Hey, man. You looking to make some … reductions? If you’re looking for some recipes to tighten
up your bod, watch this video. If you need to tighten up your web presence, consider
its sponsor: Squarespace. To get 10 percent off your first website with Squarespace, use
my link and code in the description. Let’s state right off the bat that I am neither
a medical nor nutritional professional, and you absolutely should consult such a person
before trying to change your body in any significant way. What I am is merely a guy who has a little
bit too much experience making rapid course corrections to his body composition. I am
in the early stages of such a course correction as we speak. This first recipe I’ll show you is what I
do to support my exercise regimen, which is generally strength training that I do in my
dungeon basement gym. I never sweep it. The bug parts make me feel like I’m Rocky in “Rocky
IV.” I don’t do anything fancy. Squats, pull-ups,
simple pressing. I’ve found strength training to be far more effective than cardio when
if comes time for me to slim down a little bit. There’s a lot of research as to why that
might be the case, but every body is different. Muscle growth requires protein, and I usually
go with tilapia, which is hardly my favorite fish to eat. But I choose it for three reasons:
1) It is cheap; 2) It is not full of mercury, which is a problem with a lot of fish; 3)
It’s pretty sustainable, as seafood goes. When I’m doing my normal cooking and eating,
I honestly don’t consider any of these three factors as often as I should, in part just
because I eat a pretty varied diet, and so if I’m eating something bad, at least I’m
not eating very much of it. But for bodybuilding-style meal prep, which
is really what this is, I’m gonna be eating the same exact thing in large quantities every
day for several weeks, and if I’m doing that, there’s a chance that if I pick the wrong
food, I could do some serious damage to my wallet, my body or my biosphere. Regarding the latter consideration, a great
resource to always consult is seafoodwatch.org, which is a service of the Monterey Bay Aquarium
in California. They tell you exactly how sustainable a fish is depending on where you live and
where it came from. In fact, I just noticed that this tilapia
that I’ve been buying is actually farmed in Mexico, which only gets a middle grade in
terms of sustainability. I need to find some from Ecuador or Peru. I buy almost all my seafood frozen solid.
That looks familiar. But yeah, I buy almost all my fish frozen. Modern flash-freezing
processes cause virtually no quality degradation. And when I cook this particular meal, I don’t
bother thawing the fish. I just put on a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, and I throw
the fish in my oven at 350 F, 180 C. The results of this taste surprisingly good, which is
what got me interested in cooking frozen-solid meat in my non-diet recipes. What bodybuilders eat with their lean protein
is usually some kind of carbohydrate, usually rice to fuel their workouts. But when I’m
trying to slim down, I go virtually zero-carb on my meals. That does not mean I’m doing
a zero-carb diet. Here’s the philosophy I’ve developed for myself over the years: Carbs
are gonna happen. *#^$ happens, carbs happen. I’m gonna go out to eat with my family, I’m
gonna go over to friend’s houses, I’m just gonna eat whatever they eat. I don’t want
to be that guy who’s like, “Oh no, can’t have that, I’m on my diet.” I’m gonna sneak some
chocolate every now and then, it’s going to happen. I’m still gonna have a couple of beers
every now and then, that’s going to happen. Carbs gonna happen. So I figure if I go virtually zero-carb on
my planned meals, I’m gonna end up eating a moderate carb diet once real life gets mixed
in. And at my age, with my body, I find that if I just kinda cut my carbohydrates in half
and exercise, I lose weight. So, what do I have with my fish instead of
rice? Cauliflower rice. Honestly, I usually just buy it frozen in bags, but I’m gonna
try to make cauliflower rice from scratch this time. You just cut a cauliflower into
florets and then you throw a few of them at a time in a food processor and … as I feared,
you have to cut them into smaller chunks first, otherwise they just spin around. Damn. So
you gotta keep doing this until you’ve got the whole thing blended up into little grains
— I’m doing two full heads. I’ma be honest with you: This kitchen smells like farts right
now. All those sulfur compounds getting released. And it’s messy. I think I might keep using
the frozen bags when you’re not looking. But anyway, I’ll just put some olive oil and salt
in there, turn on the heat, and the pieces are so fine that you just have to cook this
for like five minutes. That pot is so full of water that it basically steams itself.
Cooking it is essential, not only for palatability, but for digestibility. My fish looks done. It’s opaque, it flakes
easily, it’s done. Hey that looks familiar. I’ll just dump that over my cauliflower rice,
and I’ve got my protein meals for almost a week. At this stage, honest to god, that actually
tastes pretty good. Like, if I did a better job “plating” that I could pass that off as
