you guys remember that's all motherfucker right there brother Aaron the other half of the probe liners said let's meet both our kids reading both of us so anyway lat pulldown you start with these warm up your loud this house it's like binge it is off his back but you still bringing it in a vertical motion don't make this a horizontal rope you want it to be upright you can hit your lots and a little bit of your back man it's a lot intense we would get us warmed up to the Henrickson's day there's actually our step number seven because we're not good at counting nice contraction at the bottom that's McCann we're doing the same thing but notice you're going to pull down to the front you leave a nice little gap there what that does that's really contracting the last not just working the back to provo dealer right there an aging pro masters bro so here we go there's a tea Barbara done it a landline check it out you have a slight arch in the back slightly at an angle but you're pulling up that hits a lot of your mid-back an overall back good move dad I like compound movement on a non dead with that guy who's a heavier set like a little bit of body english was ok good look at the clock getting that peak contraction if they get sleeping No there's a cool little hammer strange I know you know the you know I can do this one on or two of them 3 3 sets with two arms we're going to load it up you 1 because 1 i'm put its kind of weight on the good way to isolate your back after a nice compound movement like the t-bar that's two hours is reset 71 on we do this to vote up the damn weight right now this is going to work more laughs than the other version which I believe works more mid back but this is a lot more lot like a one-arm row but supported upon just layin here let me get the godlike there you go cadets you looking at or an arm row for supporting this is a ground-based deadlift from hammer strength reason for Rose watch look at his arm look at that angle how he's contracted is back that perfect motion we're coming down his hip pocket that is an awesome movement through the middle back you have one of these machines i recommend thrown them in there lo rose cable / was two messes up my brother's going to show you how to do it so nice extension but notice how he's squeezing his back you're not hitting and driving he's not doing anything crazy no more mess and just squeeze in the back nothing you want to do this is an egoless is a distraction lyst and we're contracting like we're giving birth up in this bitch alright so finishing off a few centers curls we've already hit biceps nothing really to talk about here you sit in the future conversing yet he's fucking curly home the music's gone private could buy separately like when you create advice music it needs to be quiet like a check-up you want like a shit

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Methew Wade

9 thoughts on “Back Workout With The Probliners with Exercise Descriptions and Tutorial | Tiger Fitness”

  1. The only gym I'm able to go to is my apartment complex gym.. but the only back exercise it has it the lat pull down.. sucks.. but you gotta deal with what you got

  2. Hey Marc, would you recommend the new Drop Factor for a 22 yr old? I tend to notice most reviews on Tiger Fitness for the product are from people well into their 40s or above. Much appreciated

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