vain go working go now doctor body twist everybody every time you do it work you want to do this body twist help you bring the weights in if you twist the shoulders you slim the waist down pull some again ready elbows up go I'm walking around show you watch hand real here see angry on this on my right see them elbows up almost like a blocker really working the waist waist line at the same time listen to a voice coming up you guys do the same thing vehicle doing the same thing twisting to this one more set as you go that's it work it work it yo yo yo now that left leg tap that's if you guys doing good friend give me your toes to top me here we get that blood circulated now for the same time give me a nice uppercut you got a jack up brunch Giacomo nice uppercut like a fighter now at the same time you should chin as a guideline your any punches hide the chin sometimes you'll see people saw punches then we punch it like this you don't wanna be punches like that measure your some words next snap the punch pull the weight make that stomach feel your workout to watch this guys Oh jung-hee elbows back here what's up what's up yo slim where you at where your lids come on let's go work it come on guys work it go work it work it one more steady to go work it go now finish that was a block over to the left now hands up in the dark just like that come on hands are up you see six different boxes working speed back everyone to work and speed back to tight you to start first get that circular motion really want use that size depth push the hammer car you're fishing notice we got a vest on why don't we have Buster ramps on so if you cue our I make sure I Spit pinkies we're arms are go whippin circle circle now your reverse up now reverse it Plus now when you go backwards you up that bicep pull it in come on work it Chu more work it that's it tap your toes that's it come on one more settings go circle come on Circle now back to the center body twist go so here we stay at all time I want to get that waist down once you got in tighten those ABS up remember you're the new generation everybody wants a six-pack everyone wants to eight packs even some people wonder 12 back the way you work on this tighten those ABS up nobody twist that's it ready lift those elbows up whoa pull it off go let's go work it wait I went back come on she wants instrumental yeah work let's go work it work it one more set go work it work it work it work it work it work it I'll back it up here you go keV up here something to guard really going see that speed back there yourself as a boxer now use the hammer circle that's it give me nice circle sometimes you'll see people do this don't do that give me a good stuff think of a good circle keep the other hand up in your guard do it here let's go that's it guys you're doing a good job working working working nobody's go then we go reverse it you step-by-step ready bicep let's go Circle nice good change good transition really important when you're doing cardio workout cause we never know where your transitions are never know where your feet are so loose you guys are doing right now but a good job now be getting winded you need to catch your breath just walk it out like this then keep going countess working that's it working working here comes the last one guys no working work this no now here's up buddy – it's no big o hit that body twist theory techniques come on tighten the lads up pull your stomach back into your spine there you go work it out come on come on work it let's go work it work it work it work it work it work I see you let's go work it come on work it work it work it work it walk it out good job all right guys done a good job remember that you guys doing a workout you need to get some water go ahead and get some water but don't quit remember plug this next generation right guys remember obesity is telling you tell you guys up won't you guys live for a long life so let's start working up getting that stuff together okay open the leg back up gears up I'm gonna punch it buddy shoots at stop punch it pick it all that work shoot side to side come on young guys young girls let's work mom let's go look it come on that's it work it I can feel your clock let me feel you go that's it come on let me feel your presence come on let me hear you count come on I know I'm there let me hear you count that's it that's what I'm talking about right here show me your confidence work it no more smoke it yes look it go go now do that cross up go get down low come on push the crosswalk SWE's the bump club especi work that's it guys height of those legs time tap that toe cut the toe go Rolly where you right back here we are y'all silence going up in the midst of battle in the midst of battle what we got to do cool guys you know what I'm talking about communication you guys love it you today you guys got cell phones you guys get computers get all kind of things to help you communicate so with your help you can use hands on buddy how are you gonna do that stop counting now no lookit lookit no no yeah that's this tight now Bofur and drop here we go now no flip-flops mean a nice surface this is nice alright now come to the front of the box let's go see some of the Russia watch those triceps make it spin close two more sets work it work it work it work it oh yeah we are you are you are you come on oh yeah oh yeah come on me back work work it work it work it one more time go that's it gritty work work it work it walk it up good job good see Andrea all the time and there's always smiling in the class when we worked out in studio always got smile on the face fines way to get your brain by joy that's what I want you guys find a way to get to that pain add that George – what is your choice want to live a good healthy life now open those legs that's English now he's going the other side already Victor's arms up okay we're firing on the bottom of the second round now we got 12 more to go are y'all ready with us now starting stuff come on come on you generation let's go come on look look look it clock work let's go come on challenge yourself get the alarms doing imaginary sleazebag rocket work it come on guys let's go work it oh yeah in there girl come on go let's go work it come on count it count it count it count it do it again go Merkel go go go now give me this give me this come on there you go that's it that's it Oh God look no what's that Go Go ruckus work it work it work it work it bring it down good job working that's it work that's it now we do a little faster come on nice to it come on use those hips use those ABS by tightening them up who your chest up the kids I can fight it cool guys work it cool guys work it that's it let's go come on that's it work it work it now let that jab go push the wrist on that River twist that risk wanna shake those triceps work oh yeah let's go smoke it little guys work it go nutty work it work it look at my fans it come on – you come a little gas let's go work it work one more time go looking oh yeah good jab whooping look back it up chin up three tap keep it up ma is that boy smooth buddy – come on buddy look at your man drop down a little lower let's go tight tight one more shot let's go you ready for five wins the fight the fight for life we all need to fight for life come on next generation especially obesity is trying to take y'all out of here don't let it now become that warrior go work work work work now now bring your back up step up smug step it up mom you're going right sighs mini twist and right side ready go small use those legs oh yeah that's work it oh come on ready do that yeah go good flip good what come on let's go win the blue ribbon come on beat up let's go rookie Rookie listen let's go yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah movie hip swivel good what was that oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah good job walk it out oh you guys already good job thank you guys give me an opportunity coming to you hop so I really appreciated just keep it moving remember where you get your power from is your voice the voice is really important just like you work your cell phone lets you work with computer it's good way music well how do I communicate myself I start talking out loud like open your legs up like this ready listen meal we call this side me tiny one County come on in generation you know use the voice you got a lot of power new generation you don't have to be quiet come on let's work it let me hear you go hey give me a contraction give me that contraction that's it come on one more seconds go even a contraction even a contraction all right now hold it out here we go