a real recipe. I just let the pot cool down, lid it up, and
throw the whole thing into the fridge. Even when I’m dieting I try to eat whenever I’m
hungry, and whenever I’m hungry I just pull out that pot and dig in. I don’t heat it up.
As it gets more than a couple days old, a nice squeeze of lemon really freshens up the
taste. I gotta say, making that cauliflower rice was a pain, but it tastes delicious.
It’s sweet. So yeah, I’ll eat a little bit of that three
of four times a day. I also do some protein shakes — just whey protein isolate. And
once a day, I mix in some creatine powder. Creatine is arguably the only legal strength-training
supplement that’s worth a damn. But back to whey protein for a sec. A 2018
study found pretty disturbing amounts of heavy metals, arsenic and BPA in some popular protein
powders. Again, that’s not the kind of thing I worry about too often, unless it’s the kind
of thing I’m gonna eat over and over and over again, which this is. So, I’m always sure
to buy the good ones on this list. It’s linked in the description. Alright, I’m gonna show you one more thing
that I always cook for myself when it’s time to reduce, and it’s one of my favorite things
to eat anytime. It’s just my simple vegetable soup. I have a whole video about that linked
in the description, but here’s the latest version of that soup I’ve made for myself.
I always start with some kind of onion. I get these green Vidalia onions all the time
because I live near the Vidalia region of Georgia, which is famed for its onions. I
just clank those up along with a big carrot, and then I get them boiling in water. Just
water. Not stock. It really makes the most delicious veggie soup. Now that I’ve got the hardest things cooking,
I clank up a tomato or two, skins and all. Great nutrition in the skins and their pectins
thicken the broth. No, the white wine isn’t really in my diet plan, but it’s not that
much proportionally, and it tastes real good. When those veggies are at least half cooked,
I will then throw in some kind of cabbage or kale, ideally a crinkly kind. And when
that’s tender, some fresh chopped garlic right at the end. Plenty of salt. A little pepper.
A dash of vinegar because I like my food more acidic than you probably do. And then frozen
peas. They’ll thaw in the residual heat. Raw olive oil in the bowl to aid the digestion
of fat-soluble vitamins and also because it’s insanely delicious, and a little fresh herb.
That’s thyme. I do not have to choke that down. I would happily eat that every day,
and I will, until my pants fit comfortably again, because I don’t want to buy all new
pants. However, if you’re gonna introduce this many
cruciferous vegetables into your diet all at once, you might want to think about taking
a supplement containing the enzyme alpha-galactosidase. Things like cabbage and cauliflower and beans
contain very large sugars that your body can’t digest, thus they pass to your large intestine
where they are then metabolized by all of the microorganisms that live in your gut.
And when microorganisms metabolize sugars, we all know what they create. So yeah, the enzyme breaks down the sugars
so that your body can digest them before the bugs in your gut do. Take some of this stuff
when you’re gonna have your vegetable soup. Your friends and family with thank you. One other funny thing I do to keep myself
eating clean is to brush and floss a lot. I think a big reason why I crave sweets is
because I have bad tastes in my mouth, especially after eating meals. So good oral hygiene takes
that issue off the table. I also take a multivitamin and a fish oil
supplement. Now, if you’ve never successfully dropped weight before, I do think I have one
more word of wisdom for you. It’s about the second-hardest part of losing weight. The
hardest part of losing weight is keeping it off, but everybody knows that. Lord, don’t
I know that. The second-hardest part is getting started. But if you can push through the pain
of the first week or so, it really gets a lot easier after that. It’s kinda like an
avalanche. You just sorta get it going, and then it really goes itself. You’re gonna see
results, you’re gonna feel invested, and you’re gonna sincerely want to keep going until you’ve
met your goals. And if your goals include hanging a shingle
on the internet, Squarespace is literally all you need. They’ve done your meal prep
for you. Whether you’re losing weight for your wedding, or to look cool in your band
photo, or to get a job, because yes, research shows that people absurdly are more likely
to hire skinny people — Squarespace has a website template that can help you with
all of these endeavors, and they’re beautiful. They look great on mobile. You just fly in
your own pictures and your own words, then Squarespace will host the site for you. They
can handle all the monetary transactions if you’re selling stuff on your site. They can
even register a custom domain for you. And you can save 10 percent on that domain, or
on the publication of your first site by going to squarespace.com/ragusea. You’ll be doing
us both a favor. Alright, I’m getting back in the squat rack.

