hello today I would be doing a video on obsession incentives and tips I would give for those of you that have assessment centers coming up so starting off with what an Assessment Center is basically if you've got a placement or you're applying for graduate schemes what they do now is they normally do the online application and then they do the telephone interviews you pass both of those you usually get invited to the Assessment Center and in the Assessment Center they'll interview you they'll have a group exercise and they normally have like some sort of presentation thing and from the assessment centers do make you do tests as well so stuff like numerical SHL tests I personally have had three assessment centers so far and the second one that I had is the one by call my job in so I'm going to talk through my first Assessment Center which I didn't get and what I learned from it my first ever Assessment Center was good to none and I applied for the finance role there so starting off we left enough time to get there early kind of thing but we couldn't find the place and we ended up having to like run to get there on time and that stressed me out like already I was like oh my god after the battle ready I was like really flustered yeah as soon as we went in we actually the group exercise as well so I felt like we were like thrown in straight away kind of thing and oh my gosh like looking back now I failed that group exercise so badly that was honestly the worst group exercise ever it's only because I wasn't giving it my all I was so nervous and I wasn't confident at all and I was so quiet and in a group exercise you can't be like that you need to speak up they usually give you like a scenario and in your group you have to discuss it and you have to come up with like how to go about it kind of thing so we had a scenario where it was like something to do with like new businesses joining and whether we would like take them on or something like that yeah we had like a few minutes just to look through the pay for ourselves and make some notes and then we discuss it as a team so starting loss like whilst you were discussing it there was only one two three five loss in total I think Assessment Center people were sitting right in front of us it was like a roundtable so they're literally watching you they're writing everything down so you have to be on your game this isn't the time to be nervous it's not the time to be quiet you've got to be confident and if you're not confident just fake it fake it til you make it honestly it works don't ever talk over you and that just shows that your communication skills are pretty bad and you can't listen so make you listen to everyone but also contribute if you just stay quiet which was what I did because I was so nervous you will just fail after we discussed it as a group we actually had to present it obviously they already know what we were planning on saying and everything but the reason they make us do this is to see how we can prevent and our presentation skills basically so again for this I got so nervous I don't understand why like I'm normally quite a confident like talkative person but at this Assessment Center that didn't come across at all like I just came across really quiet and just really shy I did improve massively in my second one but this Beth while I flopped so badly so I think overall the group task lasted about 20-25 minutes maybe for in summary some of the tips I would give for the group exercise number one is obviously participate in the discussion and do not just listen like you do have to contribute good ideas as well number two is when you listen to other people the way you react is really important as well so like I think one of the things they look out for is whether you're like nodding in agreement or like acknowledging what they say basically if you just sit there or if you always just say no that that's like a really bad idea they're not going to like that so even if you don't agree with someone say it politely like you can debate it kind of thing but as long as you do it in a polite manner it's fine number three you can't be shy you have to talk number four is even though there is pressure to contributes don't just contribute unnecessarily when you don't even know how to talk like I found that in that group exercise I felt pressure to like talk and I just made up like rubbish stuff I don't know what I was saying it wasn't like good answers or anything but I just talked to the sake of talking don't do that you have to be on your game be switched on the next one is in the group exercise you can allocate roles kind of things there's normally always one timekeeper so remember to take a watch so when the group exercise stuff you can just like nominate yourself as like the timekeeper so in the car sales phase you have 25 minutes to like get a presentation ready so be like oh yeah it's been five minutes so we have this many minutes left until you know just so that everyone's on track and it shows like your time management skills I think that's a really good role especially if you're a quiet person another thing is when you say your point ask how your group members feel about it and don't just like push your opinion on everyone and it is obviously a discussion so you do have to go back and forth and all like decide together kind of thing another thing is if you're the loud person and you see quieter members in the group it's actually so nice to get them involved after you've said your point you can just be like how do you feel about this LR so you're getting them involved as well and not only are you helping them up but that shows that you're like a really good team player and it shows that you're like encouraging a good team spirit kind of things so for those people that are more like talkative that's a really good point another one is be proactive and make sure the task is completed within the time limit you don't want to go over the time and for that time we didn't actually have like a nominative timekeeper like I think we finished early none of us were like the timekeeper kind of thing and I regret that I should have just at least nominated myself to be that so now I'm moving on to the presentation part this again is still part of the group exercise although in some assessment centers they make you do like a separate presentation so I had one give me that was my direct assessment Center and for that we actually had time to prepare a presentation and we have to present it and again for that you just have to make sure you spend time going through all the different sources make a really good clear presentation practice again and again make sure you know what you're going to say and when you present make sure you're smiling make eye contact and just present with confidence now on to the second part of the assessment center which is normally the interviews this is probably one of the most important parts because obviously you get to talk to them directly they're not telling you as a group they're judging you individually so this is your time to shine and if you failed in the group task this is your time to like maybe if you can like and rein it back in kind of thing and it is competency-based so again you can prepare for the question if you just google like the most common like interview questions most of them do come up so things like why do you want to work for us to answer that well you just have to make sure you've researched their company fully and talked about like their core values you don't have to be honest and just really show passion for the company that's what they're looking for with all of these interview questions you're meant to answer them in the staff format so you've got the situation task action and result yet actually go into detail the most important part is the action and result part they want to see how you overcame whatever it was I leave a few links below to like staff all that answers and there's just like really good example so it's honestly just practice with these interview questions if you've practiced well none of these questions are going to surprise you I did so much research wrote down all my answers for all these interview questions and when I went there I think there was only like one or two surprise interview questions everything else I prepared for because these are competency you have to make sure you know what experience you have and how they fit in I think one of the questions they asked me was like tell me about a time you showed leadership skills so for that I just talked about my NCS the challenge you have to go through all the experience you have and see what skills you gained from each thing another important thing is in the interview make eye contact this shows your confidence if they're giving you a handshake make it a firm handshake don't be weak and I think my interview lasted about 20 to 25 minutes which is quite long again it goes by so quickly if you're just talking like monster so after interviews we have like a little bit of a break we had lunch they showed us around like the office and then we came back and we had to do our cash and we have to test one was the numerical one which is sha-1 and the other one was the verbal one I think they're beasts are really hard and you just need to practice like online there are a few resources so just practice again and again so yeah that was pretty much it for the first Assessment Center we did our test and then we went home I feel like that first Assessment Center really taught me so much and I knew what I had to do in my next one I knew where I went wrong I knew what to expect so even though I didn't get the job for that one I was so happy because I learned so much from it and I applied everything that I learned into my second assessment center and I did get the job so yeah it does work out in the end you just have to be persistent just keep applying go to all the assessment centers you get invited to because it is good experience so I'm just going to go through some of the final tips just like to summarize this whole video when you go in obviously dress well be professional I normally always wear a black blazer a black top and a black and pencil skirt number two firm handshake number three get involved be confident number four make eye contact be friendly smile they are still human they want to know that you're a nice person to an extent you do have to be formal but if you're going to be like robotic I don't think that's going to come across well so just be friendly smile Epsilon is don't use concentration it is a long day I think for me most assessment centers for like nine to 394 so it is really long and you do get breaks in between there is a lot of waiting around though you have to make sure you energy is high throughout and you're positive and you're just focused also don't put all your eggs in one basket so for example if you've done really well in the group exercise don't get cocky and think oh and the interview the test I'm going to pass there I'm like forward I think they are looking for like an all-rounder person so you do have to perform quite well in each of the tasks another one is don't be the really dominant person and they don't want someone that's like overly like talked here and only like bossy I think sometimes in the group exercise when you do talk set that shows initiative and that shows that you're confident so that is really good fine line between that and being like extremely dominant so make sure you don't cross that line I feel like if you're nervous it will affect your performance in all of these tasks and not in a good way so just try and be confident and just think of it as an experience and you learn so much from it and if you get the job than amazing it's not don't worry there's always the next assessment centers there are so many jobs out there so don't be disheartened just because you didn't get one or two like you just have to keep going and yeah don't lose hope keep applying and keep going to all the assessment centers you get invited to keep practicing for your interviews and yeah I'm sure you guys will get job also I'm going to be doing a story time on two really bad interviews I had one of them was actually my assessment center and my skirt ripped and it was just shambles and and also I'm going to talk about this telephone interview that I had which was awful I think that video will be up next week so look out for that yeah thank you so much for watching bye

