hey what's up man I'm about to take you through an arm workout that will give you instant growth hey guys Darrell Walker here with live and ball calm in this video I'm going to show you an arm workout that you can do to build your arms extremely quick alright it's a superset workout so what we're gonna be doing is super setting biceps with triceps so the other benefit of that you're gonna get tremendous blood flow in your arms which is going to create a perfect muscle growing environment which is huge also it's gonna make for a quick workout so that's the other great benefit alright that means sad let's get started first exercise we're gonna do is for biceps and I like starting with an EZ bar curl and we're gonna be shooting for 10 to 12 reps of these alright so here we go key points make sure your shoulders are locked back your not forward mind muscle contraction so really focus on that mind muscle connection contracting at the top stretching only the biceps contracting 6:9 Willet three more I really like this because of the neutral grip as well a lot easier on your elbows shoulders and wrists then this well immediately from there into a parallel bar dip when you're working triceps you want to make sure your elbows are tucked into your side good stretch good contraction a little more to four all right this is your first superset what you're gonna want to do now rest 60 seconds and then do your second set of beads okay once you're done with your second set we're going to get to our second superset second what we're doing you're gonna utilize a cable and a rope so we're gonna do a hammer grip curl utilizing rope again shoot 14 to 12 reps shoulders back eight four more for all right now you're gonna braid the cable system up and go straight into your rope pressure push down 10 to 12 as well 11:12 all right rest here 60 seconds and then you're going to do your second set all right after you've done your second set there go ahead and rest about 90 seconds and we're going to your last superset the last thing we're gonna be doing our drop sets so we're doing dumbbell curls I like to do trip to dropped so a heavier weight eight reps drop the weight slightly another eight reps drop it again under your last eight so 24 total reps all right so video again eight to focus on really supinating at the top rotate those wrists out hard contractions seven eight drop a little bit lighter by three more and eight drop away one more time although the weights lighter so we talk to sorry or really focus like mine my love connection take your shoulders out eliminate momentum one more and there okay you're gonna superset this push up triplex alright so we're gonna use different mechanical advantages so the first one we're gonna do they're all close grip push-ups feet elevated this will be the toughest mechanical position again eight seven eight immediately from that position to a standard closer episode three more from here you actually want more hands on the beach close rivers will rotate elbows in good stretch good contraction all right three more and eight all right that's your pushup triplex rest sixty seconds and you will do this a second time so as you can see not a lot to it another workout will probably take you about 25 minutes or less so tremendous benefits you're new to tween it's pump a lot of blue in your arms which is going to put a lot of lactic acid in the arms and hope the leaves up load some growth hormone in your arms tremendous benefits but if you haven't already checked out my anabolic Lana's program make sure you do that the rything link in the description box tremendous our program lot of workouts like this a lot of ovaries with tight workouts drop set workouts Tricon workouts so having shown you a lot of those tremendous tremendous program six-week program designed to really grow your arms fast also if you haven't subscribe to the channel subscribe get your buddies to subscribe share the channel share the videos with some of your family and friends as well but guys got any questions about any of these exercises if you need any clarification on anything comment below and let me know also man put this workout to use come back comment let me know how it was what you thought of it but right guys that's all I got you're busy get after god bless

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Methew Wade

3 thoughts on “Bicep And Triceps Superset Arm Workout (Arms Workout For Men!)”

  1. Hey man! In this video I'm going to give you an amazing arms superset workout! The last exercises uses my TriPlex sets so be sure to watch till the end to see exactly how to use them for maximum arm gains! Comment below and let me know what you think.

  2. I’ve noticed when u workout that you don’t have to be in gym for hours at a time just get good workouts in I like your videos cause you get to the point and it’s effective

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