CHUCK RUNYON: We had quite
a few candidates to review and all of them
were very talented. But I think we chose
Sonny and Blair for the great deal of care
they have their members. BLAIRE BOUWMAN: The
hardest part in this week was probably the
physical challenge. I wanted to give up. I wanted to die. I was ready to just
walk off the course, but I didn’t because I
have to keep fighting. SUNNY PANNU: The way
the challenges were all designed– I mean there
was always something new, and something different, and
it just kept you on your toes the whole time. So I mean it was a tough week. CHUCK RUNYON: I think within
the first five minutes most people would choose
Sunny to run the franchise. But I think Blair is
a kind of person who’s probably easy to underestimate. We wanted to give this
some time to play out. And I’m very confident that
we made the right decision. I think the job is perfect. What it requires is
perfect for Sunny. And I think the opportunity
is perfect for Blair. SUNNY PANNU: I’m so happy
that I got the director of Canadian support. It was something that I’ve
been always striving towards. A few years into this I
work for another promotion. BLAIRE BOUWMAN: I
own one club now. Maybe in the future,
maybe five years, I can own two maybe three. That’s my goal. I’ve come from nothing
and I’m only 22. I’m a single mom. This in the world to me. So owning my own club,
it’s going to be amazing. DAVE MORTENSEN: You’ve got
to love changing lives. I mean they’re not only
going to change their lives, but they have the
opportunity going into their world
and their business and change other people’s lives. And that’s what we do every day. That’s what drives us every day. And those two are
going to be amazing. They’re going to be great.

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Methew Wade

2 thoughts on “Be the Boss Canada: Anytime Fitness Post-Episode Confessional”

  1. Great job to Blaire and Sonny, both did very well. The editing was a bit too exaggerated in the first challenge and a few too many tears. Let's be real- In both episodes the person with the higher education got the executive role. I was glad this company rewarded both employees and changed both their lives- but my hat goes off to Sonny who I was routing for to earn the promotion! I will have to come down to meet him but am not sure what location he is at?? Great job anytime fitness!!

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