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Methew Wade



  2. Ive worked in so many places, i have a lot of experience in work but im very bad in interviews.
    I worked at NEXT, WinterWonderLand and my uncles resturant. So i really wanna tell them that but idk what they would think about it.

  3. Thank you so, so much for this video!! I followed your advice about faking confidence until I felt confident and stuff and I got the job!!! I've been unemployed for years, I can't believe I finally have a job. 🙂 Near the end, the guy was going around and pulling people out and then they'd come back and get their stuff and leave and I so fucking expected him to tap me on the shoulder omg, I was so shocked when he went back to the front and told the rest of us that we'd been successful. I'm so happy. This video helped a ton honestly. 🙂

  4. Has anyone ever had an assessment centre for the Principality/Millennium Stadium in Wales?? This is the first time I've ever got this far in the recruitment process and I'm so nervous. My assessment centre is tomorrow and I'd just like to know what to expect. 🙂

  5. Every your advice is good, but could you speak more slowly, cos everybody including who are learning english watching this kind a video.

  6. You need to be agile to handle different types of people… then you stay authentic not fake.

  7. Is this the same as IN-HOUSE ASSESSMENT because i have one tomorrow and I don't have any idea what would I be doing there ;;;;

  8. Thank you, I have just received my feedback from my disastrous first assessment centre and all your advice will help me so much for the next one.

  9. Are the assessment centres role-specific? I have one coming up for Software Development, so will everyone else who is there at the assessment centre be there for the same role? Or is there one person for Sales, one for Marketing, me for Software Development, etc? It would help to know this because then I can see the interview questions and group activity not being role-specific but more generalised.

  10. I have been invited to sky ( service center)my biggest weakness is public speaking even around 10people. secondly, my African accent I doubt if they will understand me. What do u think?

  11. I have a assessment day coming up and for the presentation is it a group or individual and when you come in the day do you have to do a big introduction about yourself is it not long?

  12. Thank you. It worked through to my final round..its on 10th..Bit anxious about the presentation😀

  13. Hi, I've got an assessment centre with Disney and have been told I'll be doing an excel test, did you have to do this at yours and could you give me any idea of what type of level it will be? 
    Thank you

  14. Thank you for the video! I just finished an AC and you summarized all my thoughts beautifully in the video 🙂

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