hey guys welcome back to five nothing hundred nothing dot-com I am staying for the fitness underdog guru using intelligent tactics and today guys I want to tell you that a cross trained body is a healthier body ok now this goes back many moons ago okay now if you look back at like the inception of UFC right mixed martial arts fighting the cage fighting stuff what you'll see at the very beginning of this somewhere in the early 90s was the concept of UFC was that you took the best boxer and put him up against the best kickboxer or the best karate guy and put him up against a jiu-jitsu fighter and things like that right and the idea was that you would see who the superior fighter was but also what the superior artform was or fighting style and what was the most effective so what's interesting is as that went on years years and years later what happened is two devolved into something that kind of brought to a prophetic conclusion Bruce Lee the late the great had said about fighting and that is the quote from him which is absorb what is useful and reject what is useless now you saw this in mixed martial arts fighting where every guy kind of has a little bit of jiu-jitsu or ground training they know how to throw kicks they know how to strike or punch they know submissions all these things right because what they did was they borrowed from the best of everything and became a more well-rounded complete fighter now when it comes to fitness we tend to use the term cross-training so that could mean you know doing some strength training or resistance training and that could be in the form of actually lifting weights it could be in the form of body weight exercises like push-ups squats things like that going to the park doing some pull-ups on the chin-up bars anything that's really distressing the muscles and causing some hypertrophy or muscle growth so usually if you see a person deaf for a while as they're doing the same type of training the body starts to take on a certain look a certain stereotype so for instance if you have somebody who just likes to run and they run and log a lot of miles every week they start to take on a very typical looking or traditional runners body you know they could have lean muscular legs depending on diet and genetics they might also have you know lean upper body but traditionally their upper body tends to be less tone and they might even have to my surprise when I ran my marathon I saw people passing me that were you know twenty thirty pounds overweight but had really good endurance so their heart was strong and their legs were built to last to go you know mile after mile and they excelled they did well you look at a sprinters body very lean very muscular strong dominant hamstrings glutes sorry about that the list goes on and on right weight training you know somebody just lifts a lot of weights they'll traditionally have you know a more muscular physique sometimes bulky depending on how far they take it and how their diet is but the point is that by the title of the video across train body as a healthy body or healthier body is that when you're cross-training you're not traditionally you're typically stressing anyone or taxing one system or one joint at the same angle all the time you know if you just do like a thousand crunches a day I saw it at a seminar years ago where I'm presenter during this whole presentation was bending took a credit card between his fingers and was just bending it and didn't really explain what he was doing he just kept doing it so it was partly a distraction to see that you see him doing that but you know he was coming to some kind of point at least you hope you hoped he was and so what happened was is by the end of the near or near the end of the seminar the things snapped in half and then he brought it home and brought the point into light which was that if you continue to do the same movement over and over eventually something's gonna break all right so in this case of doing sit-ups all the time it was gonna be like the lower back because it's a ton of spinal flexion and eventually the lumbar spine or the discs or whatnot or something was gonna go right if you weren't balancing it with other training so that was this point it was a pretty creative way to show that so all I'm saying is that we all tend to have or we gravitate to the forms of exercise that we enjoy you know usually you have your little camps of Pilates yoga some people just like to swim to move like resistance training but usually people don't naturally gravitate to all of the above right and I'm not saying that you've got a you know do you've got to completely balance it you know and do all forms but maybe even like an athlete has cycles where he has a strength cycle where he lifts heavier lays off the endurance stuff to kind of let his nervous system recover and just um you know give his body a break to grow some new muscle and give his joints a break if he does a lot of running for instance and if somebody who does a lot of running usually it's injury that horses them to have to like to scale back a little bit and do some more resistance training stretching mobility training and what have you but if you're looking for like a long solution or to be in the game a lot longer your best bet is to do some cyclical type training and/or cross train and do a lot of different things you know you're probably really strong at one form of exercise or another and there's things that you enjoy doing so just start to think about what you can do and what you can like add into your program to make it a little bit more balanced and believe me I'm preaching to myself here I love to you know like in the summertime especially I like endurance work I like to go out and run and this and that but I also know the negative effects you know long-term on like joints and you know the cartilage and the knees tend to go you know you talk to a lot of runners that you know been doing it for your year in and year out and they'll tell you about knee issues or hip issues and you know the best thing to do is what I found is if you want to prolong you know those you know the years in your knees and your ability to keep running is to do some cross training strengthen your quads and other leg musculature your back your core and that's going to allow you to run no it's gonna add years to your running it's gonna add running to your years I guess or it could it should so dice that's it I just thought I'd touch base on that I hope the audio is okay I kept the windows down and all as well you guys like share subscribe cross-trained you have any questions hit me up all right take care

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