Hi! This is Portia again with bellymotions.com.
Let us continue our warmup. I want you to turn to the side, look straight ahead, hands
on your hips, you are going to lift your chin up, open your ribcage; and you are going to
bend down rolling down on the spine; and then you are going to reverse tucking in with the
pelvis, chin to the chest; and roll the head up. Again, let us go down 2, 3, and reverse
bring it up 2, 3, again a little faster, down 2 and up, 2 again down 2, and up one more
time. I want you to hold it down and I want you to contract up with the bellybutton into
the spine; straighten and straighten. This is going to warmup your abdominal muscles
as well as to your lower back. Tuck in and in and flap. One more time, bring it in and
in, last one and release, roll it all the way up to the top and shoulders back and release.

Methew Wade

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