Anthony Colombo! On March 2, 2019 at the age of 83, Anthony
Colombo completed his biggest year of costume creation of his career. His company made more and bigger costumes
than ever before. He started small. Real small. Now his 52-year-old business creates and designs
costumes for some of the largest Mardi Gras krewes out there. They’re hand-crafted and the best you’re
gonna ever see. After a half century of trial and error, he
approaches every design like an engineer would. The distribution of weight, the balance, the
structural integrity, the beauty all flow from an understanding gained over years of
figuring out the details. Experience becomes excellence. “I’m 84 years old; it’s my passion. I love it. Trying to do my best.” That’s what makes you a Peoples Health Champion. Congratulations Mr. Colombo

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Methew Wade

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