In this segment we’re ready to change our
position in the pool. So far we’ve stayed over in the shallow end. Now for this you
are more than welcome to stay in the shallow end, you can move to the deep end or the shallow
end to do this. We’re going to tread water. Now everyone knows how to tread water but
if not that’s okay. Treading water is basically the idea of just moving your arms back and
forth in a fluent motion and doing a scissor kick with your legs. Back and forth, back
and forth to stay float above the water. Now it may seem really simple to do so, but it’s
an amazing cardio workout. You should be keeping your core flex, every part of your body is
working to keep your head a float. It’s almost kind of a sink or swim kind of thing, you
don’t want to go under. Now, if you’re a little bit more worried about the deep end or let’s
say your pool doesn’t have a deep end, you’re fine to go into a more shallow part. All you
have to do is lift those knees and kick your feet back and forth and tread. That way you
kind of have a comfort zone that if you are a little bit worried about treading for maybe
a minute, 2 minutes, upward of 5 minutes, you can put your feet back down on the bottom
of your pool so that you can feel a little bit more stable and maybe pick yourself up
again. Now one thing that you can really do to intensify this workout is if you were outside
running and then you’re going to sprint home on your last piece of your workout is to put
your hands above your head. This creates an entire workout for your core as well as your
legs and just kicking back and forth. Nothing else, your arms are not helping you stay floating
any longer. So you have your arms above your head, and you’re just kicking to hold your
head above the water. Now you can do this for as long as you can hold it. I can’t hold
it very long, but I can definitely do it. So let’s give it a try.

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Basic Aqua Fitness & Pool Workouts : How to Tread Water for Aqua Fitness Workouts”

  1. marry me!…NOW…..but just don't ever suggest we go swimming in n/e thing beyond a 4 ft. deep swimming pool

  2. hey can u do it without moving ur arms. Please tell me bcause i didnt understand u much.

  3. Thanks! This video was really informative. It really works! I can tread easily now…….OK I can't help it. This girl is FREAAKIN HAAAWT.

  4. Shes completly cheating… look at thoses flotation devices…. and what pool doesnt have a deep end. If there is nothing to determine a shallow end and a deep end then its not a pool…

  5. Devast8ion and
    scottisacow you guys crack me up and you are right on the money. I think I would fake drowning so she would give me mouth to mouth. LOL.

  6. I would really like to acquire her techniques. They are excellent. I think I discovered how to tread water with an up and down motion of my wrists and a thrusting up of my pelvis.

  7. Is there any video on how to move your legs correctly, I couldnt see it clearly through the water, Please EXPERTVILLAGE, if you happen to make a video of treading water with how to move the hands and legs correctly with clear video under water while treading water, I would really appreciate it ^__^

  8. Egg beater kick is more effective and will extend the workout. Once mastered it is safer and less fatiguing. Millions of Water Polo and Synchronize Swimmers cant be wrong. Expert Village has an excellent video.

  9. I'll change positions on her… i wouldn't mind going into her deep her end….. i'll make her wet…she just gave my right arm a work out…

  10. I'll change positions on her… i wouldn't mind going into her deep her end….. i'll make her wet…she just gave my right arm a work out…i'll go under on her

  11. I'll change positions on her… i wouldn't mind going into her deep her end….. i'll make her wet…she just gave my right arm a work out…i'll go under on her….i'll practice CPR on her

  12. A underwater, close-up angle from the front would help us learn the technique of treading better.

  13. @purplerock13 Haha
    Thats what you have to do in water polo. And we tread water holdig chairs.
    We have to be good at this and at swimming as well.

  14. Hey I'm black aswell, I find swimming difficuilt too, is this genetics or somthing? All the white people in my class swish past me

  15. Nice try dumb ass? i guess you missed the message that i had wrote. Here let me help you. "SHE HAS TWO FLOATING DEVICES" … And you have that big ass gut!…. Meaning get a belly and you can float too bro!.. just next time put a little more thought into it.

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