hi my name is Chris Eckland with NASM and today I’m going to show you three different variations of some reactive neuromuscular training jump patterns that you can integrate either with general fitness clients or with some beginning level athletes. The first one is going to be a double contact to a box jump. Set yourself in front of the box one quick contact up to stick on the box. Step down early phases to keep it easier on the landing. Second progression of that is going to be a lateral bound to a vertical jump getting into some integrated patterns. Start on one foot land on two, stick it straight up. Third variation moving into even a further plane is a transverse or drop step jump to a vertical jump. Quarter turn away, start on one foot, dropped to two, stick the landing step it down. Again integrated patterns for jumping patterns with general fitness or athletes who are just beginning to get into some reactive neuromuscular training.

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Methew Wade

10 thoughts on “Beginner Box Jump Exercises”

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