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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: ‘I Would Not Be Running If I Were Not Healthy’ | TODAY”

  1. BREADLINE BERNIE The walking "heart attack", certain to "blow another gasket", & get screwed in the ground. Now this is what a real interview looks like. Biden is right, this guy is just waiting for the "grim reaper".Looks like he's ready to meet the "big guy", I hope he likes it hot!

  2. Here's the Bernie plan in action…. The Swedish public has voted that climate change spending has been the biggest waste of taxpayer money in 2019, according to a poll by the Swedish Taxpayers’ Association.

    The Taxpayers’ Association released the results of their annual wasteful spending poll earlier this week, declaring that climate policy had been the biggest waste of money, largely due to the fact that despite the spending, emissions in Sweden had actually slightly increased.

    The wasteful spending poll results come as many Swedish municipal governments face financial hardship or even bankruptcy due to a lack of money to support recently arrived migrants who have largely remained out of the labour force.

    An estimated 90 per cent of migrants who came to the country during the height of the 2015 migrant crisis and received permanent residency are unemployed.

  3. Love Bernie but Yang has fresher smarter ideas. Also, recent Emerson poll shows 38.7 percent of Trump voters plan to vote Yang in primary vs 3.23 for Sanders. Yang will unite this country and win the General by a LANDSLIDE

  4. Do you notice when Bernie leads, the headline is Too close to call, or there's a 4-way tie, and Bernie's name is buried in the headline? When Bernie is not quite in the lead, then they make sure to mention the centrist's name who is barely winning and within the margin of error?

  5. When have they ever brought up a republican candidate for an interview and asked, "hey are you afraid your platform is too reactionary and conservative for America to handle??" Like the abortion bill in Alabama that could find its way to the supreme court.

    No never. Its always the democrats that have to appeal to the moderate not the other way around apparently. I saw the same question asked with the CBS political pundits too.

  6. Savannah is voting for Trump wow what an amazement she's in the bag for Donald Trump I'd rather nominate a man who has a who had a heart attack than a man who had a brain aneurysm

  7. Journalist students should have to watch this and the title of the video should be The INCORRECT way of interviewing a presidential candidate.

  8. The mainstream media just doesn't get it. I can't believe the headline is about Bernie's health.. No one ever asks Joe Biden about his health and he's the same age. Not to mention he's clearly mentally declining. It provides me no joy to say that, but we need to be honest about his mental state. He's in no position to take on Trump, let alone be President of the United States. #Bernie2020

  9. The title of the video is atrocious, but the fact that Bernie is actually getting coverage is fantastic. The more he speaks to new people, the more support he gains. I can’t wait for a Bernie Sanders Presidency!

  10. Bernie is a person with integrity, 40 years of voting for the 99% & will help right this country.

    Please donate, volunteer & vote for #berniesanders2020

  11. You can tel corporate America is starting to get a little concerned. And if anyone’s seen the Irishmen you know what that means

  12. I'm not sure if I want to like the video because Bernie Sanders or dislike it because of the interviewer

  13. Bernie is in on the corruption. He is bought. Bernie didn't stand up for his supporters in 2016 when the DNC silenced their cries. And Bernie is still a puppet today. That's the difference between Andrew Yang and all the other candidates. Yang is one of us. Yang will not go away quietly. Yang gang will not be silenced. #YANG2020

  14. WOW Savannah Guthrie what a horrible interviewer. You must be following the corporate media garbage. Why don't you ever ask Biden about his HEALTH. HE IS IN 7O'S ALSO. No wonder look who helped hire you on this show Matt Lauer. Says everything.

  15. Bad interview. Questions were phrased in an accusing way and the man was unable to properly respond half the time.

    side note: bernie looks adorable in the beginning with that big smile of his. what an icon

  16. Hard News? Not from Good Morning America. Love how Bernie anticipates the talking points and shoots them down before they get started. Stay with the fluff, your desperation is showing.

  17. let's discuss the age & health of the Very Stable Genius in Chief, scarfing down McD's & soda, and bribes doctors for a clean bill of health. * cue massive eye-roll *

  18. Mr Sanders,
    You have nice ideas, you really do, but there are problems. (Press "Read more.")
    (1) It's a Robinhood theory. "Rob from the rich and give to the poor."
    (2) Your ideas have been implemented in California. The result is that the middle class is leaving in droves and the place is turning into a South American Country.
    (3) A big problem with your theories is it's human nature to have more than the other person.
    (4) You have a net worth of 2.5 million.
    (5) If you feel so strongly about your ideas, lead by example. Give half of your money away to the poor. I'm sure you can get by on a million.
    You can start with me. I'm in the lower level.
    (6) Give me one example where this has actually worked,
    because I can give you examples where it's been a disaster after having been enforced because of wild promises made by demagoges.