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Adam’s diet food”

  1. Q: Are you sending a bad message by telling your audience that you, a person with a perfectly normal body for a 37-year-old man, need to lose weight?
    A: I worried about that, but look, everybody has their own goals, and these are mine. I'm fine with how I look, but I don't feel very good, and I don't want to buy all new clothes. When I'm stronger and leaner than I am now, I have more energy, less back pain, and I sleep way better. And yes, a leaner me will also probably present a more "marketable look" in the video medium, which is something I do need to think about these days. Also I have a hot wife, and that alone is a good reason to try to keep my shit tight. But you do you.

    Q: Why can't you put more herbs and spices on that bland fish?
    A: You absolutely can, but I find decoupling nutrition from pleasure helps me maintain focus on my fitness goals during times like these. I believe they call it "functional eating."

    Q: What was up with that intro?
    A: It was an homage to the Hodgetwins — fitness YouTubers who used to start all their videos with something like, "Hey man, you looking to make some gains?" And now that I've explained the joke, it's not funny anymore. But they're still funny, so you should go check out their channel.

    Q: Why don't you pronounce the "h" in "herbs"?
    A: It's very rare to hear an American pronounce the "h." People here who do it are usually either making a mistake, or they're being pretentious by trying to sound British. I sound pretentious enough as it is.

    Q: Why did you pronounce "Vidalia" like that?
    A: I have been to Vidalia, Georgia, and the surrounding onion-growing region many times. It's an hour from my house. I've interviewed onion farmers there. How I said it in the video is basically how most people there say it (though I lack the Southern drawl). You can say it how you want to say it.

    Q: Do you realize that freshwater fish aren't technically seafood?
    A: Yes. So do the marine biologists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and yet they still talk about freshwater fish on their website seafoodwatch.org because in English we don't have a better single word to describe all the aquatic animals we eat.

    Q: Do you realize that carbs are actually great/awful, or that strength training is great/awful, or that some other nutrition or exercise thing is actually the worst/best?
    A: I am hardly an expert, but I've interviewed lots of scientists and read lots of scientific literature about diet and exercise. If you're saying something like this to me, I think it's probably the case that you are massively oversimplifying the available science. Also, good nutrition is bespoke nutrition.

    Q: Why do you squat the way you do?
    A: Squat form is a very controversial thing on the internet, in part because there are lots of different ways to squat depending on your goals (i.e. playing football vs growing Tom Platz quads) and also because good squat form is highly dependent on your own personal biomechanics. I've been squatting many years, and I've had trainers look at my form several times. This is the basic form that I have found works with my structure, and it's hardly unusual. However, I will go deeper, lower-bar and certainly much heavier as I progress. I've been almost sedentary for a year. Especially as I get older, I find that I need to be VERY cautious about any exercises involving spinal compression until my core strength comes back on line. The squat you see me doing here is what feels safest to me at this stage in my process. And yes, I deadlift too, but it will be several weeks before my core is strong enough for that.