did you crease that's hard ready to pull it in good in five six ready let's go go pull it pull it pull it pull it do it do it oh yeah let me hear you work it work it work it work it work it that's it come on one more pull it pull it pull it pull it pull it good job walk it out oh good keep it moving now so if you guys die I wanna show you something real fast right a little workout put your hands up here ready now don't count when you slide off I want seen you do this not ready give me eight go don't count don't count don't count now a little faster don't count three ready go go go go okay walk it out see that's born there's no communication going on people do that every day to work out but when you start to use your voice all of a sudden you start to fill the room with your fear and that's what I want you guys to do when you get into this workout feel the workout lick your voice I can be activated just like your phone one by one put it up so let me hear y'all you ladies y'all ready y'all ready to go one pull it that's what I'm talking about can we just fill the room same thing you doing at home let me hear y'all count mom and dad y'all in the room with you young people the only way you don't get them out of the rut how we getting out of Russia see you Marta communicates itself that's what new kind of the new generation is all about calm down loud really talking to yourself giving you the power giving you what you need that's that's one problem yes baby now y'all ready no let's do it go pull it pull it pull it pull it pull it pull it pull it walk yeah good job that's what I'm talking about okay you'll cross runner jab ready open the legs up cross water jab hands up we're going to corner corner you look like this one one two three four go six seven and let me hear you count that's here mom go go go either the middle I'm in the middle you guys on me either can't refer you know what's going on all time that's it work it now your turn working that's it come on go work it work it and hold all right here we go now you guys ready all right now you got the home are you I I'm sweating like you don't know what right now hope you guys don't say that I'm sweating good here we go five six blue no more is you know what look it look it look it look it look it look it walk it up your job alright so that's I ready here's us ready cost 10 in the middle stops since that rich never choice and risks go let's do it go slowly well yes we're yeah girl never here come on look look go work it work work work look look we're your guys at home come on let me hear you count aloud that's one top freezer here we go y'all ready do it I'm gonna do at home 3 3 set good boys one two ready exam go count it count it down it will again go at the same time I'm gonna hit a joy in your voice one more look it look it look it look it look it look it look it out good job good job guys get in the kitchen hands up ready take it down we go one squat to give me nice quad core this is where you jump you guys might be winning basketball good mom you girls volleyball basketball any of it gonna help you out ready take your photo athlete only way to be the best you can be be in good physical condition person as you are big do it again work it I'm here learn more a little bit apply matches already let more brightness let's do it give me the bunny hunt bunny bunny hop bunny hop bunny hop that's what I'm talking about no you're tired but don't quit don't give up if you need to stop need to walk go ahead walk and some rest Muffy let me hear you count let me hear you that's what I'm talking about yes good job wrap it up good job all right here you go hands grow up all right go right back set by Chris you guys ready doubles you guys go ahead are you guys all right all right yeah all right let's go you got your home you okay that's it on thumbs up Cheers okay come on let's go let's go no good here let's go walk it up good job all right good job guys Ezra that was the cross corner let's hand out to the side ready think of reaching out you'll reach out with the right hand reach out with your left leg one two mimic turn at the bounce here keep yourself in one height let's go and let them show this rock why you want let those shoulders Rock want to bring that weight in remember if you don't activate your waist and your waist won't come down want to activate the muscles in the waist by twisting the shoulders come on down to cardio let's go and work it come on work it that's it work it that's it come on keep working working that's it new generation come on guys mirror marks Russians in all generation stars in 1400 now it's 2015 martial arts don't go anywhere exercise go anywhere all we need is your right attitude that's you go pump it Pump It pump it Pump It pump it Pump It walk it up good job okay let's go to the side ready ends up gin insane ready go stretch three that's it come on do it again go Jeff ginyeomil keep your eyes here so you can always see what's going on come on good vision come on that's him work it work it work it now double go work it work it work it that's it work it look bitch Wow go look it look it look it look it two more times go good job mo work it one more time go work it work it work it work it work it good job walk it out you're done all right go left and go right lateral move it like a football even later get in position hands up hands up like this now watch me perfect you guys watch suit go like this cap cap like a baseball football basketball play ready five six seven go tap five six tap move it lower go work those legs what's your play let's elevate walk it out good job all right that's the lateral movement football players do it basketball players do it every athletes out hitting players whoever athlete now we're gonna deal with a jazz ready heads up three yeah – let me go – now cross punch go go that's it go walk it out good job alright now we don't add it with speed remember footwork is important are we doing to your footwork with your basketball player or football player or volleyball player tennis player holding on do the avenjet to help us right leg ready 5 which mean ready let's go go go let's shuffle let's work it yes that's what I'm talking about go one more time go last step walk it out good job way to go guys oh I catch the repetition right walk it all guys ready here we go and on the show Chinon K another nother thing that a fighter does dig that rhythm just going back and forth with the heel so things like this come on like you guys are playing basketball where I'm always you resort back to what you guys do cuz if I wanna do help you and your workout help you in your sport come on that's it work it go last one now and here's up there you go now store the hook punch bring it down we go one hook come on when you throw the hook you want your thumb to be facing toward the series not up like this why don't you close it and pull it like that go now create imaginary box in front we're done as an airy bucks you want to pull away sometime you see people do it like this you see people do that you don't do that you don't pull them up swing arms don't you do snap back crease that little boxing funny you want snap like a fighter snap ready let's go go snap snap keep it full come on snap it vertical vertical go nothing let's go see a brush with it that's it let those hips drop one more step go rock it rock it rock it rock rock rock last one let's go rock rock bring down on the toe all right right leg goes forward here we go step test move watch me first in your power back down yeah ready let's go – got hit work that's what I'm talking are you guys going – good job guys at home easy moves to pick up simple move to pick up I can do standing your toes stay on your toes that's tap that's it little faster work it go go do it again one more time and walk it up ok let's go to the other side nice and slow go to three count it that's it nice move those runs in from the side once your tap that toe tap your toes hope you stay alert you know buh buh buh tell you a bath like that I'll tell you one thing don't never get caught flat-footed until appliances hi Bo let me come flat-footed and we come flat foot it your work on become still one more that's it work it now load up faster one two three four let's go one more time I need one more of these one more all right on the toes on the toe on the toes now we're gonna say that one two one more hands up hands up come on now one two go come on that same footwork that's it work it ready let's go go look at guys lump come on come on steps oh yeah legacy smile girlfriend call ya'll guys smile find the joy go do it again let's say that me

