Tommy: Ready to Love had some significant ups and downs in season one, but none was more concerning than the tragic news of Alex’s health at the end of the season. Tommy: Right off the top I just want to address the fact that one of our most loved singles isn’t here with us tonight. Some of you might be aware that over the Thanksgiving holiday, Alex contracted a very rare flu virus which spread to his brain leaving him currently hospitalized. Tommy: Now, I know you all have been wondering what’s been happening with his recovery. Thankfully we can give you some answers because he’s here with me today. My man, Alex. Alexx: Hey. Tommy: How you doing bro? Alexx: Man. Tommy: Woo. Alexx: Good man. Tommy: It’s been a whirlwind hasn’t it? Alexx: Yeah it definitely has, man. It really has man. Tommy: Everybody everywhere I go, asking about you. They’re praying for you. And we never gave up on you brother. Alexx: Man I appreciate that I really, really do. I really do I just want to thank you especially and the network, Will Packer, Oprah. Just to have the support, the friendship, the love, the care, behind the tragic thing that happened to me. Tommy: Take me from that, take me from day one of what happened. Alexx: I was headed to work, you know I’m a truck driver. So I was headed to my truck. And just ended up regurgitating, you know what I’m saying. Ended up throwing up for no obscene reason. Well after that I called my sister and I remember nothing after that. Two months in the, two and a half months later I woke up in the hospital. Like what happened? And they was like, you died twice man. You were almost out of here man. You almost checked out. Tommy: Two and half months. Alexx: Two and a half months man. Tommy: What did they diagnose this as? Alexx: Influenza B, but it was a lot stronger than Influenza B. It went and hid in the brain stem. Tommy: The flu did. Alexx: Yes, it hid in the brainstem of my head and grew stronger. As it grew stronger it started breaking things down. Nerves and you know everything, it’s just everything, you know what I’m saying. That’s what shut my body down. So when I woke up I was like… Tommy: Moving up. Alexx: Right. It was ridiculous. Tommy: And that was two and a half months later. Alexx: Two and half months later. Tommy: How difficult has the recovery been? Alexx: It’s getting better. It’s definitely difficult. You know what I’m saying, you know coming from being bedridden and not being able to really move or talk or go to the bathroom. Do anything that you would normally do, you know what I’m saying, independently. Tommy: You also had to learn how to walk all over again. Alexx: Yes man, the whole nine. But hey man, I mean I’m blessed man. I’m here Tommy. I’m here man. Tommy: Have you felt the love that have come from the whole Ready to Love fans? Alexx: Oh my god man, have I. I mean it was so, just endearing just knowing that people had so much love. You know what I’m saying, just the people you see every day, you come in contact with. I mean just people I don’t even know. You know what I’m saying, they just have so much love and support for me. And I will never, ever forget that. Tommy: Your determination, I applaud you on it brother. Alexx: Thank you. Tommy: And just determined to live. Alexx: Yes man. Tommy: You know what I mean? Alexx: Yes. Tommy: And I think you got your priorities together, you know why you here. You know it was God. I’m proud of you, we going to continue to pray for you and pray that you go back and get to 100% if not even 110. Alexx: Yes sir. Tommy: Next time I see you you’re going to shake my hand and hurt my hand. Alexx: No you already know that. Hello again brother. Tommy: Oh man. Alexx: Yes sir. Tommy: Love you man. Alexx: Thank you man. Tommy: Still got a little grip. Alexx: Hey man a little bit, a little bit you know what I’m saying. Tommy: It’s coming. Alexx: It’s coming, hell yeah. Know what I’m saying, my man.

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Alexx Discusses His Frightening Health Scare | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. Why didn’t he ask him about Ashley? We need that update….at least I do… glad he’s doing better..


  3. That!…VOICE!😍Stillllll There!!!😍 Too!🤗🙏🤗💛



    Love From.a Sista💛 From
    Brooklyn N.Y.👍🏿👍🏿✌

    Beeeeee Well Blackman🙏🤗🙏💛

  4. I'm glad you're well again Alex. We were all praying for you. I wish Ashley was acknowledged for standing by you during the sickness.

  5. Seriously, in the midst of everything that happened in the production of this show — THIS is GREASE news… #StayBlessed

    Proverbs 18:21


  7. He probably already told them prior to the interview that the Ashley discussion is off the table that's why she wasn't mentioned

  8. Man it’s SOOOO GOOD to be able to see this‼️ God bless you! And continued blessings upon you as you continue to heal

  9. Your Testimony is "FOR REAL" Man 🌞!!!! The Lord has His Hands on You & now it's your time to get busy on His behalf doing what He wants you to do for Him… Praise The Lord & Hallelujah!!!! So Happy U Made It Thru on This Side Of Life . 💯😇✌️

  10. I’m soooooooo happy to see you’re doing well. You are a good person. That was clear on screen. I wish you all the best in love, health, strength and happiness. God bless you always. E

  11. Stay out of that man's business with Ashley. Other women could have been there for him to. What do you want him to stay with her if he doesn't want her I'm so thankful for your recovery Boo

  12. Couldn’t they just sit face-to-face instead of breaking their necks having a conversation side-by-side with a whole table in between just because they’re men and they want to look to “close”? Bruh please lol

  13. I'm happy he is still alive. I very scary and sudden medical issue. I wish he and Ashley would have worked out…

  14. I like to consider the emotional cause of an illness. I felt this, so I looked it up and this is what is says regarding Influenza B.
    Flu (influenza) H1N1, Can occur if we are about to be tested and fear failure or success. Often used as an excuse to get out of commitments that we wish had not been made (avoidance) – just saying "no" can be a vaccine. The fear of being held responsible can make us wish we were sick and, since the Universal Intelligence responds to our thoughts, lo and behold, we get sick…
    So glad that he and Ashley both have recovered and are doing well.

  15. I understand that we want him to mention ashley, but at the end of the day as long as he made peace with her personally in private ( I hope he did) thats something we have to except and move on. So he doesnt owe us any explanation. Be blessed!

  16. Listen this is so true that he did not mention Ashley with Ashley was their brothers you need to do better y'all need to do better y'all underestimate black woman she was there for him

  17. HALLELUJAH!👐👐👐 HALLELUJAH!👐👐👐HALLELUJAH!👐👐👐 ALEXX has had a full recovery THANK YOU MOST HIGH for blessing him!!!🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪

  18. The vest, tie, and mismatched shades of blue tell us everything we need to know. You have to do a full blue look to get away with mismatched blues.

  19. Danmmm black guys ain’t no joke.

    I don’t care who it is… if you’re not my husband, I am NOT sticking by your side.. not on absolutely Jesus..

  20. I'm glad, the brother is doing better. We need to lift each other up more and look out for each other. Seems like a solid guy.

  21. He is like an angel. I really like him. What ashely did is human. We all help eachother no matter what. He doesnt have to be her man….you cant force love. Cheers guys

  22. This man almost passed and everybody talking about him not being with Ashley damn maybe he don't need to be in a relationship right now and we don't know what happened behind the scenes you people always trying to judge and blame someone for something you know nothing about… Calm down & let people live

  23. If people don't stop going on and on about Ashley. I'm grateful that he is alive and well. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes people choose to keep their relationship/business private. Some people part as friends. It's not that deep.

  24. Let's be happy for his recovery. Let's not assume he didn't mention Ashley out of meanness, perhaps they agreed to not talk about her so they don't resurrect that whole thing, or maybe it's nite fair to speak on her and she not be there. Let's just be positive. The rest we don't know about for sure. What we do know is by the grace of God he's alive.

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