Here at Canaan, we wake up at five o’clock
in the morning and that means that the staff have to get up at 4:30 to ring the
bell and the students come down at 5:15 and they begin their morning exercise we
sing the national anthem we say our slogans and we exercise and we do this
every day to give the students a can-do spirit a can-do attitude so that when
they go back to their countries they go back with the spirit of being able to
transform others. These slogans are all about attitude There are things like
change myself first, change now first, change here first take courage my country, take courage my nation
They are all attitude. After the exercise, the students go and the staff
go to work in the farm or the poultry farm to take care of the the produce and
what I’ve noticed is this daily lifestyle of the students is the first
week they cry and the last week they also cry. the first week because it’s
such hard work and such a new lifestyle but the last week because they become a family. and they’ve learned a new way of life.
The Canaan way.

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Methew Wade

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