  19. A very wealthy woman interviews Bernie Sanders, spends most of the time criticizing him instead of talking about why America needs him so much. You wasted a great opportunity there TODAY show. I'm disappointed in you.

  20. I'm going to let TODAY enjoy the view, like, and watch time for this video.
    May it be an incentive to have on more progressive's and with less hostile interviewers.

  21. Although this interview is complete garbage on the part of the Today Show, it should give us all happiness to see how easily he dismantles any stupid question thrown at him.. mad respect Bernie! We gotta help dismantle this way of thinking!

  22. For all those pro-Trump or pro-Centrists out there, like the commentor Planet Bolshevik somewhere below here….
    Planet Bolshevik: Mirror, mirror on the wall, what self-serving, clearly oblivious nonesense can I spew today?
    Mirror: "these communists think they can live forever"?
    Planet Bolshevik: "hmm, not sure what that means but it makes me sound sooo much like I belong at that rally I went to yesterday! (Gleeful clap while mopping the slobber off with a bib)… Yay! I'll say that!. I'm sooo clever. No one will dare ask me what I'm talking about!"…. Types comment feeling self-satisfied… Does not realize the bleakness in the heart grow and the descent into madness spread….
    Mirror: "Sheesh, what's up with these people anyway? I'd LOVE free healthcare to take care of that crack that one of them caused!"

  23. What a rude, obnoxious woman with incredibly dumb questions. I am also sick and tired of these ridiculous questions based on premises of ageism, saying "Bernie is too old". Judge a person on their experience and their record, or "the totality of the candidate" as Bernie says – NOT their age.

  24. Go Bernie! Centrism is as you say “ a path for Trump to win again”. Big money pundits pretending to be on our side is unbecoming of someone who says she is a reporter.

  25. The today show is an example of what the rich can do with the money that they stole from us by buying Guys like Biden, Mitch, Cheney. Mayor Pete, Borrasso , Graham and the like.

  26. You know your policies and following are bulletproof when the mainstream media has no choice but to concern-troll over your health. Whilst his top competitor can’t remember their presidents name, likes children playing with his leg hair, and has gone completely senile.
    But it’s okay; voters, hopefully, see right through the propaganda. They’re scrambling.

  27. Typical corporate hack nonsense interview. Their same old second rate gaslight propaganda is just embarrassing at this point…

  28. President Trump will get re-elected in a landslide, and liberal heads will continue exploding for another 4 years. Voters are not interested in supporting the Bolshevik revolution.

  29. On the question of electability, I wish Bernie would have mentioned how her argument sounds an awful lot like the arguments for Clinton in '16, and we all saw how that turned out.

  30. gee, she got really desperate at the end there lol. it's sad how hard they work against us. if only the media put that energy into pressuring officials and corporations about climate change so regular ppl and celebrities don't have to raise money outside the system.

  31. Bernie blackout even when they are interviewing him…. so sad. The corrupt corporate media is TERRIFIED of the true people’s champion Bernie Sanders.

  32. TODAY looks like biased swindlers shilling out losing political ideas so that their empire can make more money. Shameless.

  33. Biden cannot string a sentence together properly and yet you never ask him if he is not healthy enough. You are vacuous morons. Just look at how this video has scored. We think you are garbage.

  34. For the full of crap corporate tool asking the questions in bad faith. Americans are ready for progress! We no longer want to our children to get the scaps while yours get a silver at their expense.

  35. It is risky to vote for 70 something year Biden with dementia. Not much younger than Bernie at all. Why doesn't MSNBC ask him questions about his fitness for presidency.. Corporate tools.

  36. Trump is at the age of life expectancy and is massively overweight. Fingers crossed Trump's fatass has a stroke and dies soon

  37. The Democratic Party is pretty much the Republican Party 30 years ago. God forbid someone who isn’t owned by corporate America get the nomination

  38. We heard "Children are the future" spewed by legislators growing up. Yet these old senile geriatrics like Biden, Warren, Sanders won't resign and let the children of yesteryear lead the future that is today.

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