Conventions figure most of us desire for nice
curve and not the back hanging down. So to turn your waist your oblique muscles and your
abs. Let’s get started Let’s put the stick on the shoulder not on the neck place it gently
on the shoulder extend your hands tuck your hands and shoulders just look straight. Gently
bring your right hand forward with out twisting your head and go back are you ready.Let’s go
enrol to gentle moments releasing slowly and smoothly and back 4 5 6. Let’s do other set
bring your left hand forward and start 1 keep tight 3 4 5 and stop continue doing this 20
on each side and the next moment would be side bend for that stand little wider toes
widely and tuck your abs back straight and gently without lifting the stick from your
shoulder bent to the right as much as you can and come back to the standing position
again 2 and up and keep your neck totally relax hold it on dont bend it on a natural
way let it go along with your body smoothly and up down and up down and up and lets do
that other side to the left and up focus on breathing inhale and exhale 3 4 5 and stop
the thing to know is when you are bending please make sure you are not pushing your
hips and gently focus on lifting the pushing the upper body alright dont do the hip push
thats it for you continue doing this everything for 20 times and you will see a tremendous
change in your figure.

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Methew Wade

40 thoughts on “Best SLIM WAIST EXERCISES For Women At Home”

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  5. I need exercises to reduce bust size.. Olz can u tell me so that i can do at home.. I literally need to reduce my bust

  6. Actually found this tutorial very helpful, you forget just how flexible your body is if you haven't worked out for a while. I used to do gymnastics and these exercises were far more important than extreme kind that tore ligaments, why we were never advised to do them. THANKYOU مين يتكلم عربي وينكم 😖😖😖😖😖مافي حداااا يسااعدني😭😭😭😭

  7. But in all standing exercise it must be care that ur knee fold under ur toe ..otherwise by the time pass u ll feel pain in knee

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