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  1. Thank you Sir for helping me to save my life and change it for the better. I was 1st introduced to you YEARS AGO and after a bad accident and major health scare found you again thanks to my husband's suggestion as he has been working out with you for 16 yrs now. We even have our 13 yr old and 18 yr old daughters working out to your videos on DVD and here on your channel. 1 daughter is a purple belt and the oldest is a brown belt in Aikido, they make me look bad with my kicks as their kicks are WAY better than mine. Lol. Thank you for what you do to get people like me healthy, mentally and physically. Keep doing what you do.

  2. OMG! Billy Blanks is the core of every exercise program out there: Strong, Body combat, kick boxing, etc, etc., just to name a few. I see his work in everyone of these new programs. Sorry, it had to be said, and I said it. I have been following his routines since the 90's. Yeah, I am almost 55 😉

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  4. hello "Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Advanced Next Generation Workout!" How do I get a DVD? What should I do to get? Unable to reach http://www.taebo.com/index.php?p=page&page_id=digital_tv


  5. hello "Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Advanced Next Generation Workout!" How do I get a DVD? What should I do to get?

    Unable to reach http://www.taebo.com/index.php?p=page&page_id=digital_tv

  6. me gustaria que esten doblados al español todos tus videos de entrenamiento. Sos el mejor y no hay muchos videos doblados…. Saludos desde Argentina

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