    Q: If you're dieting, why is there Coke and other unhealthy things in your fridge?
    A: I am not the only person who lives in my house. Also, regarding the other ingredients, I am continuing to develop/test/shoot normal recipes for this channel, because not everyone in the world wants to eat cauliflower rice and tilapia for the next two months. Hell, I don't really want to.

  2. Adam Ragusea  you've made a brilliant video that many of us needed. Hope you don't focus too much on the negative comments (its great that you replied to them but still) these people just don't know how to react to positivity or they just dont have the patience to digest new information, so instead they focus on your shirt and your coca cola.

  3. Too much.. do this, do that!. Exhausting! I'm just sensible with what i eat. Everything in moderation and fitness here and there. Simple.

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  5. Love the video, great stuff as always. What would you recommend for someone who needs to put on weight? Sounds weird but my body just keeps getting skinnier and skinner, I feel like I’m eating fine and I’ve even stopped going to the gym but I keep losing weight. Not sure what to do, any help is appreciated (:

  6. The problem I have is talking my wife into letting me do this and not eat with her. She always gets upset when we don't eat together or eat the same thing. She's sabotaging my dieting every single time.

  7. Hey man, long time viewer here. I really like this video and how informative it was, however, I wish you would make a video like this on how to gain weight for building muscle. Great vid man, and it’s great seeing your channel grow as much as it is.

  8. If you want more flavorful fish, use Tilapia with Steelhead trout (pretty much less fatty salmon), which is 25 cents cheaper than salmon per pound.

  9. Thoughts on fish oil pill toxicity? I've heard they can have relatively high mercury. Do you buy the high end ones?

  10. Tilapia is one of the dirtiest fish there is so I don't know what you're talkin about

  11. If you wanna lose weight, ditch the creatine as it makes for water retention in the muscles which will make you look puffy

  12. I see you’re already justifying your lack of authority in the subject of diet and fitness by preemptively defending yourself against criticisms by insinuating that your body type is normal.

    Unfortunately, with 70% of the county either overweight or obese, you’re simply not inspiring anyone with your endorsement of “normality”.

  13. Typical mid 30's white guy here. My weight fluctuates a lot, in and out of obesity.
    A few years ago the most success I had for the longest time was using Soylent shakes. Apportioning 1,000 calories a day in that way made calorie counting easy. I also stumbled into this functional eating thing you're talking about. When I did want to mix it up, I'd make a simple salad — Romaine lettuce, sardines, a little olive oil/vinegar dressing, or maybe a bowl of oatmeal.
    My father, who's always been in really great shape, talks a lot about how staying thin is about "eating a lot, but only eating healthy foods."

    So this eerily taps into what I KNOW about how I should lose weight, but gives it another angle on how to try. So I'm absolutely going to. I just came back to check how long the fish might ought to take and I guess I'm going to wing it. It's in the oven now.

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  20. Best to eat carbs around your workout and fats in the evening. When you're forced to eat like a 'normy', practice portion control and focus on meat and veg first. 💪 Consistency is 🔑. I also recommend supplementing with vitamin D, regardless of what's in your multi.

  21. I love Adams content and his level of knowledge, science and research. However for the past couple years it's been clear tilapia is a terrible fish to consume. The amount of articles on its toxicity and negative affects of the way it's raised are numerous. Dont eat tilapia people.

  22. Hey Adam, I would really love if you shared your actual weightlifting routine and strategy with us. I have a feeling that you have taken the same no-nonsense paired down theory with exercise that you have with cooking. As someone starting their own weightlifting journey, I would love to hear your thoughts.

  23. Life hack tip:

    Crumble the tilapia into the cauliflower rice and then let it serve as a base while you drizzle the veggie soup over it.

    The flavor combo is UH-MAY-ZING

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    tilapia has a reputation for being called "sewer fish" for a reason.

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  27. Thanks for bringing up the issue of sustainability. I am concerned what all this fishing is probably doing to our environment.

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