I'm sorry I have my foot missus slip is something yeah when I grabbed you so do you want to climb together I'd be crazy not to but I don't need cuz I'm scared oh that's okay I can do all the lead climbing right so I'm gonna warm up on that twelve seat the beginning looks really easy but then it gets pretty tricky towards so I've got this dream what is it oh wow I want to do this Wow outside me too really yeah I've always wanted to I just never have never really no I don't know how to do it well me neither but I mean it can't beat that hard you can figure it out three big horse yes we do train oh wow apparently this is the place to Train this means that we got to start training hard yeah the more return the better so see what start tomorrow yeah let's do it all right [Applause] you ready for this dream come true okay so the path goes all the way up there yeah uh-huh it's a long one yeah we're in for a big day you ready for this babe oh yeah give your ID uh yeah I do where you sign in probably have the actual crag oh thank you so much for agreeing to do this with me okay yeah again yeah hey oh I thought he was that goat it is a cry stupid scrambles just loose ships bring you down faster oh my god romaine it whoa check this out the scrambling is over not a climbing begins oh that must be where we scan in okay good oh my God look at the bolts way too far apart we're supposed to climb this at the gym they're like three feet apart okay I'm good that's good cool like this like how am I supposed to know what great this is doesn't doesn't have the markers like where are the colored holds like who want to do this this is stupid there should be a hole right here yeah hang on keep trying this look no okay there's no way oh heck are you gonna do this hmm you're so strong usually you just do they usually do but it's not that usual I know I know we're gonna do what well I really like your idea so let's just stay in the tent tonight tomorrow we'll get the stuff and we'll try it again yeah we'll find a way to make it fun oh yeah a little bomb didn't work out but no worries yeah then we'll have a good night's sleep I'll get up early all right dine let's go get some rest yeah oh my god gorgeous morning get it second day this is the day tell me about it we're doing this I'm good with special stuff oh yeah oh yeah all right oh we are doing this the right way so stoked it is so gonna work got you on belay culés okay ready ready okay there we go all right you're doing this for real awesome unbeli okay Mike Thanks okay all right ready to climb I'm black okay climbing it's gonna go my Instagram oh yeah yes I'm gonna go down now it yeah that's it and then we're done okay so do you know how to propel down with my gris-gris Brook pail go wait no no hang on so we had to feed something through this right we can't just hey Siri how do you rappel down a mountain I wish I could help we are so screwed yes we are what the hell we gonna do I don't know like removed it's getting late and it's cold well will you suggest I have no idea like Siri doesn't work all I have is this device in my mom gave me for my birthday to spy you just press the button and then these Santa helicopters seriously I know it sucks but like people do it all the time in the Rockies fine press and then we just wait that's it yeah it's the helicopter oh oh my god we're safe get off here man [Applause] what we do here just go back back

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